AI and Testing and Chatbots... Oh My! Part 3 - Classification with AI

We’ve previously created regression types of Machine Learning in the second part of this vlog series. In this section, Mike will introduce you to examples of classification. We’ll start by looking at a more complex example in Python, where we try and predict the house price of an area based in New Zealand based on its latitude and longitude. There are many ways we can build a model for this, but how would we know which one is best? Finally, we’ll wrap up by looking at some of the Google API AI’s available, showing you some examples of processing text and pictures in terms of classification. The Python programs can be found here:


Mike Talks - Classification with AI

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Mike Talks is a test manager at Datacom, one of Australasia’s largest IT vendors. He’s forever trying his hands at things, come to his chatbot session at Agile Test Days where he’ll teach you to build your own chatbot …

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