The AgileTD 2024 Program Highlights

The AgileTD 2024 Program Highlights

We are excited to announce the program release for the Agile Testing Days 2024. Get ready for yet another amazing event and truly valuable learning adventure with over 600 professionals from around the globe.

The AgileTD 2024 Program Highlights

87 speakers from 18 countries present 100+ sessions during 4 transformative days. These are plain numbers, but they showcase the essence of what is in store for you and your team. With new call for papers elements and an innovative program structure we aim to present top-notch content to ensure the best possible conference for YOU!

12 in-depth Tutorials

Gain practical insights during one of our 1-day tutorials about AI-Assisted Test Design, Holistic Testing, Risk-Based Testing, Machine Learning, Test Management, Accessibility and more.

10 thought provoking Keynotes

Industry leaders like Emily Bache, Portia Tung, Rahul Verma, Jenna Charlton, Tariq King, Vincent Wijnen, Laveena Ramchandani, Rahul Verma, Lena Nyström, Ashley Hunsberger, Heather Reid, Paul Holland, and Chris Stone will challenge your agile testing mindset.

22 hands-on Workshops

Acquire new skills together with your team and learn how to implement these in your own projects. Our expert speakers will guide the way.

48 Expert Talks

Our 25-minute talks incl. Q&A showcase speakers from novices to industry experts. Covering diverse topics like AI Testing, CI/CD, Test Automation, DevOps, Exploratory Testing and more.

10+ Networking Events

Start your conference days with Yoga, Running or Lean Coffee and take breaks with a guided stroll around town. The evenings are magical at AgileTD, be it the infamous Costume Party or our fun & interactive Bonus Sessions.

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Throughout the whole conference we foster and encourage exchange “in the hallways” in between sessions, in open spaces, or activities outside the venue, thereby contributing to a collaborative and welcoming atmosphere.

New this year

Unique Deep Dive Tracks

Be a part of our four expert-curated Deep Dive tracks, each dedicated to a vital aspect of software testing:  Accessibility, AI, CI/CD, and Test Automation. Crafted and guided by industry veterans Rahul Verma, Laveena Ramchandani, Tariq King and Bart Knaack, these tracks promise to illuminate your path and equip you and your team with the skills and practical knowledge essential for success!

How exactly are these Tracks structured?
The tracks holds 5 dedicated sessions with each topic covered over a two-day period. In detail the tracks consist of an introductory and an advanced 25 min. talk, a workshop, an interactive panel and a concluding Open Space.

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Free Team Coaching

The first 12 registered teams have the chance to participate in a free team coaching session with one of our experts. This is your chance to talk 1-on-1 with some of the most sophisticated professionals in software testing. So, don’t wait any longer and gather your squad for YOUR coaching slot.

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Online Pass included!

This year you can freely join workshops or any session you like, because you can re-watch all talks and keynotes after the event from the comforts of your home! With the included Online Pass you have access to all talks and keynotes, adding up to more than 60 sessions, until at least 6 months after the conference!

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In her freetime you might see her hanging off some cliffs in the high mountains or talking to her dog and cats like a lunatic.