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31 May, 2023

The AgileTD 2023 Program is Out!

Get ready for an electrifying experience! 🎉 The eagerly anticipated Agile Testing Days learning adventure has just unveiled its four-day program, and trust us, it's going to leave you absolutely breathless! 🌟 Brace yourself for an incredible lineup featuring 10 tracks packed with mind-blowing sessions.

Mark your calendars for Monday, Nov. 13, as it kicks off with a bang. You'll have the chance to immerse yourself in 12 full-day tutorials led by Agile software quality gurus like Christian Baumann, Laveena Ramchandani, Tariq King, Lena Nyström, Samuel Nitsche, Raj Subrameyer, Søren Wassard, Vernon Richards, Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory, Jan Jaap Cannegieter, Derk-Jan de Grood, Andrew Knight, Martin Gijsen and Richard Bradshaw. But that's not all! The conference bursts into life with an awe-inspiring evening keynote by Maaike Brinkhof, followed by our offical Meet & Greet.

From Nov. 14 to 16, get ready to be dazzled by a myriad of talks, workshops, and captivating keynotes. Take a breather from the excitement with special bonus sessions and indulge in social events like Open Space, Lean Coffee, Fresh air & Self care, Yoga & Meditation, and more. And when the sun sets, AgileTD reveals its enchanting side! The evenings come alive with magic and sparkle 😎, as you meet new friends, reconnect with old ones, engage in agile games, find kindred spirits in bonus sessions, or dance the night away at the 15th Anniversary 90s Costume Party.

Prepare for your next AgileTD learning festival, including:

  • 11 thought-provoking keynotes that will leave you inspired
  • 12 full-day tutorials led by industry experts
  • 50+ top-notch talks that will blow your mind
  • 30+ hands-on workshops to enhance your skills
  • 9 active sessions to keep the blood flow running
  • Over 10 bonus sessions and networking events to keep the excitement flowing

Don't keep yourself waiting any longer! Dive straight into the program, discover your favorite sessions, and secure your spot at the Agile Testing Days 2023. This is an adventure you don't want to miss!


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20 Apr, 2023

The AgileTD 2023 Tutorial Speakers

We are excited to announce the truly outstanding tutorial speaker line-up for the AgileTD 15th anniversary program.

Martin Gijsen, Gil Zilberfeld, Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory, Vernon Richards, Søren Wassard, Andrew Knight, Jan Jaap Cannegieter, Derk-Jan de Grood, Raj Subrameyer, Laveena Ramchandani, Christian Baumann, Richard Bradshaw, Lena Wiberg, Samuel Nitsche, and Tariq King will be sharing their wisdom, practical advice and hands-on learnings to take right back to your team's projects.

What better way to start your AgileTD learning experience this year than attending one of these speakers' full-day workshops on Monday, November 13?

The tutorials will cover topics ranging from how to build your automation strategy, testability and observability, holistic testing for the whole team, coaching skills for testers, implementing Playwright, building modular API test frameworks and many more. 

And now is the best time to get your tickets for one of theses expert classes and the follwoing conference days! This year you will be able to witness an extraordinary anniversary learning event - we are working hard to ensure you have the best conference experience yet 🎉.

➡️ Register now at Super Early Bird prices!

24 Mar, 2023

CfP closed: Thanks for over 500 Papers!

The Agile Testing Days 2023 Call for Papers has come to an end, and we are thrilled to announce that we have received over 500 proposals from 43 different countries. These numbers are a testament to the event's global reach, engaging community and the still growing importance of topics promoted by the Agile Testing Days conference concept.

A big THANK YOU goes out to those, who submitted their proposals and to all mentors involved, who helped with giving feedback and sharing speaker experiences! 💜

The response is again overwhelming, with so many submissions received from all corners of the world. The program committee is delighted to see the high quality and variety of proposals and is now working hard to evaluate and give valuable feedback to each and everyone, who took the time and effort to put their ideas into words.

Together with the organizer team, they now have the challenging task of reviewing and selecting the best proposals for the conference. They will carefully evaluate each submission based on their relevance, originality, practicality, and clarity. Diversity and inclusiveness of speakers and topics will also be taken into account.

Once more we strive to showcase the latest ideas, techniques, and best practices in agile testing and to provide attendees with valuable learning opportunities.

The session selections shall be done latest by the beginning of May. So, hold on tight everyone until we launch the exciting AgileTD 15th Anniversary Program!


Should you have any questions regarding your submission(s), please reach out via the #call-for-papers Slack channel or reach out to directly.


2 Feb, 2023

AgileTD November 2023, Potsdam: Keynote Speakers Announced

We are excited to announce the Agile Testing Days keynote speakers – John Buck, Lena Wiberg, Samuel Nitsche, Zuzi Sochova, Sophie Küster, Alex Schladebeck, Dr. Rochelle Carr, Andrew Knight, Heather Reid, Kristel Kruustük, Erika Chestnut, Maaike Brinkhof – who will be presenting their keynotes and more from November 13 – 16, 2023, at the Dorint Hotel Potsdam in Germany. 

You'll learn from leading experts that are passionately dedicated to sharing the best of their knowledge and insights with you. They will show you new ways to improve your own Agile and Testing practices and mindset from direct accounts of experiences and crucial lessons learned.

We are super proud about this awesome line-up and can’t wait to see everyone to perform live on stage!

31 Jan, 2023

AgileTD 2023: Call for Papers is OPEN!

It's that time again! Today the Call for Papers for the Agile Testing Days taking place in November has opened. We are looking for papers on the topics of agile software development, testing in general and in particular, as well as sustainability, testing with tools, quality assurance and, above all, technically challenging problems and solutions. If you already have an idea floating around in your head or have found a new solution strategy that other testers and QA professionals could benefit from, don't wait long and submit your idea for a talk or workshop. The AgileTD team and this year's program committee are looking forward to it.

What are we looking for?

  • 25-min Talks
  • 105- and 120-min Workshops
  • Combo Sessions
  • Bonus Sessions
  • Social Activities

What are topics of interest?

  • Machine Learning
  • Ethics in Tech
  • Chaos Engineering
  • API Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Mobile Testing
  • Sustainability in Tech
  • Agile Testing in Remote Teams
  • Coding for Testers, Coding workshops/ live Coding Sessions
  • Collaboration Approaches like Pairing & Ensemble Programming
  • Observability & Operability
  • Accessibility, Usability & UX Testing
  • Testing Pipeline of Microservices
  • Agile Scale & Cloud-Based Testing
  • DevOps & DevSecOps
  • How to Test AI (Self-Driving Cars, etc.)
  • Mental Health, Self Care & Mindfulness
  • Human-Centred Approaches
  • Security Testing
  • What is the tester's Role when Everything is Automated
  • Test Documentation, Test Case Management, Strategies & Tools
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Personal Development
  • Embedded Software or AI Combined with Agile Experiences
  • Quality Metrics
  • and much more

Who will review the papers?

This year's program committee consists of Alessandro Collino, Bart Knaack, Toyer Mamoojee, Tariq King, Daniel Knott, Lisi Hocke, João Proença, Faiza Yousuf, Yi Min Yang, Lisa Crispin, Elizabeth Zagroba, and Søren Wassard. More information about our Program Committee can be found here.

Where can you submit your paper(s)?

You can submit your ideas for the Call for Papers on our special Call for Papers Page.

When will the call for papers close?

The Call for Papers closes on March 19, 2023.


27 Jan, 2023

AgileTD 2023: Program Committee Announced

Since 2009 the Agile Testing Days always offer a huge program with a lot of talks, workshops and bonus sessions that cover all topics related to software testing, agile excellence and beyond.

There are many, many people involved in creating such a program starting with the organising team that provides the infrastructure to the hundreds of people who submit their ideas for sessions to the selected experts and thought leaders from the agile testing community who review papers, give feedback and advise on behalf of the  AgileTD team.

This year, we have chosen a quite big group of 12 outstanding people to help us create the best program for our 15-year anniversary edition of the Agile Testing Days.

This year's program committee consists of Alessandro Collino, Bart Knaack, Toyer Mamoojee, Tariq King, Daniel Knott, Lisi Hocke, João Proença, Faiza Yousuf, Yi Min Yang, Lisa Crispin, Elizabeth Zagroba, and Søren Wassard. They will 

  • Review and evaluate submissions
  • Assist in the selection of talks and workshops
  • Provide feedback on submissions


Alessandro Collino (Italy) has 20+ years of experience in Computer Engineering (Embedded Systems and IT). His main interest is focused on test analysis and design, test management, and technical testing for both theoretical and practical aspects. He has been a speaker at International Software Testing Conferences and a writer for testing magazines.

Elizabeth Zagroba (Netherlands) is a Leader, Questioner, and Tester. She was the keynote speaker at Let’s Test in South Africa in 2018, and she’s spoken at Agile Testing Days and other conferences in North America and Europe.

Søren Wassard (Denmark) is an agile evangelist and has been spreading the word about agile for approximately 15 years. He performed professional training in agile for the past 5 years. Søren worked with IT for 20+ years, 13 of them solely focused on testing, but has within the last few years shifted into training, and now has a larger focus on training and agile coaching.

Toyer Mamoojee (Dubai) is a 'die-hard' passionate Agile Automation Test Analyst with over 15 years of testing experience across many industries. From Waterfall to Agile approaches, Commercial to Open Source Automation tools and Manual to Automation Testing he has been through the wars of Software Delivery. 

Faiza Yousuf (Pakistan) is a software engineer with 13 years of experience building products and teams. She is a serial founder focusing on women’s financial inclusion initiatives and improving gender parity in tech. She has a consulting practice as a Product Consultant and has clients across five continents.

Daniel Knott (Germany) loves digital products with high quality being it web or native mobile applications. Currently, he is working as Head of Software Testing, where he shapes the future of testing for different clients. Daniel wrote two books - Hands-On Mobile App Testing and Smartwatch App Testing and is a frequent blogger and conference speaker.

Bart Knaack (Netherlands) is an experienced senior with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled in Test Management, System Integration Testing, Test Planning, Regression Testing, and Test Execution. Strong information technology professional with an MSc focused in computer science from the Delft University of Technology.

Tariq King (USA) is a recognized thought leader in software engineering, DevOps, testing and AI/ML. He has over fifteen years of professional experience in the software industry and has formerly held positions including Chief Scientist, Head of Quality, Director of Quality Engineering, Manager of Software Engineering, and Test Architect. 

Lisi Hocke (Germany) is in her own words a holistic tester, quality enabler, agile experimenter, sociotechnical symmathecist, team glue, volleyball player, game lover, and story enthusiast. For us, she is also the MIATPP of 2019 and an essential contributor to the agile testing community!

Lisa Crispin (USA) is the co-founder, with Janet Gregory, of the Agile Testing Fellowship and co-author of prominent agile testing books such as Agile Testing, More Agile Testing and Agile Testing Condensed. In addition, Lisa won the MIATPP Award in 2012 and is a constant source of expertise and knowledge on holistic testing.

Yi Min Yang (Germany) is an IT professional with a strong sense of urgency and commitment. He is a multipotentialite and has successfully been in roles ranging from software engineer to sales engineering. 

João Proença (Spain) is a Quality Engineer and has had various roles throughout his career, including quality engineering, development, customer support and marketing. He is driven by finding innovative solutions for difficult problems and is always eager to talk about how professionals are overcoming quality challenges around the world.


The program committee and we are looking forward to your submissions! The Call for Papers will be open at the beginning of February and close on March 19, 2023! More information about the Call for Papers and how to submit can be found on the Call for Papers Page.


3 Jan, 2023

AgileTD Open Air 2023: Early Bird Discount Now Available

Attention! With the turn of the year, the discount tier for tickets for our outdoor conference changed. Until April 30, 2023, you can now save € 300 off with the EARLY BIRD discount

Tap into the deep well of agile testing excellence at the AgileTD Open Air 2023 in Cologne, Germany. Gather your team and learn from renowned thought leaders, influencers, innovators and leading experts. Meet other testers, developers, managers and executives and share knowledge and experiences in personal discussions. Collaborate and network to have game-changing breakthroughs. 

If you want to learn from the best and level-up your skills, then our outdoor conference at Blackfoot Beach is where it happens. 

To register, please visit!

5 Dec, 2022

AgileTD 2023: Registration is open!

Last month, the Agile Testing Days took place again in Potsdam. The program was filled with over 200 sessions - including talks, workshops, tutorials, social events and open spaces. More than 600 visitors, speakers and sponsors on site did not miss the opportunity to learn unique strategies for agile teams together in groups or to exchange ideas about different techniques and methods with other participants. Another 150 participants followed selected sessions via live stream and were thus able to participate in the conference virtually.

THANK YOU to everyone – attendees, sponsors, speakers & volunteers – who joined us live and virtually. We hope you had as much fun as we did. This edition truly felt like a throwback to 2019 with all the people enjoying their time, learning, sharing, discussing and having a good laugh! We are very grateful to have shared this feeling and time with you all. So, our conclusion for 2022: A complete success. We keep our fingers crossed that you agree!

But the best thing is, you can already register for the Agile Testing Days from November 13 to 16, 2023. Get your on-site ticket now and take the Virtual Pass with you! Save up to € 465 until May 14, 2023, and benefit from our Super Early Bird Discount!

Register now!


17 Nov, 2022

Welcome back at AgileTD 2022, ZEISS!

We are happy to welcome back our Gold Sponsor ZEISS, who attended our conference as Saxonia Systems AG from 2017 onwards. In 2019, ZEISS acquired Saxonia Systems AG and continued our long-lasting and successfull partnership with the Agile Testing Days.

At ZEISS, they are discoverers, inspirers, and innovators of new application possibilities. They live in an agile culture that allows them to respond directly to market changes and trends. In their cross-functional teams, agile testing is part of their daily routine with the whole team involved. The expertise of testers ensures that business value is delivered at frequent intervals, is operating at a sustainable pace and guarantees a high level of quality.

ZEISS is technology. ZEISS is optics and innovation. As one of the world’s leading technology companies with a portfolio aligned with future growth areas like digitalization, healthcare and Smart Production, ZEISS is shaping the future far beyond the optics and optoelectronics industries.

On Tuesday, November 22, 2022, speaker Kay Grebenstein will talk about how ZEISS' agile development department implemented a comprehensive QA strategy and shows you how agile development and testing are working for a special-purpose machine manufacturer, too.

More details about this special talk:

And from November 22–24, 2022, you can meet the ZEISS team at booth no. 5 in front of the keynote room. They will be happy to tell you more about their agile way of working, their accomplishments and their own QA manifesto in more detail.



10 Nov, 2022

AgileTD Open Air Group Registration Now Available

Get shared learning across your team at a discounted rate! Register as a group for AgileTD Open Air 2023 and access the training, networking, and education your team needs. Group discounts are available for teams that register 3 or more.

Tap into the deep well of agile testing excellence! Gather your team and learn from renowned thought leaders, influencers, innovators and leading experts. Meet other testers, developers, managers and executives and share knowledge and experiences in personal discussions. Collaborate and network to have game-changing breakthroughs. 

Boost your skills and don’t miss these key sessions including:

  • Keynotes by Janet Gregory, Tariq King, Lena Wiberg and Richard Bradshaw

  • Identifying Code Smells by Benjamin Bischoff

  • Data-Driven Decisions in Testing by Heather Reid

  • Experience Test Driven Development for Testers! by Alex Schladebeck & Oliver Bangert

  • The 8 ‘Commendments’ for Maintainable Test Automation by Mazin Inaad

  • What ain't good for the hive, ain't good for the bee by Sanne Visser

Register your team and save up to € 2000 on your team tickets with our 5-for-3 discount rate!

To learn more and register, please visit

10 Nov, 2022

AgileTD Open Air 2023: Program now live

Next year's AgileTD Open Air schedule is now public! Europe's greaTEST outdoor agile testing conference will take place June 13-15, 2023 in Cologne, Germany. The two-and-a-half-day event will examine the latest trends and strategies in agile testing, software development and QA engineering. 

Janet Gregory, Tariq Kind, Lena Wiberg and Richard Bradshaw will be presenting the keynotes revolving around topics like personal development, force multipliers, paradigm shifts and rapid feedback loops.

The sessions will allow you to learn from leading experts that are passionately dedicated to sharing the best of their knowledge and insights with you. They will show you new ways to improve your own Agile and Testing practices and mindset from direct accounts of experiences and crucial lessons learned.

Browse the program now and register by December 31, 2022, to save € 200 on your ticket for AgileTD Open Air 2023.


10 Oct, 2022

AgileTD Open Air 2023: Keynote Speakers Announced

We are excited to announce the 2023 AgileTD Open Air keynote speakers – Janet Gregory, Tariq Kind, Lena Wiberg and Richard Bradshaw – who will be presenting their keynotes from June 13 – 15, 2023, at Blackfoot Beach in Cologne. 

You'll learn from leading experts that are passionately dedicated to sharing the best of their knowledge and insights with you. They will show you new ways to improve your own Agile and Testing practices and mindset from direct accounts of experiences and crucial lessons learned.

Janet Gregory

In Janet's keynote "The Invasion of the Gummy Bears", she will talk about the feeling that as human beings our brains sometimes get stuck. It feels like gummy bears have invaded and got all sticky, clogging up our neural pathways. You may experience a general fog which slows down your thinking, or perhaps you forget words or things you knew and just can’t get it… at this moment. Or perhaps you get stuck working in one direction and waste entire days not looking up to see if you are going in the right direction. Even writer’s block may be a symptom of sticky gummy bears. Janet will explore ways to unstick those gummy bears and get them where they are supposed to be… in a candy jar on your desk. From a testing perspective, what does this mean to the team?

