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We spend so much of our lives at work, yet so many people don't enjoy their jobs. I perform best when I love my job, and I think this is true for everyone. I believe the best way to engage people at work is to make sure they are having fun, making a difference, and getting better at the things they do. I help people build great teams and deliver great software.

My entire career has been in software development, with a significant focus on agile approaches, and enough experience with waterfall to understand it's limitations. I've worked with XP, Scrum and Kanban in many different environments. Today I coach individuals and teams in being agile.

Reflections on an Agile Testing Manifesto

Reflections on an Agile Testing Manifesto

In 2013 we did a talk on Agile Testing at a conference. We wanted a memorable way to summarize the key learnings of the talk. Inspired by the agile manifesto we decided to try an agile testing manife…

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