How to Get Your Boss to Send You to the Agile Testing Days

How to Get Your Boss to Send You to the Agile Testing Days

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The truth of this saying is evident in almost every aspect of everyday life. But let's face it: in certain situations, it is really, really hard to stick to this phrase. Especially when it comes to asking your boss to send you to a conference on company time and company funds.

Instead of lingering in front of your boss' door and struggling with yourself whether you should dare it or not, we recommend that you prepare yourself for your boss' questions on how the conference content will benefit everybody in the organization and why this conference is so unique and worthwhile. In short, to say it with the words of Jack Donaghy:

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Don't worry! We're here to back you up. We've already invested some time and human resources to provide you just with the right nail-on-the-head-arguments for your boss to say “Yes.” 

Learn from success stories!  The Agile Testing Days is one of the few conferences, where you'll find profound knowledge and expertise concentrated in one place. Learning best practices from international leaders and real practitioners that shape the industry will save you and your company time and money trying to figure out what works.

Stay ahead! Gojko Adzic once said: "If you want to be ahead of the market, conferences are the place to go, because that's where half-baked ideas first surface." Get an insight into where the market is going and "reach out your antennae" for the tendencies, new ideas, and innovations of the upcoming years.

Sharpen your wits! A dull ax won't cut a tree. Get out of your routine and sharpen your skills by studying new techniques and learning from other great minds. Return from the Agile Testing Days with new ideas and approaches that make you and your team smarter at work.

The power of networking! Networking is a return of investment. You will gain a much larger network of international peers to support, and receive support for your next project and win new collaborations and/or new clients.

A shut mouth catches no flies! Bring your tool, product or solution to the attention of the agile and software testing community. Engage in conversations with other product experts and build a personal relationship with attendees and potential new clients from all over the world.

Bring back and share what you've gained! You will pick up clear methods and hands-on techniques to apply directly to your team that will help you add value, find solutions to specific challenges, expand your and your team's success, and, finally, contribute to your short and long term goals.

Bring your boss! Suggest that your boss goes with you as an opportunity for him/her to see the value you will get from the conference, and to learn more about what you are doing and why it is so important for your company to send you to the Agile Testing Days.

Value for money! Sharing ideas, challenges, and plans for the future with other attendees, learning from each other, and networking are undoubtedly the most important aspects of a conference, it is also the toughest for which to quantify any value for money, effort and time! However, offering a branding opportunity, an occasion to build a reputation or meeting lots of people with similar interests, that are the things that make the Agile Testing Days an irreplaceable experience.

Save your company money! The good news is that there are always pretty affordable tickets at reduced prices. So you will be showing some good financial thinking by saving some serious dough. But remember, you'll have to book until a specific date to take full advantage of the reduced rates.

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