Janet Gregory is an agile testing trainer and process consultant with DragonFire Inc. She is the co-author with Lisa Crispin of three Agile Testing books, the Live Lessons Agile Testing Essentials video course, and “The Whole Team Approach to Agile Testing” 3-day training course, and co-founder of the Agile Testing Fellowship. Janet works with teams transitioning to agile development, teaches courses, and enjoys sharing her experiences at conferences.

Lena Wiberg

In her keynote "What I thought I knew about the Status of Testing", Lena will share how she has approached people with misconceptions about testing and how she has worked to change the view of skilled testing. Weaved into this will also be how her developer background has helped (or not) with credibility, how her "naive" view of testing as a status role helped her through some rough patches, how working in a startup made her accept “Good Enough”, and how writing a book made her realise how much her own belief system has shifted over the years.

Lena has been building software since 1999. After a decade of coding, she found her heart in testing. Today she focuses on building organisations and growing people rather than the software itself but testing is still in her soul. Continuous improvement is a core value and she believes we should all strive to keep up to date and challenge ourselves, our assumptions and the way things are done. She is the author and creator of "Would Heu-risk it?" (card deck and book), an avid blogger, speaker and workshop facilitator.

Richard Bradshaw

In Richard's keynote "Mind the Gaps", you will learn about the void between what we know, and what we know we need to know. He believes gaps and feedback loops are at the heart of a lot of testing and quality work. In this keynote, he is going to share several examples of feedback loops and gaps within software testing and how this new framing is enabling me to better communicate my testing story, the problems we need to solve and how my skills have kept teams moving.

Richard Bradshaw is an experienced tester, consultant, trainer and generally a friendly guy. He shares his passion for testing through consulting, training and giving presentations on a variety of topics relating to testing. With over 12 years of testing experience, he has a lot of insights into the world of testing and software development. Richard is currently the BossBoss at the Ministry of Testing, co-creator of the Automation in Testing (AiT) namespace, and blogs at

Tariq King

Tariq King enjoys breaking things and is currently the Chief Scientist at, where he leads research and development of their core platform for AI-driven testing. He started his career in academia as a tenure-track professor and later transitioned into the software industry. Tariq previously held positions as a test architect, manager, director, and head of quality. He has published over 40 articles in peer-reviewed software testing books, journals, conferences, and workshops. He is a member of the ACM and IEEE Computer Society and serves as a board member and keynote speaker for several international software engineering and testing conferences.


More information about AgileTD Open Air:

5 Oct, 2022

AgileTD 2022 among Top QA Events in 2022

The team of QAwerk have compiled a list of the best QA conferences and we’re excited to announce that Agile Testing Days is among the Top QA events in 2022!

AgileTD is the perfect option for you if you want to:

  • Meet software testers, managers, team leads, and IT decision-makers from around the world
  • Learn how to test more in less time with history analysis, test gap analysis, and Pareto optimization of test suites
  • Discuss with experts why accessibility testing should be by default and what tools fit it
  • Test pages in languages you don’t speak, test with screen readers, metaverse development and quality concerns
  • Gain insights from over 300 retros and how to make them fun
  • Boost productivity
  • Network with prospects, fellow software pros and industry leaders

We hope AgileTD, set for November 21-24, 2022 in Potsdam, is on your list.

Agile Testing Days will be held at the Dorint Sanssouci hotel, which also caters to the needs of people with disabilities, so everyone is very welcome!


  • €399 +VAT for online attendees 
  • From €900 + VAT for in-person attendees


15 Sep, 2022

Nominate Your MIATPP 2022 Now

What have these 11 people in common?

Gojko Adzic
Lisa Crispin
Markus Gaertner
Matt Heusser
Janet Gregory
Maaret Pyhäjärvi
Huib Schoots
Alex(andra) Schladebeck
Lisi Hocke
Angie Jones
Raj Subrameyer

These eleven outstanding people have been voted the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Persons (#MIATPP) by the #agile #testing community since 2011. The MIATPP Award is like "the Oscar of the Agile Testing Days" and is awarded during the notorious MIATPP and Costume Party at the Agile Testing Days conference.

And why is this important for you? Because now you have the chance to nominate your MIATPP for 2022. You can nominate any person who has...

- made a positive impact on your career, personal life, or in the community
- inspired you
- challenged you
- helped you grow in your career as a software professional
- shown you how to solve everyday obstacles in your daily work
- published blog posts, podcasts, or vlogs that have taught you to become better at your job

Take your chance and nominate your MIATPP 2022 here:!

If you want to read more about the MIATPPs from 2016-2019, I recommend checking out our MIATPP blog posts at

8 Sep, 2022

Get Your AgileTD Virtual Pass Now!

Is traveling to attend AgileTD 2022 just not an option for you this year?

No problem, now you can catch up to 50 of the conference sessions at your convenience—without any travel expenses or the need to replicate yourself! We are happy to announce that you can NOW purchase the AgileTD 2022 Virtual Pass!

For a fraction of the cost of a regular conference pass, you’ll get full access to the recording of EVERY keynote and 36 talk sessions. Yes, every keynote and talk will be at your fingertips. The sessions will include video, audio, and slide capture for the sessions.

With your Virtual Pass, you’ll have access to online recordings of everything accessible for THREE MONTH for anyone who purchases it. You can watch playbacks from your computer, tablet, or smartphone at your leisure.


Just the Facts

WHO: This Virtual Pass is ideal for software professionals and agile enthusiasts that want to better understand the latest agile and software testing trends, tips, and know-how to grow.

WHAT: The AgileTD Virtual Pass provides full online access to up to 50 recorded sessions from the physical Agile Testing Days conference. These are videos you can play over and over. In more detail:

  • Live stream of 10 keynotes (Nov 21 - 24)
  • Live stream of 36 talks distributed via 3 tracks (Nov 22 - 24)
  • 90 days of unlimited on-demand access to all the streaming videos
  • 1600+ minutes (27 hours) of recorded knowledge-sharing footage
  • 40+ sessions presented by 50 excellent speakers from all over the world
  • Access to our online attendee hub for easy navigation and chat with like-minded folks

WHERE: At your home, office, or on the road! You watch sessions using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

WHEN: Session recordings will be available after the conclusion of the session. You’ll have access to all the sessions for three months.

WHY: You’ll be able to implement effective quality and testing strategies and tactics that will help improve your day-to-day work and that of your team. This pass will ensure maximizing your full potential!

HOW: When you purchase your Virtual Pass, you'll get an email with exclusive access instructions to the content.

How to Register

With a Virtual Pass to AgileTD 2022, you have no costs for travel, meals, hotels, cars, or lost time! Why? Because it’s an online virtual pass.

The registration fee for a Virtual Pass is €399 (excl. VAT).


2 Sep, 2022

AgileTD Open Air 2023: Now the Work Really Begins!

The 2nd call for papers in the history of our popular open-air conference in Cologne is in the books and we are overwhelmed by the many submissions.

Thank you to everyone who sharpened their pencils, put on their thinking hats, and submitted their best (or 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best) ideas for a talk or workshop for AgileTD Open Air 2023

The AgileTD Open Air program committee – consisting of Veerle Verhagen, Lena Wiberg, and Søren Wassard – is currently working through the submissions, evaluating them, and distributing feedback. With 160 submissions for only 16 free talks and 8 workshop slots, this will be a real challenge. It also means that only the best talks and workshops will make it into the program. In any case, we are keeping our fingers crossed for all submitters and are very excited about the contributions for AgileTD Open Air 2023!

If you would also like to attend the conference as a visitor, then we can only recommend that you register by DECEMBER 31, 2022! Until then you can save € 200 on your registration!

30 Aug, 2022

AgileTD Virtual Pass: Get Access to 40+ Sessions

Have you heard about our AgileTD Virtual Pass? This Virtual Pass will grant entry to up to 50 AgileTD 2022 sessions, with a mixture of keynotes and 25-min talks. If traveling to attend the Agile Testing Days Conference in Potsdam is just not an option for you this year, then we highly recommend purchasing the Virtual Pass.

For a fraction of the cost of the regular conference pass, you’ll get full access to the recording of 40+ keynote and talk sessions. The sessions will include video, audio, and slide capture for the sessions.

For just € 399, you can live-stream AND watch the replays for a full THREE MONTHS after the conference on your favorite device. You can watch playbacks from your computer, tablet, or smartphone at your leisure.

A Virtual Pass can be purchased as a stand-alone soon, though we recommend attending the main event as well to take advantage of networking, live presentations, and Q&A. If book your ticket for the in-person conference until SEPTEMBER 18, 2022, you will get the Virtual Pass FOR FREE. 

Below are the 10 keynotes accessible with the Virtual Pass*:

Gwen Diagram – Happiness is Quality

So, how can we build teams that strive to build quality systems? By building in happiness early and often. In this talk, we will go on a journey of looking at how to improve happiness in teams for the end goal of building quality systems.


Martijn Nas – Any dramatic elephants in the room?

The drama triangle illustrates a power game that involves three scripted roles. Knowing these roles we will, in this keynote, help testers discover how to escape the Drama Triangle. Important, because we would benefit as a collaborative team when we would have more functional social interactions. 

Lena Wiberg – Living Fearlessly - While living with fear

This talk will cover the difference between being scared and acting on the fear, different types of reactions to change (and how to use it to your advantage), and how to get to the core of the fear to help you overcome it.


Melissa Sassi – Be an AND. Not an OR

Dr. Sassi is known for being unapologetically herself...a wild duck. Join Dr. Sassi's keynote & plan to walk away with your very own 5-step formula for letting the authentic you shine.



Fiona Charles – Human Impact

As software practitioners, we have an ethical responsibility to maximize the benefits of software and minimize the harms. In this keynote, Fiona Charles explores the practical things that testers can do.


Vincent Wijnen & Huib Schoots – Creating a Culture of Learning

In this keynote, Vincent and Huib will dive into learning in organizations. What is a learning organization? How do you recognize them? What are typical patterns and anti-patterns? How do you create a learning culture and why is that important? Find out what you can do, starting tomorrow, to help build a learning culture, even when you are not a manager.

Samuel Nitsche – Trouble in The Old Republic

Different roles in a team have natural differences in values, needs, and goals. This is especially true with app developers and database folks. Testers can be the perfect glue and build bridges. 


Parveen Khan – How to Build a Quality Culture

In this session, we’ll explore how you can grow your influence inside and outside of your team, and explore fundamentals and ways to influence without authority. I'll share my own challenges and wins through the lens of observability, and how I have used influencing skills to implement this change.

Ash Winter – Better organisation design enables great testing

Doing great testing is hard when your teams suffer from the excessive cognitive load. Too many systems and teams to collaborate with mean burnout and customer-facing issues. This talk will explore two examples of re-organizing teams, the impact on cognitive load, and what it meant for testing in those teams.

Patrick van Enkhuijzen – Servant Leadership – about empathy and psychological safety

You will learn what it takes to be a servant leader and you'll better understand how empathy and psychological safety help you and your teams grow together. Join me on my journey in becoming a better servant leader.


* For more information about sessions, that are accessible with the AgileTD Virtual Pass, please check out the AgileTD 2022 program.



22 Aug, 2022

AgileTD 2022 Virtual Pass

After high demand from software testing pros from around the world, we're happy to share with you that we're going to offer an AgileTD Virtual Pass for this year's conference.

Register for the AgileTD on-site conference until SEPTEMBER 18,2022 and get our exclusive Virtual Pass FOR FREE. With this Virtual Pass, you will have access to the live stream of 11 keynotes and 36 talks. The AgileTD 2022 Virtual Pass provides full online access to all 47 recorded sessions from the physical AgileTD conference. You’ll have access to all the sessions for THREE months after the conference. People who have already registered for the on-site event automatically got the Virtual Pass.

The AgileTD 2022 Virtual Pass includes:

  • Live stream of 11 keynotes (Nov 21 - 24)
  • Live stream of 36 talks distributed via 3 tracks (Nov 22 - 24)
  • 90 days of unlimited on-demand access to all the streaming videos
  • 1600+ minutes (27 hours) of recorded knowledge-sharing footage 
  • 40+ sessions presented by 50 excellent speakers from all over the world
  • Access to our online attendee hub for easy navigation and chat with like-minded folk

Our special offer & conditions for in-person attendees:

Everyone who registers for the in-person edition until September 18th (Early Bird season) will get access to the AgileTD 2022 Virtual Pass including the LiveStream Event & OnDemand video access for free

Everyone who registers for the in-person edition after September 18th (The early Bird season has ended) has the chance to upgrade their in-person ticket with the AgileTD 2022 Virtual Pass for only 99,- €.

Register for the Agile Testing Days in-person edition and get on top of the AgileTD 2022 Virtual Pass. This is perfect for you to re-watch sessions you liked or to watch the sessions you have missed for 3 months after the event has already ended. Or if you don't feel well during the event and want to stay in your hotel room, just join the live stream instead to not miss anything!


13 Jul, 2022

Wanted: Call for Papers for AgileTD Open Air is open!

Have you ever presented a talk or workshop barefoot with sand between your toes?

Comparatively young, Agile Testing Days Open Air is not like any other tech conference. The idea of this conference has been haunting our minds for quite some time and found its way into reality due to – or should I say thanks to – the Corona pandemic. We wanted to create an #agile #testing event that could be outdoors, with lots of fresh air, and be as safe as possible for our speakers, attendees, and sponsors. Because at that point, we all didn't know how long this pandemic would last.

Out came Agile Testing Days Open Air, an event happening at the Cologne Blackfoot Beach with a limited number of attendees. An exclusive event with a very intimate atmosphere, smaller groups, more face-to-face time with testing luminaries and industry experts, and more time to relax between the sessions to balance intense learning and mental recovery.

Lisi Hocke, speaker, and participant of AgileTD Open Air 2022 said about AgileTD Open Air that "it surprised me in many beautiful ways and I can only recommend you to seize the opportunity next year if you can."

We have captured many topic suggestions from our community survey, see the results in the list below! We are happy to receive your creative presentation ideas. We also welcome contributions from all experience levels. We have 8 x 105-min workshop slots and 16 x 25-min talking slots to fill and due to that limitation, we expect high-quality proposals.

Test Automation:
What is Automation in Testing?
Hands-on Automation
Automation Strategy

Testing Strategies:
Ensemble Testing
Exploratory Testing
Manual Testing
Continuous Testing Strategies
How to create better Testing Strategies?
Testing in DevOps, Scrum, SAFe, etc.

Performance Testing
Security Testing
Accessibility Testing
Usability Testing
API Testing
Agile Testing in Different Forms:
Risk Analysis
Reporting in Agile
Test Design
Modern Testing Principles
Shift Left

Software Development:
Live Coding by Speakers

How to build Quality Engineering teams?
Agile Testing in Remote Teams
Critical Thinking
Communication & Storytelling
Collaboration & Team Building

Experience Reports:
How I tested X
What I learned from Y
How I approached Z

Agile and/in …:
Agile and Design Thinking – or more general INNOVATION
Agile for Real-Time & Embedded Systems
Agile in Regulated Environments
Agile Management and Leadership: Roles, Responsibilities, Models & Approaches

Mental Health and Psychological Safety
Sustainability in Tech
Ethics in Tech
Quality Coachings
Software Engineering
Quality Engineering

To submit your idea(s) for the AgileTD Open Air 2023 outdoor conference, please go to:!

17 May, 2022

The Program for AgileTD 2022 is OUT!

It has been a while since the last announcement but we're back with a BIG BANG: the program for Agile Testing Days 2022 this November in Potsdam is fresh out and we hope you are now as excited as we are about that.

The program is HUGE (like every year) and we were able to engage many top-notch speakers such as Ben Linders, Dr. Melissa Sassi, Gwen Diagram, Ash Winter, Fiona Charles, John Buck, and many more. Get to know the speakers in detail!

Our amazing program committee did their very best to create a top-notch 4-day program, filled with sessions from international speaking rock stars and cutting-edge new voices from all over the world. Are you ready to explore your next AgileTD learning adventure? 

The banner shows you roughly what to expect. You can find out what you can look forward to in detail on our program website. Be curious and let's take a deep dive into the program for the Agile Testing Days 2022. Check out the program!

And for all those who did not make it into the program this year, we send out big virtual hugs! Keep your heads up! We are rooting for you for 2023! ❤️

21 Mar, 2022

Thank you for your submissions!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Our inbox literally overflowed with notifications of incoming proposals. We have received over 350 papers so far – with over 90 of them coming in over the weekend. We really appreciate your support and initiative to become part of this year's AgileTD program. We are absolutely happy about the strong response from the agile testing community. A massive THANK YOU to all who've submitted their talk and workshop ideas for this year's conference! 

The Call for Papers for AgileTD 2022 is now officially closed. Our program committee – Christian Baumann, Marie Drake, Alex Collino, Elizabeth Zagroba, Larissa Rosochansky, Laurie Soirse, Samuel Nitsche, and Stephan Kämper – will spend the next weeks reviewing some great abstracts and start putting together an exciting program. We expect to notify everyone if they have been selected or not for the 2022 program by the end of April. 

Good luck to everyone!

In the meantime, grab a Super Early Bird ticket, available until May 15, 2022, or follow us on Twitter, FacebookLinkedin, or Slack for more announcements.


1 Feb, 2022

The Call for Papers for AgileTD 2022 is OPEN

It's time to unleash your public speaking talent! If you have promised yourself to speak at a tech event this year, then the Agile Testing Days are the perfect place to start your speaking journey. The Call for Papers is now open! The program committee and we are looking forward to your submissions!

We have various sessions to fill with your lessons learned, experience reports, and personal stories about overcoming obstacles in your daily work. Help our attendees to grow and learn to become better agile software professionals. 

