9 Things To Do After The Agile Testing Days

9 Things To Do After The Agile Testing Days

Last week we were all together celebrating the Agile Testing Days. Time flies and unfortunately ATD is over.

You probably went home with loads of information and new experiences. We know that the days after the conference can be overwhelming; therefore we created a list of 9 things to do after the Agiles Testing Days Festival. This will help you not only to continue expanding your knowledge but also to go back to your daily routine.

1. Engage in social media

You may have made new contacts during the conferences, but after the conference is when the real networking starts. Now is the moment to start connecting via your social media accounts and follow your new friends, send that email you promised, post pictures of the conference and keep being up-to-date about their  work.

If you didn’t use any social media during the conference, don’t worry you can still create your own account and catch up with your new friends and us on our social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, using #AgileTD, and also on Linkedin and Youtube.

2. Read about the conference

Many speakers and attendees have written blog posts about the conference. Since you weren’t able to go and listen to every session reading other speakers’ and attendees’ blog posts is a great way to learn more about the talks, keynotes and workshops you might have missed.

3. Write a blog post

Put your feelings into words; write about your experiences at the conference and about the tasks, tutorials, keynotes and workshops you were part of. It is a good way to review your notes and your new knowledge.

4. Go over your notes

You probably took notes all the time during the conference. Now is the perfect time to organize your thoughts about new ideas, methods and practices. Reviewing your notes will help you recap the main learning points of the sessions you have attended.

5. Put knowledge into action

After reviewing your notes, it is the moment to put knowledge into action. Share the knowledge about what you’ve learned with your colleagues in the office. You’re not only introducing others to a new idea, but you’re also reminding yourself of what you’ve learned. Practice new methods or explore new knowledge and ideas together in an action-oriented way, and try to incorporate them into your daily (or, at the very least, weekly) routine at work. 

6. Talk to the speakers

Don’t be shy and give feedback to the speakers. In case you still have questions about a presentation, please don’t hesitate to contact them. We make it easy for you to get in touch with the speakers. On our website you can find their social media accounts.

Also don’t forget to rate their sessions as speakers also like to improve their presentations. https://agiletestingdays.com/session-ratings/

7. Set goals

The conference isn’t just about expanding your professional network; it is also about you and your personal development and professional improvement. Set a new goal - decide what you want to focus on. Maybe learn new skills, improve your knowledge on test automation or mob testing, maybe you want to use a new tool or even become a speaker at next year’s Agile Testing Days Festival. Just write down your goal, maybe stick it up on the wall, and start doing it. What could be simpler?

8. Feedback to the organizer

Tell us what you liked the most about the conference and give us constructive feedback. What was good? What should be improved? What should we pay more attention to? Did we miss out on something? We love to hear from you. 

9. Get ready for the next  Agile Testing Days

The registration for the next Agile Testing Days will open soon. We are already looking forward to meeting you again! 

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