AI and Testing and Chatbots... Oh My! Part 2 - Our First Machine Learning Model

In the second part of this vlog series, Mike will take you through the “Hello World” of Machine Learning! We’ll work through an example in Python where we’ll collect data on how fast a toy car moves over set distances, and then use it to predict the time a car will travel for a different distance. Through this example, we’ll look at how the problems of dimensionality and overfitting can cause issues with the model we’re working with. Finally, we’ll use a Machine Learning algorithm to link employee years of experience to salary to look at how such systems can go horribly wrong and end up enforcing areas of bias. The Pythonprograms can be found here:


Mike Talks - Our First Machine Learning Model

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Mike Talks is a test manager at Datacom, one of Australasia’s largest IT vendors. He’s forever trying his hands at things, come to his chatbot session at Agile Test Days where he’ll teach you to build your own chatbot …

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