Are You Ready to Rock?

Are You Ready to Rock?

“Are you ready to roooooock ... ?” - This was the 2019 motto of the AgileTD Award Night. We celebrated an 80s Glam Party in a relaxed atmosphere, paired with delicious food and an entertainment program. The Award Night evenings are always about fun, networking and dancing. Since 2011, we have honored the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person (MIATPP) of the year in a lavish awards ceremony. 

If you are curious about who won the prestigious MIATPP Award in 2019, please check out the blog postMost Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2019” - by Sabine Wede.

The dress code in 2019 was: colorful clothes, lots of glamour, glitter & neon, and a bit of bad taste. That was needed to be super official! People showed us their 80ies look and joined the party dressed in tiger print leggins, wearing sweatbands and mullet wigs - all accompanied by crazy 80ies dance moves!

Our live bandFast Rewindrocked the night, a great 80ies band and one of the best performers we ever had on the AgileTD stage! They got the whole Agile Testing Community dancing and rocking for over two hours! It was such a blast!

If you want to relive the legendary night or when you need some good vibes during your working days, just listen to the set of songs we all were rocking to, again! 


Therefore we created playlists on your favorite channels. Go and listen to all the songs again! 

About Uwe Gelfert


I studied media, sports & event management. During my studies I worked as a sports reporter for a radio channel, I also organized some first events. After my studies, I started working for trendig technology services GmbH in 2011.

Organizing conferences for the agile testing community is an awesome job! I am holding certificates as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Design Sprint Master & for Agile Essentials. Currently I am the Product Owner for Agile Testing Days & Scrum Master for our multi project team.

In my spare time I like to do sports (gym, running, cycling, basketball). I prefer real life inspired or true story movies & books. I love cooking & while doing that listening to music or podcasts. I also enjoy video games (sports games). When I am not doing that I like do some gardening or build mocs with Legos.