The international conference scene and business is changing. More and more events are getting cancelled, postponed or replaced by online or hybrid versions. 

The Agile Testing Days will be one of the first larger testing conferences which will not be available online only. It will also take place as an in-person event, a so-called hybrid edition. No one knows yet if the transformation of conferences into online events will last forever or if it will change back soon into in-person events for many.

What we know for sure is that with all the awesome conferences turning into online events right now, more people from all over the world have the chance to experience a conference that before was too expensive or too far away to visit. Now you can join all your favorite conferences from your home, your office, or wherever you are - just paying a fraction of the regular onsite price. For Agile Testing Days you pay only € 180,- for the online show. This is a huge saving compared to the onsite ticket which costs € 2249,-. 

Although we preach diversity is the key and so important, we know that with Agile Testing Days taking place in Potsdam/Berlin, Germany or lately in Chicago & Boston, USA too, we always exclude all the people who cannot or don’t want to travel so far to those cities and countries. But this is over now! With extending a big part of the conference to an online audience we can now welcome everyone who always dreamed to be part of the event.

But the point of this post is a different one. Even with the online availability and a “cheap” price in comparison to regular onsite prices we know that still a lot of testers on this earth cannot afford this ticket. But if we want to boost our profession and if we as testers want to go hand in hand into the future we shouldn’t stop supporting each other. Inspired from awesome initiatives of ticket sharing, we want to do the same and want to offer with this post an overview of all existing free tickets for the Agile Testing Days 2020. We want to express how much we love and respect this and want to tie on to these great initiatives. We would like to motivate more people around the world to support this initiative of sharing tickets. This blog post serves as an overview to see who has bought additional tickets and how many actually still are available for the Agile Testing Days 2020. People interested in those free tickets can reach out to us or the ticket holders to apply for them and take the ultimate chance to join the Agile Testing Days for the first time in their lives. Who knows if and how long the Agile Testing Days will be offered online. So, make sure to join the maybe first and only ATD Online event or if you have budget left and you want to do something good for the testing community: buy some extra tickets and share them with those who always dreamed of joining an international conference.

In the name of Agile Testing Days we have decided to release free ticket scholarships to non-profit or any other caring communities and organisations. They will distribute the tickets fair among their members.

Current ATD 2020 Free Ticket Holders and Availability:

Online Free Tickets:

  • Agile Testing Days Scholarship #1 - 5 Free Tickets / 5 reserved for the DiversifyTech Community (https://www.diversifytech.co/). For more information or how to apply for the tickets get in touch with: veni@diversifytech.co
  • Lisi Hocke (@lisihocke) - 3 Free Tickets / NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE
  • Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory - 1 Free Ticket / NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE
  • Agile Testing Days Scholarship #2 - 5 Free Tickets for TechVoices.org / NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE
  • Kavitha Nathan and Company Mendix Technology B.V. - 5 Free Tickets / NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE

Many more free online tickets coming soon! Just check back from time to time or watch out for any announcements on Twitter.


Onsite Free Tickets:

NONE available yet

We are happy to help and coordinate on how to purchase tickets and how to get one of the free tickets. Just get in touch with info@agiletestingdays.com or DM us or the ticket holders with available tickets on Twitter.




About Uwe Gelfert


I studied media, sports & event management. During my studies I worked as a sports reporter for a radio channel, I also organized some first events. After my studies, I started working for trendig technology services GmbH in 2011.

Organizing conferences for the agile testing community is an awesome job! I am holding certificates as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Design Sprint Master & for Agile Essentials. Currently I am the Product Owner for Agile Testing Days & Scrum Master for our multi project team.

In my spare time I like to do sports (gym, running, cycling, basketball). I prefer real life inspired or true story movies & books. I love cooking & while doing that listening to music or podcasts. I also enjoy video games (sports games). When I am not doing that I like do some gardening or build mocs with Legos.