The Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016

The Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016

The annual MIATPP Award (aka “the Oscar of the Agile Testing Community”) is an integral part of the greatest Agile Software Testing Festival - widely known as the Agile Testing Days. The MIATPP was brought to life to recognize exceptional people and their outstanding achievements in the agile software testing community. The first MIATPP Award ceremony – held November 15, 2011, in the Dorint Hotel Sanssouci Berlin/Potsdam – set the tone that has remained a huge celebration of agile software testing excellence.

In order to be considered as one of the nominees, the global agile testing community nominates and votes for the person who has positively influenced them the most. The winner is selected among the nominees by popular vote and is announced as the “Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person” of the year, receiving the MIATPP Award on the evening of the first conference day.

The MIATPP Award ceremony is not just an ordinary banquet dinner but rather a celebration where all attendees of the conference are welcomed and invited to dress up in costumes associated to the motto of the Award party. Previous mottos include Medieval Knights, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Wild Wild West and Christmas-inspired Disguises. This 2017 edition, we look forward to many memorable Comic Book and Superhero costumes. The Award ceremony is hosted by Jose Diaz, the managing director of trendig technology services GmbH, and the laudatio is usually held by a close friend of the winner.

The MIATPP Award has been awarded to some of the most notable professionals in the agile testing community: Gojko Adzic (2011), Lisa Crispin (2012), Markus Gaertner (2013), Matthew Heusser (2014), Janet Gregory (2015) and Maaret Pyhäjärvi (2016). We are excited to see who the agile testing community chooses to win the MIATPP award in 2017.

list miatpp award winner


The following list celebrates our 2016 top 10 nominees and the winner of the MIATPP Award 2016:


richard bradshaw    james lyndsay 

10.  Richard Bradshaw and James Lyndsay

@FriendlyTester & @workroomprds

Richard and James are both highly experienced and passionate about helping others. Richard is dedicated to the testing community and learning. He is an active blogger and frequent speaker at various conferences, where he shares his knowledge and expertise. James was one of the first person who talked about agile testing and has had an enormous influence on the way how exploratory testing is conceived. His broad understanding and ability to enthuse audiences make him a very valued speaker at many international conferences and in the software testing community.


matt heusser

9. Matthew Heusser


He is a great person with great ideas. He helps build, train, and grow communities of engaged software professionals.


jessica devita    elisabeth hendrickson

8. Jessica DeVita and Elisabeth Hendrickson

@UberGeekGirl & @testobsessed

With 20+ years of professional experience, Jessica helps organizations build better software, delight customers, attract and retain their most important asset: people. Elisabeth Hendrickson is a great source of inspiration and motivation when it comes to testing. She really gets you test obsessed. Her book "Explore It!" turned out to be so applicable in everyday's work, it's simply invaluable.


markus gärtner

7. Markus Gaertner


Markus contributes largely to the software crafmanship movement and software testing. He hits the point closely and inspires others in his trainings and with his writing about ATDD.


selena delesie

6. Selena Delesie


Selena Delesie helps others with her massive vision. As a widely known Leadership Coach, Selena is dedicated to teaching leadership skills and caring to accerlate innovative outcomes.


huib schoots   alex schladebeck

5. Huib Schoots and Alexandra Schladebeck

@huibschoots & @alex_schl

Huib has been doing a lot to promote the agile way of thinking and working, and done it in a different way than usual. With his great knowledge, generous attitude and creative mind, he continually contributes to the agile testing community. Alexandra can not only play the fiddle, she can play the Agile Testing Tunes as well. Alex is a great inspiration year and year again, and she often ignites a motivational and inspirational spark in people.


janet gregory

4. Janet Gregory


Janet inspires others with her insightful books, writings, workshops and presentations on Agile Testing. Testing along with quality is really near and dear to her heart and she is a passionate advocate of the whole team apprach in testing. The joy she finds in teaching and sharing is authentic and sincere.


gojko adzic

3. Gojko Adzic


Gojko is a good tester and shares his knowledge with everyone through speaking at international conferences and his writings. He is always some steps ahead and inspires others.


lisa crispin

2. Lisa Crispin


Lisa is highly valued for her quiet and humble way of spreading new and current ideas about Agile Testing. Her continued presence and participation in the testing community is based on her love of technology and the testing profession.


maaret pyhäjärvi

1. Maaret Pyhäjärvi


Maaret has challenged the status quo in people's thinking on several occasions. She practices what she says, and shares her learnings. Her blog posts are constantly motivating and inspiring. Her unwavering activities in testing and in bringing testing as a skill and profession forward are outstanding. She is vocal about and committed to equality, and makes a profound impact with her leadership in the global agile software & testing community.


Wild Wild West MIATPP Award Ceremony 2015

miattp award ceremony 2015


Agile Testing Day 2011 MIATPP Award Ceremony

miatpp award ceremony 2011