You have time until March 20th to submit your proposal and hold a brand-new, innovative talk, workshop, or bonus session at Europe's greatest agile testing festival! 

What are we looking for?

The Call for Papers is open until March 20, 2022. This may seem far, far away in the future, while actually, March is already around the corner. Time to think about your idea for a talk, workshop, or bonus session and take the AgileTD stage in November!

These are the types of sessions we are looking for this year:

🎤   25-min talk
🔧   105-/ 150-min workshop
🧰   combo session with a 30-min talk followed by a 75- or 90-min workshop
🍫   bonus session
🎉   social activity

Read more on the different session types

Hot topics for AgileTD 2022

Every year innovations in software development and agile practices evolve the way we work, think and live. These subjects are what we looking for. Besides others, here are some hot topics for AgileTD 2022:

  • Machine Learning
  • Ethics in Tech
  • Chaos Engineering
  • API Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Mobile Testing
  • Sustainability in Tech
  • Agile Testing in Remote Teams
  • Coding for Testers, Coding workshops/ live Coding Sessions

See the full list of topic ideas


1 Feb, 2022

Meet the 2022 AgileTD Program Committee

We are very excited to announce the 2022 Agile Testing Days Program Committee! They will review each and every speaker submission and help us put together an outstanding program for the 4-day event in November.

Please meet this year's program committee:

Alessandro Collino (Italy) has 15+ years of experience in Computer Engineering (Embedded Systems and IT). His main interest is focused on test analysis and design, test management, and technical testing for both theoretical and practical aspects. He has been a speaker in International Software Testing Conferences and writer on testing magazines.

Christian Baumann (Germany) is a senior test engineer with 15+ years of experience in the field of software testing. He has successfully held different roles in the context of testing: From Test Automation Engineer to Test Team Lead. He has spoken several times at the Agile Testing Days.

Elizabeth Zagroba (Netherlands) is a Leader, Questioner, Tester. Elizabeth tests software at Mendix in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She was the keynote speaker at Let’s Test in South Africa in 2018, and she’s spoken at Agile Testing Days and other conferences in North America and Europe.  

Larissa Rosochansky (Brazil) is the head of Intelligent Automation at Avanade Brazil and former Testing and Automation Head at IBM Brazil. She works with Design Thinking, Project Management, Quality Assurance, and Software Test for the last 14 years. She worked on several projects, in many roles coaching, managing projects and teams. Larissa will speak for the 1st at this year's Agile Testing Days USA.

Laurie Sirois (USA) is currently the Director of Quality Assurance at PTC Inc. & has over 25 years of experience in QA leadership roles, as well as Product Owner and Producer roles at small, mid-sized, and global companies. She specializes in building and evolving QA teams, processes, and automation initiatives that close the gap between business and customer needs. Laurie will speak again at the Agile Testing Days USA this June.

Marie Drake (UK) is a Software Tester focusing on test automation, leadership, and mentoring team members with the goal that quality is everyone’s responsibility. She is also a tech blogger at, an accessibility advocate, a Cypress Ambassador, and co-organizer of the Cypress UK Community meetup group. Marie will speak at the AgileTD Open Air this May in Cologne, Germany.

Samuel Nitsche (Germany) is a curiosity-driven software developer who programs, learns and collaborates in the software trade since the early 2000s. He works as a Senior Software Developer and trainer at Smart Enterprise Solutions GmbH. His main interest is on modern database development, automated testing, and code quality, topics he writes regularly about on different platforms (e.g. his blog, Simple-Talk, and several Oracle-related print magazines). 

Stephan Kämper (Germany) started in 2001 in software development by joining the test team for an object-oriented database system. He never left software testing, specialized in automated software tests and agile methods. He worked on topics as diverse as precision navigation systems, micropayment platforms, healthcare-related systems, telecommunication, social networks, logistics, and energy providers. 

Each member will bring a very distinct viewpoint to the table, so we can present the topics that matter the most in the 2022 program. The team is responsible for the following activities for the Agile Testing Days conference:

  • Evaluate and review submissions
  • Assist in the selection of talks and workshops
  • Provide feedback on submissions
12 Jan, 2022

Registration for AgileTD 2022 is open!

We're starting in 2022 with big news here: The registration for AgileTD 2022 is open! We have some exciting things planned for the 14th edition. 

While 2022 is just another way to say, "2020, too,” we can't wait to make even more great memories with you at the 14th edition of the Agile Testing Days. Join us November 21 – 24, 2022, and experience the greatest agile testing festival with your colleagues and fellow software professionals. You will bring back new ideas to your teams and organization to improve your performance.

What is included in your ticket?

If you register until May 15, 2022, you can save up to € 465 when booking a tutorial and three conference days.

Be one of the first and register now for AgileTD 2022

30 Nov, 2021

2021 MIATPP Award Costume Contest Winner Announcement

Numerous attendees followed the call of this year’s Agile Testing Days party theme and dressed in costumes of the 1950s. They surely had a bash at the nifty MIATPP party. Among the many great dress-ups, it was difficult to choose the coolest cat out there. The best costumes have now been selected and can look forward to free tickets for the Agile Testing Days 2022. The 1st prize is a 3-day conference ticket, the 2nd prize includes a 2-day ticket and the 3rd prize is a 1-day conference ticket.

Here are this year's winners of the MIATPP Award costume contest:

Congratulations to the First Prize winner of the 2021 MIATPP Award Costume Contest, Sophie Küster, for her bomb 50s diner girl costume including a burger and two milkshakes. We only missed her shouting after taking a hamburger order: "Hey Billy, burn one, take it through the garden, and pin a rose on it".

The 2nd place goes to Bart Knaack & Huib Schoots for their (t)winning dress-up as some nerdy school geeks.

The 3rd place goes to Klaartje Zwoll & Sebastiaan Vreedenburgh as Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson from the iconic smash hit movie Grease. Their impersonations of John Travolta and Oliver Newton-John were on point. And as Vince Fontain would say: "It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's what you do with your dancin' shoes."

An honorary price goes to Anne Colder for her self-made "Queen of Code" robe with cape, crown, and hairclip for #BallgownBreakfast at AgileTD 2021. Anne wins also a 1-day ticket for the Agile Testing Days next November.

Congratulations to all and very well deserved!


24 Nov, 2021

Creating Spaces for Women in Agile

Agile Testing Days is co-presenting the panel discussion “Creating Spaces for Women in Agile” during the Agile Alliance Agile MiniCon 2021.

This conversation – the 5th in the series of Women in Agile panels co-presented by Agile Testing Days and Agile Alliance – will highlight some of the women who have been involved in helping Agile Alliance fulfill its mission and become a more inclusive community.


Jutta Eckstein: Coach, consultant, and trainer

Janet Gregory: Co-founder, Agile Testing Fellowship

Ellen Grove: Interim Managing Director, Agile Alliance

Rebecca Parsons: CTO at Thoughtworks

Kemmy Raji: Executive and Leadership Coach

Cat Swetel: Director of Engineering at Nubank

The panel discussion is part of the 2021 Agile MiniCon, which is taking place 

Friday, December 10th • 12 PM-3 PM ET.

The 2021 Agile MiniCon is a jam-packed online event featuring deep agile learning with speakers and panels covering a range of Agile concepts, and a networking space for meeting up with fellow agilists. Registration is open to both Agile Alliance members and non-members alike and is free for everyone.


23 Nov, 2021

Thank you for AgileTD 2021

A four-day marathon of talks, workshops, and networking is behind us, and our minds and hearts are full of all the mingling, learning, and laughing.

We want to say thank you to all our attendees, sponsors, speakers, partners, and the great team of volunteers and supporters for their participation and help. It was wonderful to meet and greet you all in person. The community and helpers made the first in-person conference the event it is – a colorful festival of knowledge, empathy, and joy of sharing and learning from each other.

Right now, we're busy collecting, editing, and wrapping up AgileTD 2021. Please make sure to already save the date for next year: November 21-25, 2022

With AgileTD 2021 in the books, we're not stopping there. Next year, we have three awesome agile testing events planned. For AgileTD Open Air and AgileTDUSA, the registration is already open. We are also continuing the preparations for the first Agile Testing Days Open Air in May 2022. Be part of the 'greaTest' learning festivals in 2022!

9 Nov, 2021

AgileTD Fitness Challenge

The Agile Fitness challenge is an initiative to get people moving. We are setting up 4 strava groups (cycling, e-bike, walking and running) and all activities you do from now until the next ATD will be recorded in this group. Per group we have set up 3 levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) based on the total number of kilometers you achieve in the year. At ATD 2022 we will do a raffle for prices. All participants get 1 ticket, Bronze participants get 3 tickets, Silver Participants get 7 tickets and Gold participants get 10 raffle tickets (btw you do not need to be present to claim your price.) Remember this is not competition, the only person you are competing with is yourself. Wanna join? Please put your strava username in the box(es) where you want to compete, or send your strava username to us by email together with the sport(s) you want to join.

All you have to do is follow these steps:
1. Install the Strava App
2. Setup an account
3. Sign up in one or more categories with your username by writing an Email to


3 Nov, 2021

NOV. 10: AgileTD 2021 ASK US ANYTHING - online

The Agile Testing Days 2021 are just around the corner, the clock is ticking and for everyone who already got their ticket, it's time to pack your bags and think of all the great sessions you gonna attend and awesome people you gonna meet! You might also experience a serious FOMO and just cannot decide what to do when and where? Or maybe it is your first time at AgileTD? How do you make your way around this multi-track testival without overloading?

This session is meant to address all the above challenges! Uwe, Stefanie and Ina from the AgileTD team are happy to answer your most pressing questions and guide you through this great event's multiverse!

Topics we will talk about include:

  • tips for first-timers
  • pacman rule
  • mentor/ How to be an ally
  • 2G rule introduction (vaccinated & recovered allowed only)
  • hygiene concept
  • social events
  • how and where to get help on-site

So, come on in and share your thoughts and questions with us.
We'll answer and help the best we can. We are convinced to make AgileTD a fun, save and secure conference for everyone!

This 1-hour online session will take place in Crowdcast and is a free event.

>>  Join the Ask Us Anything

Find out more about the ATDs 2021:

The 2021 program:
The 2021 speakers:
Our 2021 safety regulations:

TICKETS available here:

13 Oct, 2021

AgileTD Webinar: Mike Lyles: The Paradigm Shift of Quality

We are having a new AgileTD webinar coming up soon on October 27, 2021. This time, Mike Lyles will talk about the paradigm of quality. You can join us at 3 pm CEST/9 am EST through Crowdcast. Thank you to our long-term friends of Sauce Labs, who sponsor this webinar.

Many years ago, Stephen Covey made the statement “Nothing Fails Like Success”. He spoke on how the things we do to be successful today may not be enough for success tomorrow. This powerful statement can be directly applied to how the changing landscape of IT is affecting the roles of our project teams. Processes, tools, and approaches that were once successful years ago may not be enough today, tomorrow, and beyond.

This philosophy is highly applicable to the role of IT teams today. As teams move from waterfall to Agile & DevOps, there is a call for many changes in strategies that were once successful. The basic project dynamics are evolving into a whole new format. The concept of “shift left” moves from “good to have” to “required” in order for DEV and QA teams to engage in the project dynamics earlier. Years ago, before companies were moving to Agile & DevOps, teams would not have imagined that skills in design, arts, and user interfaces would become so important. However, they are critical roles required in aligning the project teams to ensure success.

Therefore, teams must evolve in multiple ways. First, they must modify basic behavior patterns: increasing the courage of the team, engagement with the project team, being more business-driven, and contributing more to the overall project life cycle. Secondly, communication becomes one of the most critical keys to success. And finally, teams must be willing to adapt and function in a changing environment that will continue to evolve as we learn new skills and grow with Agile & DevOps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evaluate the many changes that teams face as organizations evolve their SDLC process

  • Evaluate how that some things remain the same and how to identify those core elements

  • A checklist of core skills and competencies needed in Agile & DevOps environments

  • Steps each team must take today to support their organizational growth

To register or join on October 27, 2021, just head over to Crowdcast!

7 Oct, 2021

Be the first! Register now for AgileTDUSA 2022

We start right away with great news: the registration for the 3rd edition of AgileTDUSA 2022 in Chicago is now open. Our AgileTD Unicorn will guide you through the registration process and if you register until March 13, 2022, you can save up to $ 700 with our Super Early Bird rate. 

The agenda for next year includes over 70 international speakers, over 90 sessions in total, 6 social events, and 15 New Voices talks. It really will be a fantastic event, with an unforgettable flower power party on Tuesday night. 

We recommend gathering your team and join the Agile Testing Days USA together to boost up equally the level of know-how and skills among your colleagues to ensure better performance and success of your Agile team and organization! We offer great group rates for teams of 3+. The bigger the team, the bigger the discount. You can save up to 30% on each registration. 

25 Sep, 2021

Program for AgileTDUSA 2022 out now!

BOOM! To say we're super excited would be an understatement when speaking about our new program for AgileTDUSA 2022. We're immensely proud to have a program for AgileTDUSA 2022 that represents all related fields of agile testing. We look forward to Angie JonesSanthosh TuppadGitte KlitgaardLinda RisingDoc NortonDerk-Jan de GroodRaj SubrameyerTariq King, and Rahul Verma presenting their keynotes on the three conference days, June 7 to 9, 2022.

We're happy to have over 70 new voice and experienced speakers that will share their knowledge to help you grow your agile testing skills. Get excited to listen to their stories, new ideas, best practices, leading strategies, and useful insights.

What will you learn at AgileTDUSA 2022? Check out the program to find out what your must-go-to sessions are! What do you think of the 1-day and 2-day tutorials on June 5 and 6? Or about the combo sessions consisting of a talk and a theory-in-practice workshop afterwards on Conference Day 3, June 9? We're sure you will find your favorite tutorial, keynote, talk, or workshop.

And if you already wonder when you can book your ticket for AgileTDUSA 2022, then we ask you to be a little bit more patient. The registration will open soon. But we promise that you will be the first to know.

Explore the program of AgileTDUSA 2022 now!

24 Sep, 2021

AgileTD Covid NEWS

The Agile Testing Days event comes closer and herewith we would like to update you about the newest and currently valid event regulations set by the German and local Government of Brandenburg (Potsdam).

Mid-September the Brandenburg government approved the so called 2G-Rule, which means access to e.g. conferences can be only allowed for vaccinated and/or recovered attendees. This 2G-Rule inherits like in some countries in Europe that masks can be avoided and the 1,5 m distance between attendees are not necessary anymore.  

As just mentioned, with the “2G”-rule, comes a bit more freedom, but to make our event an even more safe place we decided to keep some regulations alive - a compromise between safety and freedom - , like:

  • 24/7 exchange of wasted air with fresh air (Corona-Aerosol air systems in all main areas).
  • We give away free Covid-19 rapid tests. At least two for every attendee to test yourself on a voluntary basis when you arrive and a 2nd test to take during the conference on the third attending day. We appeal to the responsibility of each and every individual.
  • Wearing a mask may be necessary in the conference rooms, in the exhibition area and whenever the distance of 1,5 m cannot be kept, if the COVID numbers do not significantly go down. A final decision will be taken before the conference takes place.

Our Intention behind the decision of keeping the mask rule and also to ask you to test yourself is to make the experience of attending the Agile Testing Days a blast. Let’s meet, let’s party, but let’s do it in a safe way. It is about YOU!


9 Sep, 2021

AgileTD 2021 supports Little Home e.V.

The Scrum Build Party returns at the Agile Testing Days 2021 in partnership with the Little Home Köln e.V. This year's Scrum Build Party seeks to bring together agile and manual skills, and community care to grow Scrum knowledge and create social value.

After hearing about the project of 'Little Home', it was immediately clear to the AgileTD team that they want to bring this idea to the Agile Testing Days and play a supporting role. "We wholeheartedly support this important commitment", says José Diaz, founder of the Agile Testing Days and CEO of trendig technology services GmbH.

Homelessness, in particular, is a problem specific to big cities worldwide. So far, Little Home e.V. has build shelters for these homeless in 21 different cities in Germany.

"The current waiting list is a bit over 85000 people. That is why we always try to work together with the local organizations, which of course also know the people so that we can also select the right resident for the little homes together with other organizations."

Sven Lüdecke, founder of Little Home e.V.

Over 160 homeless people have currently a roof over their heads as a result of Little Home's efforts. The houses are having an effect. Many homeless people find the courage through their new shelter to actively want to improve their situation.

Søren Wassard and Christian Baumann, together with Little Home e.V. and fellow attendees will create two little homes as temporary dwellings for homeless people. Sven Lüdecke and his team will also offer individual and unique insights into their social project. The idea behind Little Home e.V. is to provide homeless people with a better and protected place to sleep and thereby build them a bridge back into society.

Guided by Christian und Søren, we will build two little homes in a sprint by sprint using the Scrum methodology. Step by step you will be introduced to the Scrum methodology, and get real-life experiences by building up the houses.

If you want to be part of the social Scrum Build Party at the Agile Testing Days, then write an email to Uwe at

Learn more about the Scrum Build Party

More information about Little Home e.V. (in German)


3 Sep, 2021

Skyrocket Your Career NOW!

Learn how to thrive in and find your Dream Career

Our job is a huge part of our life, we spend about 90,000 hours
at work - so why don't be successful at it?

Join this workshop by TEDx Speaker & AgileTD 2021 Keynote Speaker Raj Subrameyer, and learn how to become happy and successful in your career path. 🚀

Learn the best tools and methods to upgrade your career and reach your personal goals. "This workshop will change people’s lives" (Raj S.)

