How to Recharge at AgileTD USA 2023

How to Recharge at AgileTD USA 2023

The alarm goes off for another work morning and yet still drained from a restless sleep, you may realize that you have no energy left for yourself, your teams, or customers.

You’re not alone! A recent study of 36,200 IT professionals discovered that 40 percent of respondents were at high risk of burnout, due to challenges of navigating prompted by longer hours and the inevitable tightrope of work life balance. Between a recent reorg in your company, the current global economy, and that last sprint, it’s not surprising that the pangs of burnout will last long past your morning alarms and meetings.

What if you could get a way for a few days to recharge, connect and learn from industry leaders, and make some new friends along the way? Enter Agile Testing Days USA, North America’s greatest agile testing festival, starting on May 22nd in Chicago, Illinois. This conference offers both educational and social events to help you reduce burnout and recharge with your community. 

Interested in learning how to reduce burnout, while investing in your continuous learning and potential? Let’s dive into some of the social events planned at Agile Testing Days. 

Meet Your Heroes 
You have been following their posts for years, referenced their blogs to coworkers, and have every one of their books on your shelf. The Agile Testing Days USA is the opportunity to meet all of your heroes in person and set the tone of the conference off right by mixing, connecting, and being welcomed by the 40+ global speakers at Agile Testing Days. 

Join the Business Agility Lab 
With so many business pressures, you may be wondering how you can keep your organization agile, competitive, and continue to address your customer’s evolving needs. With the Business Agility Lab, you have front-row access for hands-on, working sessions with some of our brightest engineering leaders today. Recharge your agile testing processes and bring back real-world value to your teams immediately after the conference. 

Grab a Fitness Accountability Partner 
Now has never been a better time to recharge, grab a fitness accountability partner, and get inspired with your new health-focused, agile friends. Whether you are a fitness pro or a couch enthusiast, Agile Testing Days offers unique morning fitness opportunities ranging from yoga to running to get your body and mind focused each day.

Mentors Need Mentors Too 
You have given back to your global community, and often coach others, but who is mentoring you? Step into the driver’s seat of your career and start investing in you with 1:1 mentoring opportunities exclusively at Agile Testing Days. In addition, there will be career advice stations throughout the conference to help give you a fresh perspective about your future growth trajectory. 

Connect with Solution Providers (And Win Big) 
Whether you are looking for new solutions to help you with automation and/or candid conversations you would never get in a team demo, the sponsorship reception offers you the opportunity to meet the humans behind some of your favorite agile testing solutions. Bonus points: swag, tech gifts, and opportunities to win raffle prizes? Sign us up. Whether you are looking to win big in new testing ideas from leading solution providers or raffle prizes, those attending this session will win big regardless. 

Oktoberfest Brought to You 
It wouldn’t be an AgileTD conference without one of their signature (and epic) themed parties. This year, if you can’t make it to Germany for Oktoberfest, the Agile Testing Days organizers are bringing the best of this beloved Bavarian tradition straight to you. Recharge with a themed evening of cuisine, drinks, and dancing with some of your favorites. Wir sehen uns dort! 

Conference Cuisine to Remember
Unlike many software testing conferences, you will fondly remember your dining experience at this event. Taste your way through a variety of elevated cuisines to match any dietary restrictions and tantalize your taste buds with the best of the local area. Bon appetit! 

Unleash Your Inner Kid
Play is an essential ingredient in any Agile Testing Days conference, but also crucial for reducing stress through creativity, collaboration, and a few laughs along the way. Release your inner kid or take back new ideas for in-person/virtual team bonding at Agile Games Night.  

Recharge With Your Friends (and Allies)   
Building a safe space of trust, learning, and inclusion is essential for anyone navigating burnout and growth. The mental gymnastics that underrepresented professionals face everyday is not only exhausting, but can impact our ability to bring our best, recharged selves to work everyday. At the Friends & Allies - Human Space gathering, experienced facilitators help you and your allies have the brave conversations that you may not have the structured space to discuss at work. Let’s continue to build a positive, productive, and supportive community for all. 

Take Calls from the Pool 
Step away from it all and take that work call by the pool or enjoy one of the many amenities of this eco-certified resort hotel, including a golf course, indoor fitness center, and spa. Sometimes recharging means getting away from it all and the amenities at this hotel destination will be sure to have you leaving refreshed and inspired. 

In addition to 40+ international speakers and opportunities to bring real value back to your teams, Agile Testing Days is also your opportunity to recharge with countless social activities.

Now has never been a better time to invest in you. In a continued effort to be inclusive to all attendees, check out the range of discounts that you can achieve for you and your teams at Agile Testing Days USA

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