AI and Testing and Chatbots... Oh My! Part 1 - The Power of Prediction

AI and Testing and Chatbots... Oh My! Part 1 - The Power of Prediction

The terms Machine Learning, AI and Chatbots became buzzwords during 2017. It's hard to think about this area without being lured by the trappings of science fiction. But what's really going on? What is the science reality? In this vlog mini series, Mike Talks will take a journey through some of the basics, including a look inside a working chatbot, covering areas of consideration, together with strategies for effective testing.

In the first part "The Power of Prediction", Mike will give an introduction to the subject of Machine Learning. Before we look to the future, we’ll take a look back over three hundred years to how scientific models evolve, and what makes a good model or a bad model. Fundamentally Machine Learning is doing nothing new, it’s just allowing us to compress building a good model from years of mathematical calculations in the 17thCentury to a minute on a 3 GHz processor! By the end of this, we’ll also derive a useful definition for Machine Learning that will help us in future instalments.


Mike Talks: The Power of Prediction

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Mike Talks is a test manager at Datacom, one of Australasia’s largest IT vendors. He’s forever trying his hands at things, come to his chatbot session at Agile Test Days where he’ll teach you to build your own chatbot …