Workshop details:
Workshop length: 2 days
Dates: Thursday, 28th October to Friday, 29th October 2021
4 hours per day
each day from 2:00 - 6:00 PM CEST (Berlin) // 7:00 - 11:00 AM CDT (Chicago)
​Takes place: Live Online
Price: 119.- EURO (incl. tax)

Find many more information about the workshop here:

To book the workshop, please go to: Career Advancement Workshop


Learn more about the workshop host Raj:

13 Jul, 2021

Welcome to your new AgileTD platform!

The new AgileTD Zone website has just been launched. Find out what is happening in the AgileTD universe, which on-site events and online sessions are coming up, which new content has been added to the zone & who is part of the AgileTD team. 

The intention of the platform is to support your learning experience, to widen your networking opportunities, to increase awareness for various topics and to support diversity on all levels possible.

From all the different projects run by AgileTD, great contents were gathered for everyone to watch, learn and grow FOR FREE. Visitors can enjoy ...

  • listening to the AgileTD Unplugged podcast, informal conversations between the community and AgileTD.
  • exploring the many videos of conference keynotes and talks or of recent online sessions.
  • meeting the global community, expert speakers & fellow testers at the worldwide conferences.
  • attending the virtual live events that are taking place on a regular basis like webinars, panels, and interviews.

But most importantly, it is a place to connect with you. Follow the AgileTD team on their social channels, join the Slack workspace and connect with like-minded people from the community. The AgileTD team and the community love to learn from you and your experiences. 

Let's grow the agile testing community further together!


Check out the AgileTD ZONE NOW

3 Jul, 2021

Agility, Quality, Innovation - The 8 Tutorials at AgileTD 21

The Agile Testing Days offer a special day for learning, inspiration, and problem-solving. The Tutorial Day before the Conference Days is packed with in-depth knowledge, first-hand expertise, and hands-on training.

We encourage you to take a look at the 8 tutorials hosted by prominent agile testing experts such as Janet Gregory, Lisa Crispin, Paul Holland, Huib Schoots, Anne Marie Charret, Simon Berner, Dan Billing, Ash Winter, Elisabeth Hocke, Toyer Mamoojee, Jan Jaap Cannegieter, and Derk-Jan de Grood.

Learn more about the tutorials here:

And if you are interested in a tutorial and want to attend AgileTD 2021, then register here:

11 Jun, 2021

Panel - Empowering Women in Agile

Co-presented by AgileTD and the Agile Alliance

Join us on June 29 for a dynamic conversation about ways to build technical communities, increase mentorship and allyship, and better support each other in learning and career development.

The discussion round is part of a mini conference, run by the Agile Alliance, called Minimum Viable Conference.

This panel conversation will explore different ways of empowering women – and other underrepresented groups in tech – to become leaders in their fields. We gathered an round of amazing women to shed some light on how we can support and empower each other in the world of IT and beyond.

The international panel includes:

  • Gitte Klitgaard
    Engineering Manager at Mentimeter, owner of Native Wired
  • Nancy Gariché
    Co-leader of OWASP DevSlop, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Faiza Yousuf
    founder of WomeninTechPK, Product Management consultan
  • Cheryl Hammond
    Principal DevOps Consultant at Contino and Women in Agile Conference Co-Chair

Tuesday, June 29, 2021
12–2PM EST | 12–2AM HKT | 6–8PM CEST | 11AM–1PM CDT

Register for the free event here 

20 May, 2021

AgileTD & Friends #3 with Dan Billing & Santhosh Tuppad

Security Testing and the Future of Testing

In this 3rd episode of AgileTD & Friends moderator Kevin Harris meets Dan Billing & Santhosh Tuppad.
Dan is a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, a mentor at Tech Voices, and an international speaker. 
Santhosh is a Security Expert, an OSINT Freak, a Coder, an OWASP Cheat Sheet Contributor, International Speaker & much more.

In this interview they will talk about Security Testing, the future of testing, and who knows, maybe we'll also hear some good hacker / bad hacker stories.

Don't miss this free 1 hour interview, it will be very interesting and fun!

Date & Time
Thursday, May 27, 2021

The interview is run in crowdcast, participation is free.

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19 May, 2021

AgileTD Unplugged Episode #3 - Program Out Special

The latest episode of AgileTD Unplugged is out!

In episode #3 of our podcast, you will get a look behind the scenes and learn more about the steps of getting the program out for Europe's greatest agile testing festival. AgileTD team members Steffi, Uwe, and Ina will tell you more about the reviewing process and hand out some insider tips to get the most out of your AgileTD experience.

🎧 Listen to the episode on ☁️  Soundcloud!

17 May, 2021

Keynotes for AgileTD 2021

The keynotes of the Agile Testing Days 2021 will focus on the central topics and challenges of the software industry, in view of the global events of the last months, and we are happy to present a very special line-up for this year.

The topics range from artificial intelligence and the question of what actually defines "intelligence" to the influence of corporate and team structures on software testing to the importance of so-called quality coaches and how "coaching" can support us in our work in the IT sector.

Get inspired by top experts and deepen your knowledge in more than 85 additional talks, workshops, bonus sessions and discussion rounds.


➡️ Check out the whole program

29 Apr, 2021

The AgileTD 2021 Program is released!

Yes, here we go 🎉! The 4-day program for your next Agile Testing Days learning adventure has just been published. We are super excited to share an amazing 8 track conference schedule with you. Again we reserved a full track for new voices and are eager to hear some fresh ideas from all over the world.

On Monday, Nov. 15 you can choose between 8 full-day tutorials, facilitated by Agile software quality experts like Daniel Billing, Jan-Jaap Cannegieter & Derk-Jan de Grood, Anne-Marie Charrett, Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory, Ash Winter, Huib Schoots & Paul Holland, Simon Berner, and Lisi Hocke & Toyer Mamoojee. The conference is kicked-off with a spectacular evening keynote by Kevin Harris & James Lyndsay called TestMaster.

The conference days, running from Nov. 16 until Nov. 18, offer a wide range of talks, workshops and keynotes. Take a break from your busy schedule with special bonus sessions and social events like Open Space, Fresh air & Self care, Yoga & Meditation and many more. 

And the nights? You know what happens at AgileTD after dawn! Magic and sparkles are best seen in the dark 😎. The evenings round up all the greatness of your days, meeting new and old friends, mingling and playing games, finding learning partners and allies in the Human Community Space or dancing your shoes off during the infamous MIATPP Award Night & Costume Party.

In particular, this is what is awaiting you at AgileTD 2021

  • 9 thought provoking keynotes
  • 8 full-day tutorials
  • 48 top-notch talks
  • 12 hands-on workshops
  • 6 combo sessions, consisting of a talk and related workshop part
  • over 12 bonus sessions and networking events


So, what are you waiting for? Jump right into the program to find your favorite sessions and register for the Agile Testing Days 2021 now!




27 Apr, 2021

Thanks for Your Ideas

The Call for Papers was closed a couple of weeks ago and our dedicated AgileTD 2021 program comittee jumped right into the great pile of proposals, ideas and innovative topics. Stephan Kämper, Maryam Umar, Göran Kero, Maaike Brinkhof, Søren Wassard, Elizabeth Zagroba, Allessandro Collino and the AgileTD team took every spare minute to evaluate all papers, giving each and every one the time it deserves.

We were amazed by the wide spectrum of topics that were proposed and the high quality of valuable content. And yes, as in all the previous years, it is the hardest thing in the world to select the actual conference sessions from this great pool of ideas! We could run a 2 weeks program if we wanted to, but need to cut it down to a 4-day schedule. So, please, even if your were not selected to speak at AgileTD 2021, keep your head high and submit again next year or for any other AgileTD conference, like AgileTD USA or the AgileTD Summer Open Air.


🧡 Thank you so much 🧡 for taking the time and effort to submit your paper(s) and for writing up your courageous and inspiring stories. There would be no AgileTD if it was'nt for you!


Everyone who submitted is dear to us. As soon as the program is launched, you will all receive an email, that lists the feedback given by our great team of reviewers. We hope you find it useful and that it might help with your next proposals (in case you were not selected). Also, if you have any feedback for us, for instance regarding the CfP process, we would love to hear it. Just write us at

Special hint! If you are looking for mentors or learning partners, join our AgileTD Zone Slack workspace. Just write us and we'll invite you! 

We appreciate your openness to share your thoughts and ideas with us!
Be safe everyone and please come back for the next Call for Papers.

26 Apr, 2021

New Podcast Episode with Faiza Yousuf

In the second episode of the AgileTD Unplugged podcast, Stefanie Mania and Ina Hölzel talked with Faiza Yousuf about her many projects that aim to support and grow a young generation of Women in Agile and the IT industry in her home country Pakistan.

In the podcast we first tried to unwind, which amazing projects and intitiatives Faiza is actually involved with right now. Besides her role as Senior Product Manager and running an independent consulting practice, Faiza is the main force behind WomenInTechPK and co-founded CodeGirls, a community-funded coding and business skills boot camp. Also, she is iworking with the online education program for Blockchain and AI from CryptoChicksPakistan and works with P@SHA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee for improving gender parity in Pakistan’s tech ecosystem.

It comes with no surprise that she won several awards for her dedication to closing the gender gap and empowering young girls and women in Pakistan, the WomenTechNetwork Award 2020 and the Women of Wonders Award 2020. She has become a role model for eveyone pursuing a sustainable and successful career in tech and for a whole generation of talented young folks.

We then moved on to try and find out what we all can do to support Faiza's great community work. How can AgileTD community members, teams and companies assist? One thing that stuck out was that Faiza is on a constant search for mentors for the CodeGirls boot camp. Being able to connect young women from Pakistan to an experienced agile practitioner is of immense help and can open worlds, not only for the mentee but also for mentors and allies. Find out more about how you can step in to support Faiza and her projects in this episode.

If you want to find out more about becoming an ally you may also contact us directly via


AgileTD Unplugged · AgileTD Unplugged #2
1 Apr, 2021

Launch of AgileTD Unplugged - The podcast

We at AgileTD like trying out new things, so why not finally start a podcast? In private we love to listen to those short entertaining audio programmes that you can listen to whenever and whereever you like. And with so many different topics and fields that are being touched on by AgileTD conferences and our virtual events we would like to open another channel to promote and enhance these.

In the recent Women in Agile panels and AgileTD & Friends episodes for example, we discovered amazing stories by outstanding people. None of these could be done any justice with a 1 hour online discussion or interview, if anything ever could. However, we try to bring those stories to AgileTD Unplugged, an informal and 1-on-1 talk between the community and the AgileTD team.

Listen to the latest episode and audio files from other AgileTD events in our SoundCloud profile.


AgileTD Unplugged - Episode #1

AgileTD team members Uwe Gelfert and Ina Hölzel talked with Søren Wassard, long time speaker at AgileTD Germany and Reviewer for the 2021 edition, about the Call for Papers, his favorite conference talks and relations between climbing and Agile Testing. He also shares some useful tips for your next paper submission. Tune in and "see" for yourself 😊.

AgileTD Unplugged · AgileTD Unplugged #1
12 Mar, 2021

2nd Panel - The Future of Women in Agile

Forms of Agile in different Cultures and Times

After the great success of our first panel “20 Years of Women in Agile” we will now take a look into the future of Agile. The teams of the Agile Testing Days and the Agile Alliance together present a virtual panel discussion on the many forms and the evolution of Agile practice and adaptation. Join us on Wednesday, March 24 at 3 PM (EST) and let’s take an outlook on the future of women in Agile in different parts of the world.

Ellen Grove and Janet Gregory invite an illustrious round of guests to share their experiences and thoughts on how the Agile approach will develop in the near and far future. Agile practitioners and thought leaders Johanna Rothman, Alex Schladebeck, Faiza Yousuf and Claudia Badell will take a sneak peak of what lies ahead. Considering where Agile came from and how it established itself over time, which challenges or boundaries for women were overcome and which do still persist? How does the Agile movement and especially the role of women in Agile differ in various cultures?

Tune in to examine the future of women in Agile and the impact their work will continue to have on society.  


Date & Time
Wednesday, March 24
3:00 PM (EST) / 8:00 PM (CET)
The panel is run in crowdcast, participation is free.



10 Mar, 2021

AgileTD & Friends #2 with Linda Rising and Gitte Klitgaard

Curiosities about how the brain works

Join us for our second episode of "AgileTD & Friends", the new AgileTD online format. A personal interview. One moderator. Two special guests. In the upcoming episode Kevin Harris and his guests Linda Rising and Gitte Klitgaard will elaborate on the question how the human brain works and how certain processes influence the way we perceive people and the world around us. How do these often subconscious processes correlate with mental health and psychological safety? Where does “agile” come into play?

Linda has authored several books and numerous articles and is an internationally known presenter on topics related to patterns, retrospectives, influence strategies, agile development, and the change process. She has been shaping the “Agile” approach to software development since the very start and also has a great passion for mental processes. 

Gitte is an experienced and very passionate agile coach, helping organizations and people to create the right products. She is an internationally recognized speaker, sharing insights about how people function, psychological safety, courage and vulnerability, how the brain works, and how to be perfect in all our imperfections.

Both have made a serious and continuing impact on the development of their respective fields. How have these engagements influenced both Linda’s and Gitte’s lifes on a personal and professional level?

Tune in, when Kevin, Linda and Gitte uncover curiosities about the human brain and how all is connected between body and mind.

Date & Time
Tuesday, April 20
8 PM (CEST) / 2 PM (EDT)

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24 Feb, 2021

AgileTD & Friends - Launch of New Online Format

The year is still young and the AgileTD Open Air (JUNE 9-10) as well as the Agile Testing Days 2021 (NOV 15-18) are still a long way down the road. Nevertheless, we are seeking more options for exchange and inspiration. That's why we are happy to invite you to the new interview series AgileTD & Friends, launching this March.

Kevin Harris will host various well-known personalities from the world of agile testing over the next few months. In these interviews our guests will not only talk about their work and testing related topics, but above all about their individual approaches, personal development and life in general. What drives and inspired them at certain (turning-)points in life? How is the current situation changing them, their mindset, attitude or their look on the world altogether?

In our first episode, Kevin interviews none other than the two rocks in the agile testing world, Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin. So, tune in on March 9 at 8 PM (CET) and learn something about Lisa and Janet you sure don’t know yet! Sign up to the free Crowdcast session now.

Date & Time
Tuesday March 9, 2021
8 PM (CET)



Find out more about the first AgileTD & Friends episode and many other online events in our AgileTD Zone Slack Channel. Join the AgileTD Zone Community here.

16 Feb, 2021

Anniversary Panel - 20 Years of Women in Agile

An Anniversary Panel co-presented by AgileTD & the Agile Alliance
To celebrate 20 years of the Agile Manifesto, the organizers of the Agile Testing Days / Agile Testing Days USA and Agile Alliance have teamed up for a virtual panel discussion on the role of women in the development of Agile. Join some of the most influential women in the field on Tuesday, February 23 at 3 PM (EST) and learn more about the early and current contributions and challenges of women in agile. 

Janet Gregory and Ellen Grove will moderate a one hour panel consisting of a wonderful round of guests. Linda Rising, Esther Derby, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, and Ash Coleman will share their thoughts on the evolution of “agile” and non-male engagement. How have women contributed to Agile knowledge and practice ever since the Agile Manifesto was declared 20 years ago? Many women participated in the network of conversations that culminated in the Agile Manifesto, and yet the authors of the Manifesto were all men: who were the women involved in the early days of Agile?  Which challenges did they have to face and specifically, what did they contribute? How have women influenced the agile movement? How has that affected existing structures? These are just a few of the questions that will be touched upon during the discussion.

Let’s shed light on certain contributions that might too easily be overlooked at times. 


Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021

3:00 PM (EST; USA)
9:00 PM (CET; Germany)

Register for the panel here
Sign up for free on Crowdcast.


8 Feb, 2021

Get CfP Advice from these 3 AgileTD Speakers

On February 17th we will host a live online session for everyone who wants to submit a paper for the Agile Testing Days 2021. The AgileTD team will do their very best to answer all your questions. And although Uwe is referring to himself as the Wizard of Agile we do not know everything 😉 . 

So, we are happy to have these three experts with us on stage to assist. As international speakers and valued AgileTD community members they can share great insights. Learn from their experience and give your proposal(s) that final polish.

Toyer Mamoojee

  • professional international speaker
  • former member of AgileTD program committee
  • passionate about collaborative learning, pair programming & ensemble testing

Clare Norman

  • international speaker
  • new voice at Agile Testing Days 2020
  • will share her story on how and why she developed from attendee to speaker

Huib Schoots

  • professional international speaker
  • MIATPP award winner
  • former member of AgileTD program committee
  • has seen and heard everything as a long lived AgileTD veteran & can pull many tricks out of his CfP hat

Join us for this free online event on February 17, from 3:00 to 4:00 PM (CET)!
➡️  Sign up in Crowdcast

See you there!


28 Jan, 2021

Ask Us Anything about the Call for Papers - Feb 17

Are you thinking about submitting a paper for the Agile Testing Days 2021? You are still unsure whether you should try at all? You don't know what exactly the program committee is looking for or what a good proposal should include? Come and join us for our Ask Us Anything about the Call for Papers session on Februray 17. 

Together with the AgileTD team, experienced speakers and program chairs of previous years we will explore the basic pillars of the AgileTD Call for Papers, touch on this year's hot topics and answer all these burning questions that you might have. So, get out your pen and paper and start sketching your ideas and everything you always wanted to know about a successful paper submission.

You will be able to ask questions live during the webinar, either in the chat or "on stage". In case you cannot make it to the event, send your questions to We will try and answer as much we can. You can watch the replay within crowdcast or read our follow-up blog post.


