Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2018

Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2018

The MIATPP Award Night is one of the many highlights in the Agile Testing Days calendar. This night is always truly memorable because it honors and announces the most influential agile testing mind of the year. The MIATPP Award is awarded by the AgileTD community since 2011. The award is only given to people who are convincing in terms of encouragement, motivation, and impact. Each year, everyone in the software testing community is invited to nominate outstanding individuals who encourage new ideas, stimulate innovation, and/or drive continuous improvement. In the last years, the community has acclaimed eight exceptional people for their achievements.

After all, testing is an essential but still underestimated factor for the success in software development. In this way, the award aims to make a visible contribution to the recognition of the great minds in the software testing industry. Thus, the MIATPP Award is created to recognize those who are considered highly influential role models and who contribute positively to the world of testing.

The winner of the MIATPP Award is always announced at the Award Night itself. This year, Alexandra Schladebeck was voted by her peers as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person. Huib Schoots had the honor to present the award to her after she read out loud her own laudatio written by Huib.

The testing community voted for Alex because she continuously acts as a role model for women in testing. Year after year, she contributes largely to the software testing community as a speaker, facilitator, program chair or mentor for others. The agile testing scene wouldn't be the same without her. Alex is always proactive and always happy to help! Congratulations to Alex and thank you to each of our nominees.

We have shortlisted the 2018 Top 10 nominees below:

Rank 10

Emily Webber

Emily is an expert on Communities of Practice and agile working techniques. She is a thought leader with a genuine passion for, and deep knowledge of agile. She gets a genuine kick out of helping people and companies to develop their skills. Emily understands how to transform teams and organizations to be self-reliant in Agile ways of working and thinking.

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Rank 9

Liz Keogh

Liz Keogh is a well-known blogger and international speaker, a core member of the BDD community and a contributor to a number of open-source projects including JBehave. Her work with teaching BDD and Cynefin to testers for many years now is absolutely amazing.

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Rank 8

Ash Coleman

Ash has focused her efforts within technology on bringing awareness to inclusion of women and people of color, especially in the Context-Driven Testing and Agile communities. She's a great voice in testing and for diversity. She is always willing to share her experience with people. and provides helpful and practical advice on addressing problems of bias and inequality in the workplace.

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Rank 7

Selena Delesie

Selena is an international leadership and transformation coach, keynote speaker, and trainer. She is a trusted guide for technology leaders who seek to improve quality, value, and speed of delivery. Her passion for creating empowered and collaborative organizations helped many leaders through personal transformation.

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Rank 6

Gitte Klitgaard

Gitte immediately brightens up the room with her positive energy, also her hugs are priceless. She is very inspirational and motivates the audience to be better persons with her speeches and presentations. Gitte always gives so much of herself to support people within the agile community both publically and privately. She embodies the passion and the heart of what everybody is trying to do within agile, to build communities.



Rank 5

Anne-Marie Charrett

Anne-Marie has been an influencer, educator, and leader within the testing community over many years. She has been unconditionally committed to testing and has delivered amazing sessions at conferences, webinars, and podcasts. Her passion for sharing and learning is beyond inspirational. Anne-Marie embodies everything the manifesto for agile software development encompasses: trust, respect, collaboration, and community.

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Rank 4

Katrina Clokie

Not only that Katrina provides a wealth of wisdom in her blog her book A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps is also a wonderful resource for every tester nowadays, explaining all topics in a very comprehensible manner. Furthermore, Katrina is really active in the community, supporting people and leading by example. She’s really a thought leader and a wonderful inspiration.

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Rank 3

Elisabeth Hocke

She is a dedicated tester who really wants to share with the community. Since AgileTD 2016, she has evolved and has inspired others to start speaking as well with her Learning partner project. Besides that, she is running her Testing Tour where she pairs with others online to learn about testing. Lisi's blog posts are the go-to place to learn about things such as mob programming, with great references to learn more.

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Rank 2

Angie Jones

Angie promotes whole team quality by advocating for both sensible automation along with testability and great exploratory testing. She remains a positive influence for bringing more intersectional diversity into teams. Her informative and pragmatic posts and blogs are truly inspiring, and people can relate to them all the time. She is also very encouraging to juniors and peers.

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