MIATPP 2022 Party: Costume Contest Winners

MIATPP 2022 Party: Costume Contest Winners

The MIATPP Costume Party is no ordinary costume contest. Each year, serious agile testing and QA professionals don an array of disguises to awe and are happy to share with you the winners of this year's MIATPP Costume Contest. We have also posted some MIATPP highlights from years past on our blog to give you an idea.

This year’s MIATPP party has been our best yet. Our attendees showed great creativity to bring the party theme – Fairy Tales – alive. We had a ton of great characters wandering the floor including characters from modern days fairy tales such as Maleficient, Shrek, and Alice in Wonderland as well as Old-School Fairy Tales such as Hensel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and even the Three Little Pigs.

The stakes were high again this year, with prizes for the most original, coolest and funniest costume and three more categories. Each winner will receive a free 1-day conference pass for Agile Testing Days in 2023. Our AgileTD attendees have worked hard and dressed to shine. Let’s take a look at our winners:


Most Unique

Søren Wassard takes home the prize for the most unique costume with his extraordinary and fantastically spooky White Rabbit costume inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. His make-up was so incredible that he was almost unrecognizable. Surely, we would straight fall down the rabbit hole if this White Rabbit crossed our path.


Most Whimsical

We noticed that many attendees loved the tale of Alice in Wonderland and teamed up in couple costumes. Tim Burton's adaptation of Alice in Wonderland from 2010 made the mad hatter a pop culture figure firmly entrenched in the collective memory. The mad hatter costume, however, is whimsical, weird and fantastic at the same time. You can go as crazy as you want and let your inner madness out. Inspired by Johny Depp’s Mad Hatter, Maik Nogens dressed up as the Hatter with a notorious hat, a red wig, a colourful blazer and pants. 


Most Magical

We all have been growing up watching or reading Sleeping Beauty, but Disney’s Maleficient from 2014 has become by far the most interesting character and visually inspiring. Thus, it is no surprise that we had several beautiful Maleficients at our MIATPP Party. But Thea Maisuradze from Inflectra truly personified “the mistress of all evil” from head to toe. We were so impressed by the forceful yet magical costume. 



Vincent Wijnen and Anne Colder take home the recognition for their costume of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel inspired by the Disney movie “Tangled”. Anne and Vincent have made an impressive show of staying in character, posing while swirling the pan, cuddling with pet chameleon Pascal, holding one of the lanterns or kissing the Flynn Rider wanted poster. Their costumes were brilliant with amazing attention to detail. According to Anne, her wig alone was around 1.3 kg. 


Most Inventive

Tobias Geyer dressed up as a walking fairy tale book displaying two pages of his self-written fairy tale “The Unicorn”. His costume was designed and sewn by himself and we can’t appreciate enough how amazing it came out. Tobias brought an actual book with him to encourage attendees to add a few sentences to his story and many went with it. You can read the story here: The unicorn - an ATD fairy tale!


Shrek is an ogre who prides himself on being big, green, and terrifying. He embarks on a quest to save Princess Fiona, and they fall in love despite their differences. Although we had many Shrek and Fiona costumes at AgileTD this year, one particular stayed in our memory. This lady, Barbara Stecher, dressed up as Princess Fiona and slayed it. Her entire face was covered with green paint, making her look just a real-life version of the animated ogre. Very well done indeed.


Honourable Mentions

As you see, when it comes to costumes, nobody does it quite like our AgileTD attendees. Every fairy tale costume worn at the MIATPP party deserves praise. They were all so freaking funny. Want to see what the MIATPP Costume Party looked like? Check out our Twitter moment for more photos.