These are some of the topics we will discuss:

  • Call for Papers process at AgileTD
  • Hot Topics for 2021
  • Do's and Dont's for a good proposal
  • Mentorship
  • ... questions from attendees

Date & Time:
Wednesday, February 17
3:00 - 4:00 PM (CET)

Sign up for free:


The Call for Papers opens on Monday, February 15th and it is about time for you to collect some of your greatest ideas and put them into words. We are eager to hear about your experiences, challenges and how you overcame them.

We are excited to talk with you at the Ask me Anything session and look forward to receiving your proposals for an amazing Agile Testing Days program 2021!

21 Jan, 2021

Meet the AgileTD 2021 Program Committee

The Call for Papers for the Agile Testing Days 2021 will open very soon and we cannot wait to get our hands and eyes on all the great papers we will be receiving. Like in past years, we rely on the help and heart of the AgileTD community to give each and every submission the attention it deserves. We are grateful to have found 6 agile testing experts, who assist us in the creation of a mind blowing, inspiring and diverse program for AgileTD 2021. 

Please meet the 2021 program committee, this year's amazing round of speakers and contributers, who willingly jump into the pile of papers to fish for those talk and workshops ideas that AgileTD is best known for. Each member will bring a very distinct viewpoint to the table, so we can present the topics that matter the most in the 2021 program.


Stephan Kämper

Stephan studied physics, wrote his diploma thesis about holography and then joined an oceanography group at the University of Bremen. In 2001 he started in software development by joining the test team for an object-oriented database system. He never left software testing, specialised in automated software tests and agile methods.

Stephan is a true AgileTD veteran and is part of the AgileTD family since the very first edition in 2009. Stephan grew from attendee and true AgileTD fan into a regular speaker and lately had appearances as Keynote and Tutorial speaker. He is a vibrant and indispensable member to the global AgileTD community.


Follow him on Twitter or check out his blog at


Maryam Umar

Maryam works in London as Head of QA of a Fintech firm. She started her career twelve years ago as a QA test engineer in the finance and mobile industry. Maryam performed QA in various capacities for online restaurant and travel services. She continues to work in QA as a manager now with special focus on sustainable delivery practices. In addition to this, Maryam has been a keen advocate of creating and sustaining diverse teams. She has been speaking at schools and universities to educate students about what the industry has to offer and what a creative space it can be.

Maryam was a first time speaker at the Agile Testing Days 2020 and particularly caused a stir with her widely recognized talk on mental health "How I became Agile when it came to mental health".


Follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Göran Kero 

Göran is a context-driven tester and an agile enthusiast who is always curious about learning new things. He is passionate about finding out what the customers really need. He says about himelf that he is a "geek" from Sweden what we can neither confirm nor deny 😊.

Göran has been part of AgileTD for quite some time, as speaker, attendee or workshop fascilitator. In 2019 he gave an inspriring Keynote on "Uncomfortable Questions on Testing addressed", together with Maaike Brinkhof.


Follow him on Twitter.


Maaike Brinkhof

Maaike is an independent agile tester. She likes to help teams who are not sure where or what to test. After reading “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman she developed a special interest in the role of psychology in software development.

Maaike loves testing because there are so many ways to add value to a team, be it by thinking critically about the product, working on the team dynamics, working to clarify the specs and testability of the product, getting the whole team to test with Exploratory Testing…the options are almost endless! With this mindset she will add an extra dimension to the reviewing process.


Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn or read her blog on Stories about the never-ending journey into quality.


Søren Wassard 

Søren is an agile evangelist and has been spreading the word of agile for approximately 15 years. He performed professional training in agile for the past 5 years. Søren worked with IT for 22 years, 13 of them solely focused on testing, but has within the last few years shifted into training, and now has a larger focus on training and agile coaching, still with a flavour of test.

Besides giving talks and workshops, Søren is the "safe bank" when it comes to sportive sessions at AgileTD. He has been running for over 25 years, and is a passionate climber/boulderer. His athletic expertise is much appreciated in his annual session "Get Your Ideas Moving" (together with Sabine Wede) or the "AgileTD Morning Run".


Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn, or read his blog A Testers Guide To the Galaxy


Elizabeth Zagroba

Elizabeth tests software at Mendix in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She was the keynote speaker at Let’s Test in South Africa in 2018, and she’s spoken at Agile Testing Days’ and other conferences in North America and Europe. Her article about mind maps became one of the most viewed on Ministry of Testing Dojo in 2017.


Follow her on Twitter.


Alessandro Collino

Alessandro is a Software Testing Specialist at the Technical Direction for Enterprise Services ALTEN Italia. He has over 15 years of experience in Computer Engineering (Embedded Systems and IT) with a focus on test analysis and design, testmanagement and technical testing for both theoretical and practical aspects. He has been a speaker at International Software Testing Conferences and a frequent writer for testing magazines.

Alessandro has been program chair for the Agile Testing Days since the very beginnings and particularly accompanies us on our search for well crafted papers of great technical and agile expertise. He closely follows recent developments and is our rock to the wild agile testing shore.


Follow him on LinkedIn.

10 Dec, 2020

Call for Papers Opens Soon

The upcoming AgileTD will host a for 4-day program consisting of inspiring keynotes, hands-on workshops, deep-diving tutorials, networking receptions, and fun social events. We are looking for speakers who want to share their stories, ideas, and best practices with the global community at the 13th edition of the Agile Testing Days from November 15 - 18, 2021 in Potsdam, Germany.

Do you have a story to tell? What inspired you these past months? How were you able to further your career or personal life? Which advice can you give to fellow testers? What is valuable for the community? Which innovation or tool changed your work life to the better?

Wherever you are coming from, whatever your background, we want to hear your story and how your session could impact others. Newbies or veterans, testers, developers, quality experts, agile coaches, data scientists or scrum geeks, we welcome every voice to take the AgileTD stage.

In particular we are looking for

  • Talks - A presentation on some subject or topic in front of an audience.
  • Workshops - Workshops are designed to teach or develop a certain skill. It is directed more towards collaborating and learning in an interactive environment. The different workshops should contain at least 50% practical exercises.
  • Combo Sessions - This is a combination of a talk delivering the theory, followed by a workshop to practice hands-on the preceding talk. Both sessions need to work individually also, as attendees might not stay for both sessions.
  • Bonus Sessions - Fun and creative sessions that provide a balance to the agile, testing-related and technical sessions.
  • Social Activities - Sessions that start or roundup a conference day in the morning or evening to encourage networking and socializing.

We accept speakers with all levels of expertise, beginner, advanced and expert. Details about session duration and when you can start submitting will be shared beginning of January. So, roll up your sleeves and start prepping your idea.

16 Nov, 2020

Things to do Against your AgileTD Hangover

Watch the Replays

With so many talks and workshops in parallel, you have probably missed a few sessions. But don't worry. Recordings of all talks and keynotes are available for an indefinite time in your crowdcast profile.

Go to Crowdcast

Rate the Sessions - until Nov. 22

Our speakers are eager to get some valuable feedback. Please go back to the Online Program, enter the individual sessions and rate the talk, keynote or workshop. 

Go to Website 

Give Conference Feedback - until Nov. 22

We strive to develop and improve with every single event. To be able to deliver the best possible conference for the community we need your thoughts and opinions.  

Go to Feedback Survey

Explore the Playlists

Indulge in great memories, watch the Yoga sessions again or the MIATPP winner's video. Listen to the Intergalactic song collection and feel the AgileTD vibe.

Go to YouTube

Collect Slides & Material

Most speakers shared their slide decks with the community. Did you miss it? We have collected all of them in one folder. Please write an email, and we'll send the link to access the material.

Write us at


Have fun exploring all the replays! If you have any questions or miss anything, let us know in our AgileTD Zone Slack Channel or via email at



16 Nov, 2020

BREAKING HOT NEWS: NEW EVENT AgileTD Open Air Festival, June

During the first ever Agile Testing Days online Edition we announced our new ATD event, the "AgileTD Open Air Festival", which will be a 2-day open air conference with 2 talk tracks and 20 expert speakers. Parallel to that we will have workshops and other interactive sessions and activities running for some hands-on learning. During the evenings it will be all about live music, dancing, networking and bonfires. You can expect up to 6 keynotes, 20 talks and 8 workshops as well as the usual ATD carefree package, which includes snacks, lunch, dinner, beverages, drinks, sportive sessions, like running and yoga. As well as a night shuttle to bring you home safe and sound to your hotel. 

To save a spot for this highly limited event and to get access to the pre-order please visit the Agile TD Open Air webpage and make sure you sign up for the newsletter to receive notifications about ticket sales, program line-up and hotel booking earlier than anybody else.

16 Nov, 2020

Thank You for Attending AgileTD 2020

Last week we successfully ran the Agile Testing Days 2020 - for the very first time as a live online event. Over 90 sessions were streamed for three days, interactive workshops and bonus sessions were held and people could mingle in different meeting rooms. Various networking events, such as the Intergalactic Game Night, brought together a total of 666 participants (no kidding 😊 ) from all over the world. Testers, software developers, product owners, quality coaches ... last week the AgileTD community united to learn, discuss, exchange ideas and of course have fun together at Europe's greaTest Agile Testing Festival.

A huge thank you to all participants, sponsors, speakers, partners and the great team of supporters, such as the online moderators and volunteers. The community and helpers have made the first AgileTD online conference what it is - a colorful festival of knowledge, empathy and the joy of sharing and conveying.


We thank you all and are already looking forward to the Agile Testing Days 2021, then hopefully again on site in Potsdam 💟.

Your Agile Testing Days Team

30 Oct, 2020

Be part of a very special "bAd-gile" Keynote 🤩

This Bonus Keynote is the best way to kick-off the Intergalactic Online Game Night 2020! Join AgileTD keynote speakers Alex, Huib and Bart for the gameshow every scrum-butter is afraid to watch! Our moderators will test their teams on various agile topics – to find out where we really are “bAd-gile”.

Do you want to be part of this amazing show? Tell us, and we'll get you on stage!

For this keynote we (Bart Knaack, Alex Schladebeck and Huib Schoots) need people who want to tell short stories. During the keynote we will get you live on stage with us in Crowdcast and you get 42 seconds to tell your best (or rather worst) badgile story. This means: agile gone wrong is the worst possible way. It can be anything, be creative. 

Have you got a bAd-gile Story to share? Let the AgileTD team know you want to share your story. Get your 42 seconds of fame in a keynote! Best story gets a prize 🎁 ! Write us at

Hope to see you on stage with us Wednesday November 11th!


Attend this Online Gameshow and get ready for an extraordinary keynote that will be entertaining and thought-provoking!

9 Oct, 2020

Virtual Workshops at AgileTD 2020

Just because we are going fully online this year, does not mean you won't get any hands-on, interactive sessions! We all have learned so much over these past months when it comes to tools and possibilities for remote work. Our speakers and the AgileTD team gather their experiences and join forces to create awesome virtual workshops. Together let's dive deep into mob/ensemble-testing and pairing, accessibility testing all the way to sketchnoting, and much more.

➡️  Check out all the details in the program.


Time to get your virtual hands dirty 🙌 !
Register today and save a workshop spot for you or the whole team.

2 Oct, 2020

Meet Our New Supporters - Testbird

Testbirds - The Home of Crowdtesting

A great addition to our virtual sponsor booths are our new supporters, the Testbirds. Their solutions enable you to optimize your digital products. Tackle all bugs and performance related issues with Quality Assurance services. Optimize user experience and usability issues in your product with the help of the biggest crowd of over 400.000 digital testers all around the globe. Look through the eyes of your users and have all the test devices you need at your fingertips.

Check out Testbird's portfolio during the Sponsor Speed Round happening on the first conference day, 6:25 - 6:35 PM or visit their virtual booth on the expo page.

A big thank you to the Testbirds for supporting the Agile Testing Days! Learn more about our partner here.

2 Oct, 2020

PractiTest Online Sponsor 2020

Shift your Testing Forward - With PractiTest

We are super proud to have PractiTest on board to support the Agile Testing Days this year. PractiTest offer a top-notch test management tool with which you can gain end-to-end visibility and that runs the way you do. Monitore your entire testing process and see test execution in real time. Maintain seamless control, by connecting your existing tools and workflows. Save time reusing test cases, steps or cycles and refine them before, during, or after execution.

Visit their virtual booth during the conference and attend the Sponsor Speed Round on Tuesday at 6:25 PM (CEST) to see what they have in store for you!

Thanks PractiTest for your ongoing support for the Agile Testing Days. Find out more about our partner or start a free 14 day trial here.

23 Jul, 2020

AgileTD Zone - Join Our Slack Community!

Let's get together friends 💜 ! To ensure easy and fun communication during, before and after our Agile Testing Days conferences, we created a workspace just for YOU. 

To get in touch with the whole AgileTD community join our brand new Slack channel! Connect and network with friends, industry leaders and the AgileTD team. Chat with us, discuss the latest topics or look for help. Stay in the know for new webinars, events, special promotions and much more. See you there! 

Do you have any ideas, questions or recommendations for channels or topic? Please get in touch via This is a community channel and we want to make sure it fit your needs!


➡️ Sign up to the AgileTD Zone workspace now! ⬅️


27 May, 2020

The Agile Testing Days 2020 Go Hybrid!

This year it is all your decision! Do you want to join the Agile Testing Days in-person in Potsdam and meet the awesome community? Or would you like to attend live and in color from the comforts of your home? With introducing the Hybrid edition, we want to give everyone the chance to attend AgileTD.

The on-site event will follow all official regulations to keep us all safe and healthy, while enjoying the 2 tutorial days and the 4-day conference. The online event will be streamed live and offers many options to still be close while being far away. Have a look at the different packages here. Whatever you choose, we are doing our very best to create an amazing, safe and enjoyable conference experience for you.

What exactly does this mean for the on-site event?

As in past years, you have many options to tailor your event to your specific needs.

Choose from hands-on 1 or 2 day tutorials and join us for up to 4 conference days, all garnished with great communal events, like the Late Night Show, Bonfire Evening and the Intergalactic Costume Party. We will take all possible measures to provide a safe environment for all participants. A security concept will be in place, which will be enforced by hotel and AgileTD staff. We are in constant contact with local health authorities to find the right mix of safety advice and 

On top you will get full access to the online event and material, chat rooms and all recorded sessions. Visit our on-site AgileTD news booth to interact with the global online community.

Due to health regulations space is highly limited. As of now, we can only allow 150 attendees at the live conference. Although this might change in the next months, you better be quick and safe your spot.

How can I be part of AgileTD, without being there in person?

With getting your online pass you are able to attend all four conference days live or on demand, including all keynotes, four talk tracks, bonus sessions & the virtual bars. Take part in live Q&A and online meetings to discuss with fellow testers and speakers, joining online and on-site. Breaking stories and special moments will be brought to you live by the AgileTD news crew. The spirit will travel to wherever you are!

The whole online package is available for only 180 € plus VAT (if applicable). You can watch all session replays after the event. So, no reason to rush during the live event. Take yor time and interact with the on-site crowd and follow our live broadcast actions.


To sum it all up, we are combining the best of the two worlds. We are stepping on new ground with AgileTD Hybrid and hope you will accompany us on this exciting journey.


29 Apr, 2020

The Program 2020 Will Soon Be Released!

The Call for Papers was closed a couple of weeks ago and our AgileTD 2020 program comittee, consisting of Elisabeth Hocke, Toyer Mamoojee, Alessandro Collino, Jenny Bramble, Smita Mishra, Rahul Verma, Bart Knaack, and James Lyndsay have  worked hard to review all submitted proposals. 

A big thank you goes out to everyone who submitted their talk or workshop ideas. It takes a lot of effort to write up an engaging abstract and we are over the moon excited about the high quality of this year's submissions. It is the community and the speakers that make AgileTD such a wonderful, open-hearted and top-notch conference. 

This year we received an astounding 505 papers from 297 speakers from 38 different countries. The program chairs and AgileTD Team have to make tough decisions, since of course not all great proposals will make it into the program. Just a word of encouragement here, please submit again if you have not been selected! You will receive valuable feedback from the reviewer and we are happy to connect you to mentoring or pairing programs.

We expect to release the 2020 program by the end of May. Everyone who submitted will be notified via email if they were selected or not.

Good luck everyone and stay safe!

In the meantime, follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram or Linkedin for more public announcements and buckle up for an exciting new program for Europe's greatest agile testing learning festival.

12 Feb, 2020

Check-out the 2020 Keynote Speaker Line-up!

We are happy to show you our awesome line-up of this year's Agile Testing Days Keynote Speakers:

3 Feb, 2020

Call For Papers 2020 Open Now!

177 slots with 253 hours are open and needed to be filled with your knowledge, expertise, and experience. This year, we are looking for the following session formats:

  • 30-min Talks - A presentation on some subject or topic in front of an audience.
  • 75-, 120-, 150- and 180-min Workshops or 75-min Hands-on Sessions - Workshops are designed to teach or develop a certain skill. It is directed more towards collaborating and learning in an interactive environment. While the different workshops should contain at least 50% practical exercises, the 75-min hands-on sessions should comprise more than 80% distinct full-on training.
  • Combo Sessions - This is a combination of a 30-min talk delivering the theory, followed by a 90-min or 150-min workshop to practice hands-on the preceding talk. Both sessions need to work individually also, as attendees might not stay for both sessions.
  • Bonus Sessions - Fun and creative sessions that provide a balance to the agile, testing-related and technical sessions.
  • Social Activities - Sessions that start or roundup a conference day in the morning or evening to encourage networking and socializing.

The deadline for submitting proposals will be March 15, 2020, so get your ideas together! We're excited to see new ideas come our way. 

