#AgileTD Virtual Rube Goldberg Machine.

#AgileTD Virtual Rube Goldberg Machine.

The #AgileTD Online fun begins now!

Test your skills with the #AgileTD Online Rube Goldberg Machine.


Our conference is recognized for being an international learning festival where people from different cultures, countries, gender, and ages gather together to learn and create unique experiences whether it is friendships, fun sessions, or memorable memories. 

The #AgileTD Online Conference won't be the exception!

We want to create the biggest Virtual Rube Goldberg Machine made by the international agile software testing community.


Everyone can be part of it!

From agile testers, software architects, test analysts to scrum masters, QA engineers and software developers. Curiosity, exploration, patience, creativity, detail-orientation and a lot of unicorn spirit are needed to build the biggest virtual Rube Goldberg Machine. And we need all of you to do it.


The #AgileTD Virtual Rube Goldberg Machine will be a video, which will be shown several times during the conference. The idea is to make a ball travel the world with the Rube Goldberg Machine. One can use almost anything from your household objects to create the Rube Goldberg Machine.  


Main Criteria:

- Create a video in horizontal

- The intro of the video should show the creator (you)

- The Rube Goldberg Machine action should take around 5 seconds. 

- The trajectory of the ball or object is from left to right (that's how it needs to be in the video)

- Email us the video before November 5, 2020, and tell us your name, job position, and where you are from.

- (Optional: Send us also your fail/blooper videos)


Here some ideas of what you can use for your Rube Goldberg Machine:

  • Make Dominos fall
  • Legos 
  • Ventilators
  • A toy car down a ramp 
  • Books
  • Kitchen supplies


For more inspiration, please visit: 


If you want to participate or have more questions, please contact our team member Isabel and Clara via our #Slack channel “#r_g_machine” or via email info@agiletestingdays.com 

PS: The most creative and elaborate 5 seconds Rube Goldberg Machine will have a special discount for next year’s #AgileTD!

About Isabel Maldonado


Born in Latin America, Isabel Maldonado brings the fire of the Caribbean to the AgileTD team.

She is fearless when it comes to new topics and challenges, however, she is afraid of driving the bicycle on the wild streets of Berlin.

During her free time, she creates new ideas for her blog. As the time goes she has become a tester! She loves to eat and write therefore every time she tries a new restaurant she will test the food, decoration, location, and customer service!