Deep Dive Tracks

Dive Deep into Today’s Hot Topics in Agile Testing

Join us this year for four expert-curated Deep Dive tracks, each focusing on a key area of software testing. Designed and led by industry experts, these tracks will enlighten you and supply you with the competence and hands-on knowledge you need to succeed!

Led by International Experts: Our tracks cover these days’s most important areas in software testing.

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Test Automation

Rahul Verma

Head of Test Automation @ trendig

Deep Dive Speaker – Rahul Verma
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Laveena Ramchandani

Test Manager @ EasyJet

Deep Dive Speaker – Laveena Ramchandani
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Artificial Intelligence

Tariq King

Vice President of Product-Service Systems @ EPAM

Deep Dive Speaker – Tariq King
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Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Bart Knaack

IT Consultant @ ProfTest

Deep Dive Speaker – Bart Knaack

The Concept

There will be five dedicated sessions for each topic, with each topic covered over a two-day period (not necessarily consecutive). The first day features an introductory talk, followed by an advanced talk and a hands-on workshop. The journey concludes on the last day of the conference with a dynamic panel discussion with Q&A and finishes with an open space.

On Conference Day 1 & 2

Step #1: Introduction Talk

Begin your journey with an overview of the topic. This session lays the groundwork by explaining general concepts and setting a solid knowledge base.

Deep Dive Step #1: Introduction Talk Icon

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A No Frills Introduction to AI and ML

Continuous Delivery (CD) Continuous Improvement (CI)

CI/CD Introduction

On Conference Day 1 & 2

Step #2: Advanced Talk

Dive deeper into the subject matter. This session is designed to deepen your understanding with advanced techniques and methodologies.

Deep Dive Step #2: Advanced Talk Icon

On Conference Day 1 & 2

Step #3: Hands-On Workshop

Put theory into practice in this 2-hour interactive workshop. Experiment with essential tools and apply your new knowledge in a practical setting.

Deep Dive Step #3: Hands-On Workshop Icon

Accessibility Communication Diversity & Inclusion

Accessibility Charters and Quadrants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML)

Hands-On with AI and ML for Software Testing

Continuous Delivery (CD) Continuous Improvement (CI)

Build your own pipeline using the pipeline game

On Conference Day 3

Step #4: Panel Discussion with Q&A

Join a panel of industry leaders sharing their experiences and perspectives on the topic. This session offers valuable insights and the opportunity to delve into more complex aspects of the subject.

Deep Dive Step #4: Panel Discussion with Q&A Icon

On Conference Day 3

Step #5: Open Space

Engage in an open and collaborative environment. Discuss topics of interest, network with industry leaders and peers, and foster collaboration in this dynamic session.

Deep Dive Step #5: Open Space Icon

FAQ – Most frequent Questions

Do I have to sign up for the Deep Dive tracks?

No sign-up is needed. Just be in the session room as early as possible to save yourself a seat.

Can I participate in multiple Deep Dive tracks?

The program design will enable you to attend 2 of the 4 deep dive topics fully, but you need to decide which ones you want to attend. On conference day 1 the topics will be Accessibility and Test Automation. Conference Day 2 will host the topics AI and CI/CD.

Do I have to attend all of the sessions of the Deep Dive topic, or can I attend only a few?

This is totally up to you. It also depends on your level of knowledge on the topic. Please note though that you may miss out on the full experience if you leave early or hop in at a later stage. However, it also enables you to check out the 2 topics running in parallel (or other parallel sessions you might find interesting).

Can I attend with my team?

Of course, you can attend with your team. We suggest spreading among the different topics to take as much diverse knowledge back to work as possible!

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