To submit your proposal and to learn more about the CFP and catching up some good advices please visit

30 Jan, 2020

Program Committee 2020 announced

We are proud to announce our awesome crew of our paper reviewers for the Agile Testing Days 2020!

Part of this year's awesome crew are:

- Elisabeth Hocke (MIATPP Award winner 2019 and ATD Keynoter 2019)

- Toyer Mamoojee (ATD Keynoter 2019, 2nd time part of the program committee for ATD Germany)

- Alessandro Collino (has created and worked on all ATD Germany programs since 2009)

- Jenny Bramble (ATD USA Program Committee and ATD Keynoter 2020) 

- Huib Schoots (MIATPP Award winner 2017, ATD multiple time ATD Keynoter & ATD Veteran)

- Smita Mishra (ATD Keynoter 2019)

- Kristīne Corbus (Trainer, Coach & International Speaker)

- Rahul Verma (International Award Winning Speaker, ATD USA Keynoter 2020)

- Bart Knaack & James Lyndsay (ATD Veterans & Keynoter and both are the Reviewer for all upcoming submissions for the Hands-on Track)

11 Nov, 2019

THANK YOU for another amazing Agile Testing Festival!

What a ride! Agile Testing Days is over again. We didn't get the chance to say goodbye to each and everyone but we want to express how great it was to have you all at the 11th edition of the Agile Testing Days last week. Thank you for making the Agile Testing Days the best conference ever again.

Over the last couple of days, we hope you made a lot of new friends, gained lots of awesome insights, have found new challenges and ideas and will apply all the key learnings from AgileTD with your team.

We are hugely grateful to our fabulous volunteers for all their support and who helped us making this conference into something extra. Without them, the Agile Testing Days would not be the same. Their friendly smiles always cheered everyone up and they never ceased to amaze us.

A very big thank you goes also to the whole agile testing community. You really made the Agile Testing Days into something special. We highly appreciate your support and for spending your time at our conference and showing how awesome, caring and positive the agile testing community is. 

Another special shoutout goes to our over 130 speakers who took their time to share their learnings and knowledge with the community on the AgileTD stage and who helped, influenced and inspired so many open, smart and friendly people. 

At last but not least, we want to shout out appreciations to our sponsors and supporters. Thank you for your continuous support and contribution to the Agile Testing Days, for sharing practical methods and taking the time to connect with our attendees. 

We hope you all enjoyed your time at the conference and that the AgileTD-post-conference blues didn't hit you too hard. It was a pleasure for us taking good care of you. We're already looking forward to next year and meeting you all again. You can now register for the 12th edition of the Agile Testing Days, set for November 8–13, 2020 in Potsdam!

Take care of yourself until we meet again!

Your AgileTD organising team

17 Sep, 2019

4 Ways to Save Money on Your AgileTD Ticket

The Agile Testing Days start in less than 50 days and we think it's high time to register for the greaTest agile testing festival in case you haven't done that already. We show you four ways on how to save your company money when registering for AgileTD 2019. So, get your discount, register and join us in Potsdam!

Agile Alliance Discount
Together with our Media Sponsor Agile Alliance, we offer a special discount to all Agile Alliance members. Just use the code with your registration and you will get 20% off on any ticket! This discount is available to Agile Alliance Members only. More info here.

Alumni Discount*
Have you been to Agile Testing Days before and want to join us this year? Welcome back! When you register just answer the question “Have you previously attended an Agile Testing Days Conference?” with ‘Yes’ and you get your Alumni discount of 15% on the regular price. To register, please click here.

Group Discount
The bigger the team, the bigger the discount! Join the ATDs with your team and save up to 30% on your registration. More info here.

Speaker Discount**
Ping or DM any of our more than 130 speakers on Twitter or Linkedin and get their exclusive speaker discount to save 10% when you register. Find all speakers here.

* Combinable with Speaker Discount only.
** Combinable with Alumni Discount only.


22 Aug, 2019

AgileTD 💚 Planet Earth: Start Being the Change

We at AgileTD think it's important to stop talking and start modeling the change for which we are calling. That's why we partnered with Plant For The Planet to reduce the carbon footprint of our conference and to become climate neutral.

What does it mean that the event is climate neutral?
To compensate the CO2 emissions resulting from our 6-day event, we have 695 trees planted in Yucatan/Mexico. Those are equivalent to the emissions resulting from: the food/drinks including preparations/servings, the hotel nights, heat, power, and printed materials. Arrival to and departure from the event is not included.

What is Plant for the Planet?
Plant for the Planet is a non-profit organization that contributes to climate justice by planting trees and empowering children and youths to become Climate Justice Ambassadors. 

If you're interested in reducing your carbon footprint when traveling to our conference by plane, car or public transport or want to learn more about Plant for the Planet, please visit

31 Jul, 2019

Innovative Ideas Wanted!

At the Agile Testing Days conference, we want to help and inspire the global testing community. The Unicorns' Den encourages just this, by calling on you to share your innovative ideas in front of our four testing and agile Unicorns Janet Gregory, Huib Schoots, Alex Schladebeck, and Lisa Crispin, and the AgileTD audience.

What’s Involved?

The "inventors" who dare to enter the Den must try to convince the Unicorns and the audience with their "I wish I had thought of that" idea. In the end, the AgileTD audience will vote for the best idea. 

Unicorns' Den Prize

- Unicorns' Den 2019 Innovation Award 
- AgileTD Community supported Crowd Funding 
- MIATPP Mentoring 
- Prize money to kick start your idea 
- Free Design Sprint Course

How to Enter the Unicorns' Den

  1. Have an innovative idea! 
  2. Send a short outline of your idea to Uwe by e-mail!
  3. Submit your idea outline until August 31, 2019, the latest!
  4. If your idea gets selected, be ready for follow-up questions!

For more information, please visit

16 May, 2019

AgileTD 2019 Program Now Online!

The AgileTD team is happy and proud to announce the official conference program for AgileTD 2019, the greatest annual international agile testing learning festival.

Last year the conference drew over 750 agilists and software professionals from 51 countries who learned from and collaborated with recognized Agile and testing experts, authors, and innovators. AgileTD 2019, to be held November 3 – 8 in Potsdam, Germany, is expected to draw even more attendees.

Congratulations to all who have been selected and thank you to the community for their proposals and the program committee for their hard work. We look forward to seeing you at our conference!


10 May, 2019

AgileTD 2019 listed among Best Software Conferences in 2019

Agile Testing Days has been listed among the best software testing conferences in 2019 by is a simple list of Software Testing conferences and workshops published collaboratively with the testing community.

Learn more:

8 May, 2019

AgileTD 2019 again recognized as Educational Leave

The Agile Testing Days are once again recognized as an educational event (in German: Weiterbildungsurlaub or Bildungsurlaub) for continuing vocational education. As a rule all employees* (e.g. trainees/employees*/interns*workers working at home), and in some federal states also civil servants*, are entitled to this. The application should normally be submitted four to six weeks before the event. The exact regulations are a matter of the federal states and therefore depend on the respective legislation.

The Agile Testing Days are recognized as educational leave in the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg. You can download the confirmations further below and use them for your applications.

Who can apply for educational leave?
The prerequisite for an official educational leave is training or employment.

What do I have to consider when applying?
The decisive factor for the application is your place of work, not your place of residence, and in some federal states the time of employment.

Where can I find the required forms?
You can download the confirmations of the respective federal states here:

How do I get a registration confirmation?
Your AgileTD ticket is also the confirmation you need to apply for. You will receive a confirmation of participation after the conference. Just write us an email at

What happens now?
With the confirmation of recognition as an educational event, you can appeal to your employer and the responsible educational authority in your federal state for educational leave. You will now need a registration form and a file number from your authority.

Here you will find specific information for each federal state:

And then?
However, the exemption order for conference attendees usually has to be submitted in writing to the employer – depending on the federal state – between four and eight weeks in advance.

Your AgileTD 2019 ticket is your confirmation of registration, showing the title and period of the event. Together with the confirmation of your federal state, you can refer to the Bildungsurlaub. After the conference, you will still need a confirmation of participation to submit to your employer. You will receive this certificate after the conference upon request.

6 May, 2019

Early Bird Tickets for AgileTD 2019 are on Sale

Grab yourself a bargain and register now for the Agile Testing Days 2019. You can save 10% on your tickets for the best agile testing learning festival of the year.

Soon, we will release the program and we know you are also very excited and curious to know more. So, here are already some good reasons to get your ticket for AgileTD 2019. You can expect:

  • 210 sessions in total (including morning and social activities)
  • 130 speakers - more joining later for Lightning Talks & as Vendors
  • Speakers from 23 different countries
  • 38% of women speakers so far
  • > 50 New Voice Speakers or speakers who usually speak only at smaller occasions

Last year the conference drew over 750 software testing professionals from 50 countries who learned from and collaborated with each other. AgileTD 2019, to be held November 3 – 8 in Potsdam, Germany, is expected to draw even more attendees. So, don't miss your chance to expand your skill set and network with other agile and testing experts, innovators and top minds from the industry.

Register today: Early Bird pricing available until September 1, 2019.

17 Apr, 2019

AgileTD Among List of Must-Attend Tech Events and Conference

The people of the go-to learning space Avanscoperta put a list of cool events taking place in 2019 together for software developers, change agents, product leaders, UX designers and many more.

The Avanscoperta’s 2019 Conferences and Events Guide lists Agile Testing Days 2019 as one of the must-attend tech events. 

This list includes tech events and other conferences that are suitable for an international audience (e.g. talks are mainly, if not totally, in English).

So, don't miss out and attend the greatest agile testing festival in Europe. Registration is open. Register here:


1 Apr, 2019

The Call for Papers is closed: Thank you for the submissions

Time’s up! The Call for Papers for AgileTD 2019 is officially closed and we are absolutely happy about the strong response from the community. All in all, we have received whooping 498 submissions from 291 speakers from 39 different countries. We have received nearly 190 abstracts over the weekend –– with over 90 of them coming in the final hours. A massive Thank you to all who've submitted their talk and workshop ideas for this year's conference! You can now go out and enjoy Spring!

Now the difficult part for our program committee starts! Toyer Mamoojee, Alex Schladebeck, Alex Collino, Anne-Marie Charrett, and Mike Talks will spend the next weeks reviewing some great abstracts and start putting together an exciting programme. We expect to notify everyone if they have been selected or not for the 2019 program by the beginning of May.

Good luck to everyone!

In the meantime, grab the last Super Early Bird tickets, available until April 30, 2019, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin for more public announcements.

18 Mar, 2019

Announcing the AgileTD 2019 Keynote Speakers

We are happy to bring you 17 highly inspirational keynote speakers from around the world to the 11th edition of the Agile Testing Days, set for November 3-8, 2019 in the Dorint Hotel in Potsdam. You'll learn from leading experts that are passionately dedicated to sharing the best of their knowledge and insights with you. They will show you new ways to improve your own Agile and Testing practices from direct accounts of experiences and crucial lessons learned.


Derk-Jan de Grood & Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Derk-Jan de Grood as a Strategic Test Consultant and Agile Implementation Coach. He has a strong focus on the value chain, business-it alignment and aims to increase the visibility of the test team. As Agile Coach and Implementer, he accompanies organizations in their agile journey and guide teams towards a pragmatic approach that is strongly embedded in the dev cycle.

Jan Jaap Cannegieter has specialized in software testing, test process improvement, software process improvement, quality assurance, and requirements. What really drives him is teaching organizations, management teams and individuals good practices in the field of software testing, quality assurance and requirements by means of courses and coaching.

Stephan Kämper

Stephan has many years of experience in all areas of the software industry. He specialized in the analysis of software, test automation and quality assurance. Stephan helps teams and organizations by setting up a specially tailored test approach for products (or projects). He is also the author of Fast Feedback Using Ruby.

Stacy Kirk

An advocate of quality and process innovation in software development for over 20 years, Stacy Kirk is founder and CEO of QualityWorks Consulting Group, an international quality-driven software consulting firm revolutionizing how quality web and mobile applications are built and delivered.

Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf has spent a 15-year career as an agile product designer, team leader, blogger, and teacher. He is one of the leading voices on the topic of Agile UX and Lean UX. In addition, Jeff is the author of Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience (2013). Jeff launched Proof, a product design and innovation studio that combines lean processes with strategy, design, and technology that has since been acquired by where he is now Managing Director.

Cennydd Bowles

Over a sixteen-year career, Cennydd has written two popular books (Future Ethics and Undercover User Experience Design), led design at Twitter UK, and been fortunate enough to develop a reputation as a global leader in digital product and UX design. As an independent consultant, he has worked with clients including the BBC, Samsung, WWF, Cisco, and Ford.

Abby Bangser

Abby is a hands-on software delivery professional with a passion for using quality as the foundation for quick value-focused delivery. Truly embodies the benefits of being a specializing generalist with experience and interests across traditionally Business Analyst, Quality Analyst, Developer, and DevOps job titles and effectively leveraging those skills to encourage a well-rounded approach to quality software delivery.

Elisabeth Hocke & Toyer Mamoojee

Elisabeth is a Principal Agile Tester at FlixBus. She's especially passionate about the whole-team approach to testing and quality as well as the agile culture mindset behind it. Building great products which deliver value together with great people is what motivates her and keeps her going. 

Toyer Mamoojee is a 'die-hard' passionate Agile Automation Test Analyst with almost 15 years testing experience across many industries. From Waterfall to Agile approaches, Commercial to Open Source Automation tools and Manual to Automation Testing he has been through the wars of Software Delivery. He is the co-founder of Cape Town Automation User group and co-organizer of Cape Town Testing Meetup back in his home country of South Africa.

Meaghan Lewis

Meaghan is a QA Engineer with a strong knowledge in many test automation frameworks and tools. She has experience in working in a variety of industries, such as medical, financial and aviation. Meaghan is passionate about technology and the impact that it has on our lives. 

Ade Shokoya

Ade is a technically sophisticated consultant with comprehensive experience in agile delivery, enterprise solution, portfolio management, and business transformation. He has a proven track record of success in leading organization-wide agile transformation projects, creating strategic procedures, developing agile toolkits, managing service delivery contracts, and reducing cost.

Marianne Duijst

Marianne focuses on quality, testing & communication in IT. She is a frequent speaker and sketchnoter at testing conferences around the world and enjoys coaching people and teams.

Kevin Harris

Kevin works a Senior Test Engineer and has covered a variety of different roles (Software Tester, Test Lead, Test Manager, Scrum Master, Business Analyst, etc) and worked in a variety of different industries (Travel, e-commerce, telecommunications, Government and Marketing). He specializes in Testing in an Agile Environment.

Raj Subramanian

Raj describes himself as a "Change Agent". He helps teams/organizations to analyze systems/processes, influences the way they think about these systems and brings simple solutions to complex problems. He also coaches/mentors people to help in their personal and career growth and brings effective changes to the overall growth of the organization.

Maaike Brinkhof & Göran Kero

Maaike is an independent agile tester. She loves testing because there are so many ways to add value to a team. She likes to help teams who are not sure where or what to test. Maaike has a special interest in the role of psychology in software development.

Göran is a context-driven tester and an agile enthusiast who is always curious about learning new things. Passionate about finding out what the customers really need.

Smita Mishra

Smita is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services, Retail, and Utilities industry. She is skilled in Data Analytics and stories, Business risks mitigation for tech products, setting up Test teams and testing practice, Global Delivery, Testing, Defect and Test Management. 

6 Mar, 2019

AgileTD 2019 Program Committee Announced

We are very excited to announce the 2019 Agile Testing Days Program Committee who will review each and every speaker submission and help us put together an outstanding program for the 6-day event in early November.

This year's Program Committee consists of  Alessandro Collino (Italy), Anne-Marie Charrett (Australia), Toyer Mamoojee (South Africa), MIATPP 2018 winner Alex Schladebeck (Germany), and Mike Talks (New Zealand). The team is responsible for the following activities for the Agile Testing Days conference:

  • Evaluate and review submissions
  • Assist in the selection of talks and workshops
  • Provide feedback on submissions

Alessandro Collino is a software testing specialist. He has more than 15 years of IT experience in various fields such as Avionics, Aerospace, Industrial and Home Automation, Telecommunications and Information Technology. Alex has worked on all the phases of a complete classical product life cycle, ranging from specification to acceptance testing. In this respect, he has concentrated his efforts mainly on verification and validation activities. His main interest is focused on test analysis and design, test management and technical testing for both theoretical and practical aspects. He has been a speaker in International Software Testing Conferences and writer on testing magazines.

Anne-Marie Charrett is a software tester, trainer and coach with a reputation of excellence and passion for quality and the craft of software testing. An electronic engineer by trade, software testing chose her when she started testing protocols against European standards. She trains & coaches teams to embrace this whole team approach to quality with a contextual mindset. In the past, Anne-Marie has developed software testing courses and lectured at the University of Technology, Sydney, and ran the Sydney Testers Meetup.  Along with Fiona Charles, Anne-Marie co-founded Speak Easy Diversity, an initiative to help increase diversity at tech conferences.

Toyer Mamoojee is a 'die-hard' passionate Agile Automation Test Analyst with almost 15 years of testing experience across many industries. From Waterfall to Agile approaches, Commercial to Open Source Automation tools and Manual to Automation Testing he has been through the wars of Software Delivery. He is the co-founder of Cape Town Automation User group and co-organizer of Cape Town Testing Meetup back in his home country of South Africa.

Alex Schladebeck is the head of Software Quality and Test Consulting at BREDEX GmbH and is also Product Owner for Jubula, the open source test tool. Within both roles, she’s responsible for making sure that customers’ needs are satisfied, be it in terms of quality assurance services for their projects or features for implementation. Alex is passionate about quality and how it affects the whole development process. She’s also a frequent speaker at conferences where she likes to share her project experiences and learn from other practitioners. Alex has received the MIATPP Award for being the most influential agile testing professional person in 2018.

