Meet the 2024 Program Committee

Meet the 2024 Program Committee

We are thrilled to again welcome a truly awesome crew as this year’s program committee. Each member will utilize their technical expertise, speaking experience and unique stance on software testing trends to select the best and most valuable sessions for the Agile Testing Days 2024. Each of them have already experienced AgileTD on multiple levels and from different perspectives: as keynote and talk speakers, tutorial and workshop facilitators or as long-time recurring attendees. The selection of this year's speakers is based on their competence and informed assessment of emerging topics and session abstracts that have the capability to advance the software industry.

So, please put your hands together for the following Agile Testing Days 2024 program committee members:

Alessandro Collino
Software Testing Specialist & Technical Director at ALTEN Italia

Alessandro has created and worked on all AgileTD programs so far and received the honorable edition of the MIATPP Award in 2022. His software testing wisdom and computer engineering experience of 15+ years and will to invest his time to review submissions is invaluable for us. He is most focused on test analysis and design, test management and technical testing for both theoretical and practical aspects.

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João Proença
Expert Quality Engineer at Ada Health in Lisbon, Portugal

João has been speaking at various AgileTD events for many years and gave keynotes in 2021 and 2022. He has already reviewed papers in 2023 and helped to finalize the program.
João had various roles throughout his career, including quality engineering, development, customer support and marketing. Driven by finding innovative solutions for difficult problems, and always eager to talk about how professionals are overcoming quality challenges around the world.

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Elizabeth Zagroba
Quality Lead at Mendix in the Netherlands

Elizabeth is a true AgileTD veteran, has spoken at the conference in Germany and the US edition many times and has been part of the program committee in the past three years. Elizabeth is an expert exploratory tester with an “extraordinary power of observation and categorization". She's the go-to person for thinking critically about what’s being built, creating a common understanding, and writing API tests and English effectively.

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Lisa Crispin
Author and Co-founder Agile Testing Fellowship in Vermont, USA

Lisa has been with AgileTD since its very beginnings and helped to shape the event (and Agile/ Holistic Testing as a whole) from the ground up. She has been to EVERY edition, in Germany as well as at AgileTD USA and earnned the MIATTP award in 2012. She is co-founder, with Janet Gregory, of the Agile Testing Fellowship, with their live training courses: "Holistic Testing: Strategies for agile teams" and "Holistic Testing for Continuous Delivery". Co-author of various much acclaimed books on Agile Testing, considered foundational for every software tester today.

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Tobias Geyer
Senior Software Development Engineer in Germany

Tobias is an integral part of the AgileTD community and has become an outstanding speaker on topics about ethics in the past few years. His experience in the software industry ranges from waterfall environments in big enterprises to small agile teams. He worked on CNC machines, social networks and in the automotive industry. He is lately known for organizing the AgileTD Book Fair. He is a first time reviewer and we are happy to have him on the team.

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Heather Reid
Senior Test Engineer at Glofox in Ireland

Heather stepped into the AgileTD world in 2023 with a bang, and immediately made an impact through her well-informed and entertaining keynotes. She actually spoke at all three AgileTD Events in her first year! She recently blogged about her experience as a speaker at AgileTD 2023. Heather previously worked in the pharmaceutical/diagnostic industry before moving to Fintech. She has experience with Selenium Webdriver using Java, manual cross browser and device testing.

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Laveena Ramchandani 
Quality Engineering Manager at easyJet in the UK

Laveena conducted a tutorial at AgileTD 2023 and will mainly be coordinating the Accessibility Deep Dive track in 2024, which is part of the new event concept for the coming edition. She leads the testing and quality assurance of the digital space and data science projects and has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, working with various clients and domains, such as retail, insurance, residential, transport and aviation.

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Sophie Küster
Test Automation Engineer at cronn GmbH in Bonn, Germany

Sophie is a seasoned AgileTD participant, as speaker, attendee and amazing costume creator. She is known for conducting great content around mental health and self-care and gained international recognition for bringing these topics closer to a larger audience. Sophie originally studied mathematics and now works in agile testing since 2018.

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Yi Min Yang
Senior Sales Engineer at Vercel in Frankfurt, Germany

Yi Min has spoken at AgileTD several times and never fails to bring his points across, be it mobile app testing, API testing or performance testing (and much more). He had his first appearance in the program committee last year. Yi has been in a multitude of roles ranging from software engineer to sales engineering and is particularly passionate about conversations, presentations and communicating value to tech-focused people as well as business leaders and C-level management.

Learn more about Yi Min

Marie Cruz
Senior Developer Advocate & Software Tester at Grafana Labs in the UK

Marie established herself as an amazing speaker within the software testing world in the past years and is listed as one of 100 women in tech to follow. She was already part of the review committee before and did an outstanding job reviewing talk and workshop abstracts.  Marie is an experienced Software Tester focusing on Test Automation and Continuous Testing.  She is also a tech blogger about testing and test automation in general at

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Last but not least, the AgileTD organizers are to be mentioned as they are the ones reviewing the keynotes, tutorials, bonus and fun sessions and any other special submissions. Most of these sessions require multiple reviewers and oftentimes a 2nd or 3rd review by one or multiple program committee members, as these presentations build the centerpieces for each event edition.

If you are thinking about becoming a speaker yourself, please do not hesitate to ask for help or feedback in our dedicated slack channel. Besides this year’s program committee, who are always willing to answer any of your questions, we have some amazing mentors in the community. You can also find useful tips on the call for papers page, where we listed more blog articles about how to write and submit a good paper.

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