Call for Papers 2021 closed

Welcome to the Agile Testing Days 2021 Call for Papers. The CfP is open until March 28th, 2021. As follows you will find all the important details to submit your proposal. We look forward to receiving your submission(s) for talks, workshops, hands-on sessions, bonus sessions, combo-sessions (talk plus workshop) and social activities.

Please note, that we accept a maximum of four papers per speaker only!

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There shall be no financial remuneration. Speakers and co-speakers shall be granted a free entrance ticket to the 3-day conference (tutorials excluded). The speakers shall be refunded hotel and travel expenses on presentation of receipts, the amount of which is, however, limited to a lump-sum per speaker of € 700.00 (if the speaker travels within Europe) or € 1,400.00 (if the speaker travels from outside of Europe), including economy class trip, car, bus, train or taxi transfer.

In any case we cover 3 (three) hotel nights per speaker. Hotel costs include the accommodation in a double room for max. 3 nights (from November 15-18, 2020) only.

We don’t cover expenses for food, beverages or any other services. All receipts are to be presented to the organization team subsequent to the conference.

We guarantee free parking at the conference venue, therefore please ask the organizer for a free parking ticket.

What we are Looking for

25-min Talks

A presentation on some subject or topic in front of an audience.

105- and 150-min Workshops

Workshops are designed to teach or develop a certain skill. They are directed more towards collaborating and learning in an interactive environment. The different workshops should contain at least 50% practical exercises, which can be extended to more than 80% distinct full-on training.

Combo Sessions

This is a combination of a 30-min talk delivering the theory, followed by a 75-min or 90-min workshop to practice the preceding talk hands-on. Both sessions need to work individually, as attendees might not stay for both sessions.

Bonus Sessions

Fun and creative sessions that provide a balance to the agile, testing-related and technical sessions.

Social Activities

Sessions that start or roundup a conference day in the morning or evening to encourage networking and socializing.

Our Program Committee:

Profile Image Stephan Kämper

Stephan Kämper

Profile Image Elizabeth Zagroba

Elizabeth Zagroba

Profile Image Maryam Umar

Maryam Umar

Profile Image Søren Wassard

Søren Wassard

Profile Image Maaike Brinkhof

Maaike Brinkhof

Profile Image Göran Kero

Göran Kero

Profile Image Alessandro Collino

Alessandro Collino

Advice & Reasons to Become an AgileTD Speaker

Reasons and Benefits of Becoming an AgileTD Speaker

AgileTD Speakers Share Public Speaking Advice

AgileTD Call for Papers Process

Topics of Interest

Hot topics


  • Machine Learning
  • API Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Agile Testing in Remote Teams
  • Coding for Testers, Coding workshops/ live Coding Sessions
  • Collaboration Approaches like Pairing and Ensemble Programming
  • Observability and Operability
  • Accessibilty Testing
  • Testing Pipeline of Microservices
  • Agile Scale and Cloud Based Testing
  • DevOps and DevSecOps
  • How to Test AI (Self Driving Cars, etc.)
  • Mental Health
  • Self Care and Mindfulness
  • Security Testing
  • What is the Testers Role when Everything is Automated
  • Advanced Technical Talks and Workshops
  • Test Documentation, Test Case Management, Strategies and Tools
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Personal Development
  • Embedded Software or AI Combined with Agile Experiences
  • Quality Metrics

Other topics


  • Agile Techniques in Infrastructure related Projects
  • Agile Data Management
  • A/B Testing and Canary Releases
  • Agile and Design Thinking
  • Agile Culture and Environment
  • Agile for Real Time & Embedded Systems
  • Agile in Regulated Environments
  • Agile Management and Leadership: Roles, Responsibilities, Models and Approaches
  • Agile Methods & Tools
  • Agile Patterns and Anti-Patterns for Agile Transformation and Enterprise Scaling
  • ALM Process
  • AngularJS Automation Test (Protractor vs Selenium)
  • Approaches to Scaling Agile (LeSS, SAFe, DAD, etc.)
  • Automated Unit/ Integration/ System/ Acceptance Level Tests
  • Automation Success Stories
  • Coding Dojos and Code Katas
  • Collaboration and Building Teams
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing
  • Design for Testability and Other'ilities'
  • Distributed Agile: Patterns and Anti-Patterns
  • Evolutionary Architecture and Emergent Design
  • Examples of when Agile doesn't Work
  • Exploratory Testing and Heuristics
  • From Waterfall to Agile Development/ Testing
  • HTML5 Security Test


  • Integrating and Testing Enterprise Systems and Legacy Systems
  • Learning Models and Techniques: Individuals, Teams and Organizations
  • Measuring Exploratory Testing
  • Mobile Automation Test with Appium
  • Model Based Testing
  • New Testing Methods
  • Non Functional Testing for Web, Mobile, Desktop
  • Open Source Testing within Companies
  • Performing Exploratory Testing while Practicing Continuos Deploy to Production
  • Performance Testing
  • Refactoring, Design Patterns and Principles
  • Retrospectives and Continuous Improvement
  • Security and Penetration Testing in Agile Projects
  • Simple Issue Reporting
  • Systems-Thinking
  • Teaching Developers Testing
  • Test Data Management and GDPR Impact on Software Quality Assurance
  • Testing as a Coaching Role
  • Testing in DevOps
  • Testing in the Age of Internet-of-Things
  • Testing Skills - What are those exactly?
  • Testing Serverless Architecture
  • xDD Practices (TDD, BDD, ATDD, etc.)

Note: The conference will continue to promote a broad set of agile-related topics, but increasing importance will be given to industrial experiences related the adoption of Agile (and Lean) development and to the ways by which the adoption of Agile helps organizations to innovate.

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