Mike Talks started his IT journey as a developer and is now working as a Test Manager. He has tried his hand at a variety of roles within IT as the opportunity has arrived. He thinks it's crucial to try new things and that IT as an industry changes as rapidly as the technology. Mike ran a workshop on "Let's Build A Chatbot" at Agile Test Days in Germany, which was voted one of the top ten workshops of the conference. Mike has already been a member of the 2019 Agile Testing Days USA Program Committee.

Thanks to all these community members for their great support and willingness to help create our 2019 Agile Testing Days conference in Potsdam.

15 Feb, 2019

Agile Testing Days Opens Call for Papers

Every year, AgileTD offers many opportunities to share your knowledge, expertise, and experience with the international Agile testing community. Many practitioners, thought leaders, coaches, and trainers will get together to present and discuss their most recent experiences, concerns, challenges, techniques, and trends.

AgileTD will consist of a 6-day program with sessions that will feature keynotes, workshops, tutorials, lightning talks, networking receptions, and social events. And again, we are seeking speakers to share their stories, ideas, and best practices with over 750 attendees at the 11th edition of the Agile Testing Days 2019 from November 3-8, 2019 in Potsdam, Germany.

If you’re worried that you’re too inexperienced, please don’t let that stop you from sending through your ideas for 30-minute talks, 120- and 150-minute workshops. We accept speakers with all levels of expertise. We would like to hear from you! 

We encourage all Testers, Developers, QA, Coaches and Trainers, Infrastructure Engineers, Data Scientists, Cloud Specialists, and others to send us their ideas related to:

  • Technical hands-on sessions with laptop required (Automation, CI/CD, BDD, TDD)
  • Test automation tools and techniques
  • Agile Testing (and experiments) in complicated domains: medical devices, low-level libraries & drivers, automotive, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Agile & Testing for Mobile Apps
  • Agile Testing on embedded platforms
  • Agile/Lean UX and Interaction Design
  • Automated testing in Microservices environment
  • Continuous Delivery/Deployment and DevOps
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Hacking & Security Testing
  • Pair and Mob Testing
  • SAFe \\- Scaled Agile Framework and Testing
  • and many more

Submission Information and Deadline
Submissions must be received by the deadline below. The program committee will review all submissions, rate them and give advise in order to help us create an outstanding conference program for the Agile Testing Days from November 3-8, 2019.

The deadline for submitting proposals will be March 31, 2019, so get your ideas together! We're excited to see new ideas come our way. 

To submit your proposal, please visit

1 Feb, 2019

Agile Testing Days among Top 10 Agile Conferences to Attend

We are happy to be shortlisted among the Top 10 Agile conferences to attend in 2019 compiled by Zuzi Sochova in her Agile and Scrum Blog. Thank you very much!

If you are already interested in the next Agile Testing Days conference, then please visit to learn more. You can now register for Super Early Bird rates.


21 Jan, 2019

AgileTD among Best Software Testing Conferences of 2019

Every year TechBeacon compiles a list of the best software testing conferences and we’re excited to announce that Agile Testing Days is among the Top 10 software testing conference that have proved valuable to attendees. 

AgileTD is the perfect option for you if you want to:

  • Meet some of the brightest minds and professionals in the industry
  • Stay ahead of the curve on the latest software testing trends and technologies
  • Network with customers and vendors
  • Keep your skills and knowledge up to date
  • Listen to inspirational keynotes
  • Learn hands-on practices from thought leaders and industry experts
  • Put your career in perspective

We hope AgileTD, set for November 3-8, 2019 in Potsdam, is on your list.

Read more about AgileTD and its fellow software testing conferences here.

8 Jan, 2019

Agile Nights by AgileTD meetup: Blockchain and Agile Testing


We kick off the New Year with our first Agile Nights by AgileTD meetup in 2019. We are happy to announce that Rhian Lewis, blockchain expert and keynote speaker from the Agile Testing Days 2018, and Lisa Trujillo, independent technologist, researcher and founder of Design IT Legal, will speak about blockchain and agile testing.

Rhian is a regular speaker on the blockchain subject, especially in the context of testing and delivered a keynote at the 2018 Agile Testing Days in Potsdam on how to test blockchain applications. In her 30-min meetup talk "Why Blockchain Projects Can Ever Only Be Agile", Rhian will focus on the challenges of testing a technology that is changing faster than every other open-source software.

Lisa Trujillo is passionate and knowledgeable about the potential of decentralised technologies. Lisa is also a Co-Organizer of Women Techmakers Berlin, Women in Blockchain Berlin, and a Lead Teacher at the ReDI School of Digital Integration. Lisa's topic will be announced later.

Join us on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, at the trendig HQ at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin for a casual get together and learn more about blockchain. Snacks and drinks are provided. 


6:00 - Open for arrivals & drinks
6:20 - Welcome & introduction
6:30 - Talk Rhian
7:00 - Q&A
7:15 - Talk Lisa
7:45 - Q&A
8:00 - Networking
9:00 - Close event 

To sign up, please visit:

We hope to see you there!

7 Jan, 2019

Register Today & Gain Experience, Knowledge and Insight

Tap into the deep well of agile testing excellence at the Agile Testing Days 2019 in Germany. Gather your team and learn from renowned thought leaders, influencers, innovators and leading experts. Meet other testers, developers, managers and executives and share knowledge and experiences in personal discussions. Collaborate and network to have game changing breakthroughs. 

Join the Agile Testing Days 2019 and register today! You can save 15% on your registration until April 30, 2019 with our "Super Early Bird" Discount! 

If you want to learn from the best and level-up your skills, then the Agile Testing Days conference is where it happens. 

To learn more and register, please visit

We look forward to welcoming you at the 11th edition of the Agile Testing Days in 2019.


7 Jan, 2019

Watch the Session Videos from AgileTD 2018

Level up your Agile learning by watching full-length keynotes and selected talks from AgileTD 2018.  Each year we videotape all the keynotes and selected talks and make them available to you on our Agile Testing Days Youtube Channel.

Explore all the great ideas and insights being shared in the link below, expand your Agile knowledge, gain fresh perspectives and relive the keynotes and talks of the Agile Testing Days 2018. We'll highlight additional videos in the next newsletter too!

Come back to the Channel once in a while as we will upload more and more sessions!

Link to the AgileTD 2018 Video Playlist:


14 Dec, 2018

The Winner of the Biggest Unicorn Plush Toy Ever

We have a winner! Last month AgileTD took part in the trendig 20th-anniversary campaign and raffled off the biggest plush unicorn you have ever seen. We only wanted to know your most precious memory of the Agile Testing Days. After some long and very fierce rounds of discussions, the AgileTD team is happy to crown the best #AgileTDMoment and announce the winner of the wonderfully fluffy, 110 cm high Unicorn plush toy. 

Congratulations to Fanny Pittack who has preserved a keynote card from Dan North about challenge teams staying in their blah blah blah silo from AgileTD 2013. That’s impressive and so sweet! 

In 2013 @tastapod held a keynote on @AgileTD to challenge teams staying in their blah blah blah silo. Look what I‘ve kept. #agiletd #agiletdmoments

— fanny (@StudienratFanny) November 12, 2018

We hope you enjoy it and please send us a picture of you together with the unicorn!

Thank you to everyone who shared their best #AgileTDMoments with us. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane. We should do this more often!

The winner has already been notified!

10 Dec, 2018

Winners of the 2018 MIATPP Award Costume Contest Announced

And the prize for the best MIATPP Award costume goes toooo ... ? 

Every year, we invite all Agile Testing Days participants to our big MIATPP Award party, where we not only announce the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person of the year, enjoy an entertaining program and dance the night away, but also dress up for a motto. This year, we celebrated a lavish Hollywood and Movies Party, where we invited everyone to dress up as their favorite movie or Hollywood character. We had glamour, glitter, movie hero costumes and Hollywood outfits! It was spectacluar. We want to say thank you to everyone who attended our big social event and rocked the dance floor with us.

It has become quite a tradition to masquerade for the MIATPP Award Night and we honor the best costumes with free tickets for the upcoming Agile Testing Days. Therefore, we are happy to share with you this year's winners with the best costumes:

1. First prize: Marlene Dietrich
2. Second prize: The Witch of the West and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
3. Third prize: Red Hiding Hood, the Hunter and the Granny Wolf

Congratulations to the winners, who have already been notified. We are already looking forward to the next MIATPP Award Night. The motto for 2019 will be announced soon.

21 Nov, 2018

Thank you very much for AgileTD 2018

The whole AgileTD team wants to thank everyone for attending and participating in our 10th anniversary edition of the Agile Testing Days 2018 in Potsdam from November 11-16, 2018. The time passed too quickly and you made AgileTD's birthday very special!

The Agile Testing Day were again packed with many talks, activities, interesting conversations, opportunities to network and socialise and really good vibes. We loved seeing all attendees and speakers getting together to share their stories, networking, learn together and grow. It was fabulous!

A special thank you goes also to our amazing sponsors, who brought so much life to our expo area that it was sometimes difficult to get through! Also thank you to Sauce Labs, Saxonia Testservices, Perfecto Mobile, Applitools, Mentopolis CSC GmbH, SmartBear, Thoughtworks and eBay for their great vendor talks on test automation, managing biases, distributed teams, visual UI testing and how to solve bottlenecks and much more. 

Congratulations again to Alex Schladebeck from Bredex GmbH for being MIATPP 2018. After reading out her own laudatio, written by Huib Schoots, at the MIATPP Award Party, she received the Award for being the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person. Well deserved!

fanny pittack

Don't forget to rate the sessions. You can access the rating by clicking on the sessions you have attended. Your feedback is highly welcomed and appreciated by the over 200 speakers.

So thank you again for this wonderful agile testing festival and remember: After the conference is before the conference. The next Agile Testing Days will take place November 3-8, 2019. You can already register here!

Take care until we meet again. See you in Potsdam!

Your AgileTD organising team

15 Oct, 2018

AgileTD meets Design Lab Berlin

Our AgileTD team member Ina will speak at the Design Lab Berlin meetup at the Digital:Lab Volkswagen on October 24, 2018. She will talk about Design Sprints and that running one is not easy, but definitely worth it.

During her time with trendig, Ina has collected some memorable experiences when facilitating Design Sprints. She will share some of the most inspiring, meritable, amusing and sometimes defiant moments - not without a certain wink of irony, here and there.

Get ready for a very grounded, practical, and honest session, drawn from real life, with real people and real challenges. Forget ideal and best practice! Leave your books at home. Bring nothing but an open mind and heart and take back some stories and lightning moments for your next sprint.

To learn more about Ina's talk "Design Sprints – Hurdle Racing Challenges" and to sign up for the meetup, please visit

12 Sep, 2018

Community Talks for AgileTD 2018

The Community Talks for Agile Testing Days 2018 are out. The community selected from 17 sessions the following top six community talks:

Overcome the Obstacles of a Retrospective 
by Trinidad Schmidle and Thomas Fend

Being successful in agile projects “Continuous Improvement” is essential and therefore the retrospective is a useful practice. Unfortunately, our retrospectives were not always performed as well as possible. Read more

Overcome the Obstacles of a Retrospective


Testing the Boundaries
by Richard Philips

In his talk, Richard Philips will focus on his role as a parent of two children and how this responsibility overlaps with his role as an agile tester.  The talk is not solely aimed at parents or at testers, but rather takes hold of some of the universal truths that Richard has learned throughout his time of being a parent. 

Testing the Boundaries


Onboarding Engineers
by Milan Kujeljic

For engineers starting a new job is always stressful, because we need to go through the process of integration again, processing a lot of information in a very short amount of time, figuring out how and what tool to install, who is responsible for this product, trying to remember all the names, etc. 

Onboarding Engineers


Mind the Gap
by Morgan Ahlström

Most of us have a limited repertoire when it comes to how we respond in different situations. We limit ourselves with our comfort zones, survival stances and internal filters. But does it really have to be like this?

Mind the Gap


A Guided Tour of Automation for Testers
by George Dinwiddie

Many good testers have a limited understanding of test automation, which is a shame, because it often keeps them out of discussions where their skills would be valuable. One of the difficulties of venturing into a new area is understanding the lingo.

A Guided Tour of Automation for Testers


A Fundamental Ccookbook for Testing (with) Hardware
by Uros Stanisic

Challenging testing environments with hardware  can help you to learn about approaches for making development process more productive, making more creative environment and deliver more reliable products to market. Let’s learn about main challenges when testing (with) hardware!

A Fundamental Ccookbook for Testing (with) Hardware

11 Sep, 2018

Winner announced: What happened to the code?

Everybody knows how the the story of The Three Little Pigs goes. But do you know the agile fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Code? In this story told by Bart Knaack at the Agile Testing days 2017, the three little pigs were asked to program a program, and they each produced a code. The code of the first two pigs huffed and puffed and broke down. The third pig, who was really smart and knew about agile, wrote also a code. But what happened when the third pig put the code into production? 

Well, that was up to you. It was your turn to comment or write an ending to Bart's fantastic agile fairy tale. And among all these funny, very creative, and sometimes dystopian endings was one ending that we liked the most. It was this one written by Fanny and it goes as follows:

"When the third little pig put the code into production, the big bad code cracked and puffed but it didn’t go down. Because he had the customer and the scrum team do the testing through the sprint. But this was just the MVP, and because the third little pig needs more and different pig skills, the first and second little pig joined the team for the 2nd and 3rd MVP. This story doesn’t have an ending because the customer tried to add new features after each sprint, but they worked through it as a team happily ever after."

Beautiful ending, right? Right! Therefore we congratulate Fanny for writing the best ending and winning the free ticket for the 3rd and 4th conference day at the Agile Testing Days 2018 in Potsdam, and we want to say thank you to all who contributed an ending to this fairy tale. 

27 Aug, 2018

Winner of #MyTeamRocks Video Challenge Announced

Our company trendig technology services GmbH is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. That’s why from July 1, 2018 onwards, trendig will give away a gift every month. In June, you had the chance to win a free ticket worth 6,000€ for your team for the Agile Testing Days 2018. Great prize, huh?

To particpate in this contest, you just had to simply send us a video via a social media channel of your choice and tell us why your team rocks and why your team should win this free ticket.

We received so many creative, funny and brilliant contributions. At this point, we want to say thank you to all who participated in our #MyTeamRocks video challenge. It was a pleasure to learn more about your teams and the way your team works. 

It was very hard for the team to make a decision. Therefore, after a first round of dot voting to find our favorite contributions, we let the goddess of fortune (aka our colleague Uwe) decide, and the winner has been selected in a very nailbiting draw.

And now we are happy to announce that Petra and her "Quality Agent" team have won the contest and free tickets for the Agile Testing Days worth 6,000€.  Congratulations from the whole AgileTD team. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Agile Testing Days 2018 and to meeting your awesome team!   

*The winner has already been notified by social media to claim their prize.*

9 Jul, 2018

Say Hi to Unity and Akira

Perhaps you are new to the Agile Testing Days universe, perhaps you have attended our learning festival a couple of times now. No matter what, you might have noticed that unicorns have a very special place at the Agile Testing Days. Most of you might know the story of how it happened that the unicorn became not only our spirit animal but also our signature character.

It was in 2012 when a post by Gojko Adzic went viral and started the unicorn movement at Agile Testing Days. Since that date, the Agile Unicorn is a vital part of the Agile Testing Days.

This year, with the 10th anniversary in mind, we decided to give the Agile Unicorn a loyal companion to form an Agile Unicorn Tag Team. However, sadly, both unicorns never really have been named. But that is over now.

We called the community to send us their name suggestions, and today, we are happy and more than delighted to tell you the names of our two unicorns.

Say hi to Unity and Akira. The name Unity is related not only to a condition of harmony but also means a quality of being made one from different parts. Akira means in Japanese "bright" or "clear". In Scotland, it is derived from the name "Acair" meaning "anchor".  You can follow both on Twitter.

Thank you to all of you who have participated in this contest. Congratulations to the winner, who won a 2-day conference pass for the 3rd and 4th conference day (November 15th & 16th) and has been informed through email already.

22 May, 2018

Explore the AgileTD 2018 Program NOW!

Finally it is done! 

We are happy, nervous and thrilled that the program for the 10th edition of the Agile Testing Days is ready for you!

Join us at AgileTD 2018, November 11-16, 2018, in Potsdam, Germany! This is where agile enthusiasts and software professionals gather from all over the world to learn, grow, and innovate together. Discover why this annual conference is widely considered Europe`s greaTEST agile software testing festival on Agile methods in software development.

Explore over 200 sessions,
get to know 100+ speakers,
dive into numerous social activities,
check out the networking opportunities and
find your favorite learning sessions.

Start exploring now and join us in Potsdam!

8 May, 2018

Stephan Kämper and his Can't-Miss Keynote at AgileTD 2018

Don't miss Stephan Kämper's keynote "Testing Your Luck" at the Agile Testing Days 2018 this November in Potsdam, Germany.

Stephan studied physics, wrote his diploma thesis about holography and then joined an oceanography group at the University of Bremen. In 2001 he started in software development by joining the test team for an object-oriented database system. He never left software testing, specialised in automated software tests and agile methods. He worked on topics as diverse as precision navigation systems, micro payment platforms, healthcare related systems, telecommunication, social networks, logistics and energy providers. Working in these different fields helped him recognizing common patterns, which he found useful in software testing. 

"Not everything in life is based on sheer coincidence." In his keynote, Stephan will talk about whether it is possible to influence luck and how you can test it. Based on his own experiences, he will illustrate how luck can strike and how good fortune can be influenced. His stories also provide some heuristics to help you become more lucky. 

Come to the Agile Testing Days and find out why being lucky does not equal being happy or glad  but how it may well contribute.

8 May, 2018

New Can't-Miss Keynote with Janet Gregory & Susan Bligh

This year at Agile Testing Days, we are proud to have the first mother and daughter keynote at a technology conference.

Janet Gregory is an agile testing coach and process consultant with DragonFire Inc. She is the co-author with Lisa Crispin of Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (Addison-Wesley, 2009), and More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team (Addison-Wesley 2014. Janet specializes in showing agile teams how testers can add value in areas beyond critiquing the product - for example, guiding development with business-facing tests. Her peers voted her as the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person in 2015.

Susan Bligh has been in the IT industry for 20 years and has an enthusiasm for business process and operational excellence through the use of technology. She has previously worked in all aspects of software development including programming, testing, business analysis, database administration, and training. She is passionate about bringing people together to learn from each other in the forms of mentorships, communities of practices and high performing operational and project teams. Susan was a panel member for a discussion about Community of Practices at the BA World conference and has a published article "How My Role Models Led Me to a Career in IT and Helped Me Create Work-Life Balance”.

Together, Janet and Susan will explore in their keynote "From Fairy Tales to Serious Stuff - Two Generations in Tech" the changes through two generations in technology. In the 1980s, when Janet first started her degree in Computer Science, home computers were a luxury. Today we see one in every child’s hand. In the 1980s, many women were just starting to have careers. Nowadays, more and more women pursue a career in technology. Janet and Susan share their thoughts on how we can all act as change agents and lead the continuing evolution in a good direction. As the technology professions become more diverse, everyone benefits.

Don't miss this keynote! We look forward to seeing you there!


8 May, 2018

Can't-Miss Keynote with Wim, Eddy & Matt

We are happy to announce that Wim Heemskerk, Eddy Bruin and Matthew Heusser are part of our keynote speaker line-up for Agile Testing Days 2018.

Wim is an Agilist, Craftsman, Wave Maker, who believes in the great things humans can accomplish. Therefore he helps organisations multiply the value they create by embracing the full power of the people in and around them though facilitation, coaching, training, and mentoring.

Matt is the Managing Director at Excelon Development. The lead organizer of TestRetreat, a former board member of the Association for Software Testing, co-author of “Save Our Scrum”, Senior Editor for “How To Reduce The Cost Of Software Testing”, winner of the Most Influential Agile Test Professional Person Award 2014 and Most Popular Contributor to Agile. Matt has spent his 20-year career dancing around quality while staying current as the field evolves.

Eddy has a passion to be in the midst of business, end users and IT. Besides having a strong technical basis, he also possesses analytical and "can do" mentality. This makes him a good interlocutor on any level. As test consultant Eddy has brought the testing at customers to a whole new level. He has a passion for improving the quality of a product and the improvement of the (agile) software development process. As an Agile Coach he has helped lots of units by adopting Agile in their process from a pragmatic point of view. 

In their keynote "From Inspiration to Change", Wim, Eddy and Matt will talk about what you are going to do to take the ideas you learned at the Agile Testing Days, implement them in your organization, and make them stick. After a brief discussion of the speakers’ experience creating change, audience members will learn how to identify their sphere of influence, a method to pull ideas from the conference, prune them, select the powerful few, socialize them in the team, get them started, then promote and grow the ideas in the organization. 

Join us this year for the 10th edition of the Agile Testing Days and leave with your list of ideas to try on Monday at work. 

3 May, 2018

Can't-Miss Keynote with Faiza Yousuf

The team of the Agile Testing Days is delighted that Faiza Yousuf will held a keynote at Europe`s greatTEST agile testing festival. 

Faiza Yousuf is a Technologist and has been working in the tech industry for  the past 8 years. She is an entrepreneur and is currently running a business consultation company with the focus on helping small businesses in embracing technology. Another recent project is a community with a goal to devise strategies for creating an accepting environment for local women technologists. It’s a Women only community so that members can talk freely about issues, seek opportunities, find mentors and form collaborations.

Faiza is a graduate and post graduate from NED University, Karachi. She also graduated from World bank funded WomenX Pakistan program. She recently worked as an IT skills trainer for a USAID funded program which focused on Gender Equity and Women Empowerment. She teaches technology to CS grad students and loves to read and write.

In her keynote "Agile Transformation with Remote Teams", Faiza will discuss possible challenges from agile transformations in detail and will talk about the strategies employed to ensure that teams embrace the change with openness and foster shared leadership. The talk will also discuss the importance of picking up the right tech stack and the inability of these tools to solve human problems. Don't miss this keynote and learn to create shared values and language, 101 informal discussions and to use better communication technology. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

3 May, 2018

Ashley Hunsberger & her Can't-Miss-Keynote

We are thrilled to have Ashley Hunsberger speaking at the Agile Testing Days 2018. 

Ashley Hunsberger is a Product Quality Architect at Blackboard, Inc, a leading provider of educational technology, where she helps establish and drive testing practices throughout the organization. She loves sharing her experiences in testing and engineering productivity through blogging and speaking at conferences around the world. A proponent of open source, Ashley believes in giving back to the software community and is passionate about diversity and inclusion throughout the industry.

In her keynote "Transforming Culture with DevOps Principles", Ashley will describe how using DevOps principles — collaborative practices, iterative improvements, incremental testing, and more — can transform the development culture so everyone owns quality. Big change does not happen overnight, but smaller changes support the overall vision. Ashley will share examples of how to implement a continuous delivery pipeline, illustrating the reduced feedback loops that led to better, faster software delivery. Join Ashley as she will lay the groundwork for iterative and continuous improvement through a defined mission and specific goals at the Agile Testing Days this November in Potsdam.

27 Apr, 2018

New Can't Miss-Keynote with Selena Delesie

We are pleased to have Selena Delesie, presenting her keynote "The Heart of Innovation", at the Agile Testing Days.

Selena Delesie is a leadership and transformation coach, speaker, author, and trainer. She is a trusted guide for leaders who seek to improve their business and their life — from the heart. Selena blends sixteen years of experience in the technology industry with a broad range of studies, allowing her to support powerful transformations for individuals, teams, and organizations. As the founder of Lead With Love Global and Women Ignited, Selena offers a variety of transformational programs, a virtual leadership conference, podcast, and mystical healing circles. Her clients rave about breaking free from traditional beliefs and practices to engage their strengths and passions — and those around them — for success.

Selena's keynote will explore the power of the heart to cultivate innovation and success. True stories and secrets of these incredible leaders are shared to inspire and invite you to apply simple approaches to cultivate powerful shifts at work. This is the game changer you didn’t know you were looking for. If you want to learn more about what it takes to retain the most incredible people or what leads to customers and clients who rave about your company, then join us this November in Potsdam, Germany.

26 Apr, 2018

Gitte Klitgaard and her very personal Can't Miss-Keynote

We are happy that 'Unicorn Master' Gitte Klitgaard will join us as a keynote speaker at this year's Agile Testing Days. 

Gitte Klitgaard is an agile coach, hugger, friend, and much more. She lives and loves agile. Gitte wants to change the world by helping people make the right product, doing it right and very important: have fun doing it. She has a great interest in how people function, how the brain works, what motivates us, how we can feel better about our selves, how to be perfect in all our imperfections.

Her keynote "Feeling Safe to be Uncomfortable" is a very personal one. Based on her own experiences, Gitte will show you how true growing and learning comes from the outside by leaving your comfort zone and how you can create a basis for growth. Learn from Gitte's story about growth, learning, psychological safety and the importance of feeling included at the Agile Testing Days this November in Potsdam, Germany.

24 Apr, 2018

New Can't-Miss Keynote with Peter Caron

For more than 20 years Peter Caron has worked in software development and deployment, system administration, operational support services and most recently in corporate transformation. With extensive senior-level management experience, he has actively developed advanced technical applications and is highly experienced in systems and network administration with a focus on both technology integration and continuous integration/continuous delivery.

In his keynote "Quality Transformation", Peter Caron will shed light on the question what the role of the next generation of QA in DevOps and the CI/CD world is. He will focus on the challenges of transitioning from old style QA to the next generation of QA services. There is a technical component to the transformation as well as management and culture elements which need to be addressed collectively. Peter will present some steps which companies can take to ease the transition from an old style, inspection QA to a Next Generation proactive QA well-integrated with development and with Operations.

Learn more about the challenges when moving to the next generation QA! we look forward to seeing you there!

24 Apr, 2018

Can't Miss-Keynote with Alex Schladebeck & Huib Schoots

It is a great pleasure to announce that the last year's MIATPP Award winner Huib Schoots teamed up with Alex Schladebeck to present the keynote "Let’s stop talking about Testing" at the Agile Testing Days 2018.

Huib Schoots is a tester and consultant who loves to share his passion for testing with people by doing projects and through consultancy, coaching, training, and giving presentations on a variety of test subjects. With almost 20 years of experience in IT and software testing, he is experienced in different testing roles. He is curious and passionate and he tries to read everything ever published on software testing.

Alex Schladebeck is the head of Software Quality and Test Consulting at BREDEX GmbH. Her passion is communicating with people in IT projects, most specifically about quality. She works with customers, testers, users and developers to help them improve quality in their projects and processes. Her main areas of interest are quality in agile projects, communication, training testers and test automation. You’ll usually find Alex talking about quality and how it affects the whole development process. She’s also a frequent speaker at conferences where she likes to share her project experiences and learn from other practitioners.

For a very long time now, there is still the discussion whether testers are needed or not. In their keynote, Alex and Huib will share their view on the role of testing, what testers do and how a shared quality mindset can help to deliver the value the client needs. If you want to learn more about the key to "bringing people together: being able to communicate effectively about quality and building bridges between many different stakeholders who do not speak the same language", then join Alex and Huib at the Agile Testing Days 2018 this November in Potsdam, Germany.

20 Apr, 2018

Can't-Miss Keynote with Rhian Lewis

Rhian Lewis is a freelance software engineer specialising in test automation who has worked on projects for some of the world's best-known brands since 2009. She has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community since 2013, as the co-developer of altcoin portfolio tracker CountMyCrypto and the co-host of London Women in Bitcoin. She writes about blockchain tech and is a regular speaker on the subject, especially in the context of testing.

Her keynote "The Blockchain Paradox" will deal with how blockchains work in their current form, how they may work in the future and its impacts on the role of the software tester. Blockchain technology is different from anything that has come before; there is much functional testing that needs to happen before many of the applications are production ready - but along with functional testing comes the responsibility to consider the ethical problems that will occur. Rhian will discuss whether technology like blockchains and AI are utopian or dystopian. Her keynote will also focus on the role of the tester as the gatekeepers in ensuring that this exciting new technology is used in a responsible way.

If you want to learn more about decentralised technologies that can be a force for good and how they can empower individuals to control their own data, then come to the Agile Testing Days 2018 this November in Potsdam. See you there!

20 Apr, 2018

David Evans and his Can't-Miss Keynote at AgileTD 2018

We are very happy that David Evans, an AgileTD speaker and attendee since the very beginning of our conference, will join us as a keynote speaker at this year's Agile Testing Days.

David Evans is an experienced agile consultant, coach and trainer with over 25 years of IT experience. A thought-leader in the field of agile testing, he has provided training and consultancy for clients in the UK, USA, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia, Israel, South Africa and Singapore. He is also a regular speaker at events and conferences across Europe, especially at the Agile Testing Days. 

His keynote "Ten Years of Agile Testing Days" is very special as it will be a tour of highlights from his talks at Agile Testing Days, as well as a quick history lesson to help you understand why our conference is unlike any other, and why it draws so many people back each year.    

Learn more about the mythology behind the Agile Testing Days and finally find out what's it all about the unicorns. Join us this November! We're looking forward to see you there.


19 Apr, 2018

Can't-Miss Keynote with Lanette Creamer

We are happy and delighted that Lanette Creamer will speak as a keynote speaker at this year's Agile Testing Days. You should know that Lanette Creamer likes testing software even more than Diet Coke and cats. After working for a decade at Adobe, Lanette jumped into independent consulting. Throughout her career, she has evangelized advancement of real-time human thought over process solutions in software quality. Lanette believes collaboration is a powerful solution when facing complex technical challenges. 

In her keynote "Test Like a Cat", you will learn from the cutest murder machines on earth how to be more awesome at agile testing. According to scientists, cats have acquired many adaptations throughout history; they also regularly experiment. Like cats, agile testers may share separate territory, be a part of a larger group, or be a lone feral practitioner in the wilds of a project.

Learn more about how you can succeed when you test like a cat at Agile Testing Days 2018. We look forward to seeing you there. 

19 Apr, 2018

New Can't-Miss AgileTD 2018 Keynote with Trish Khoo

Trish Khoo is a consultant with a great experience in software engineering with a focus on team productivity, tools and infrastructure, test automation, risk mitigation and organizational change. She helps teams with productivity, test automation, development processes, deployment or software quality. She is also a frequent keynote speaker and regular-sized speaker at international events. Her curiosity and passion for software development and testing has led her career to big corporations, small businesses, product development, consulting, public sector and government organizations.

In her keynote "Transparency: A Holistic Approach to Software Quality", Trish explains at the Agile Testing Days how shifting focus from testing to transparency can turn an ordinary tester into a super tester. She will answer the question how else can a tester increase transparency of the system under test with powerful results.

18 Apr, 2018

Can't-Miss Keynote with Anne-Marie Charrett

Anne-Marie is an internationally recognised expert in software testing and quality engineering, a trainer and coach with a reputation for excellence and passion for quality. She trains and coaches teams to help embrace the whole team approach to quality with a contextual mindset. She is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences on the topic of Quality, Coaching and Leadership. She has also developed a coaching testing model in association with James Bach, which transfers testing skill and know-how using the Socratic method.

In her Keynote "Is your Quality on the Road to Nowhere?", Anne-Marie will look at some ways to better understand quality, what it means to you, your team and business partners. She will look at ways to frame quality in terms of business outcomes to help you keep on the right track. It will show ways to visualise quality so everyone can see where you are on your journey. 

Don't miss this keynote and join us for the 10th anniversary of the Agile Testing Days. We can't wait to welcome you!

18 Apr, 2018

Can't-Miss AgileTD 2018 Keynote by Jeff Sussna

We are pleased to start our Can't-Miss Series of AgileTD 2018 keynotes with Jeff Sussna and "Harnessing Change for Competitive Advantage".

Jeff Sussna helps companies build continuous learning cultures by integrating Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking. He is also the author of the book Designing Delivery: Rethinking IT in the Digital Service Economy. Jeff Sussna is an internationally recognized IT coach and design thinking practitioner, helping digital organizations improve service quality through effective collaboration.

His keynote "Harnessing Change for Competitive Advantage" will introduce a truly unified approach to design, development, and operations that goes beyond merely bolting them together. It will explore the shared heritage of Agile, DevOps, and Design Thinking in order to create a deeper understanding of what it means to deliver value. It will present the view that by making design a continuous part of everything we do, we can fulfill the Agile promise of harnessing change for competitive advantage.

The keynote is not to be missed and will provide a great platform to the wider range of speakers and topics that will be discussed at the Agile Testing Days.

We look forward to seeing you at AgileTD 2018 in Potsdam, Germany, on November 12 - 16, 2018.

5 Apr, 2018

The AgileTD 2018 Call for Papers is over!

The Call for Papers is closed and we are completely blown away by the amount of submissions we have received this time. We had a fantastic response to our call for papers. You are all truly amazing.

540 papers from 51 countries and 398 speakers were handed in. That is a new record.

We want to say THANK YOU for all your hard work and time in writing so many great proposals. The program chair was very impressed by the depth and breadth of the papers. It will be a tough job to find the best ones. Nonetheless it’s a real joy to see how much Agile Testing Days is loved by the agile testing community.

What’s next? Our program chair is busy reviewing the submissions, and once we have an answer, we will send an email to all those that have been selected as speakers. We look forward to sharing an incredible program with you in May.

In the meantime, spread the word about our conference, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, or head over to our Youtube Channel and revel in memories about AgileTD 2017 and get excited for the anniversary edition of the Agile Testing Days 2018 this November.

15 Feb, 2018

Agile Testing Days 2018 Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for Agile Testing Days 2018 is open now!

If you love speaking at conferences or want to give your first talk ever, Agile Testing Days is the best place for it. Irrespective who you are, where you are from and what you do, we want to hear your story. It is you and your story that make Agile Testing Days what it is.

We are looking for new ideas and learning points, fresh approaches to challenges and innovative ways to solve problems in the field of Agile, Testing, Leadership, Scrum, DevOps, Mobile, IoT, Quality Assurance, Cyber Security and Personal Improvement.

In total we need to fill 150 open session slots for 30-minute talks, 120-minute and 150-minute workshops. So, put on your thinking hat and share your story, your experience, your passion for a specific topic with us. 

We call for the entire community of agile and software experts – testers, software architects, developers, quality assurance manager, coaches, trainers, managers – to contribute and submit a proposal for the Agile Testing Days 2018 in Potsdam.

Submit your idea now!

The Call for Paper closes April 1st, 2018! That is not an April Fool's joke!

7 Aug, 2017

Support Afghan Girls Robotics Team

With your donation you can help a Girls Tech & Robotics Team from Afghanistan to join our Conference! 

21 Jul, 2017

MIATPP Voting is online!

Vote for your MIATPP 2017 and win an AgileTD free ticket.

12 Jun, 2017

AgileTD Community Talk Voting finally Online!

You decide which sessions will become part of the Agile Testing Days 2017. Vote now win a free ticket!

16 May, 2017

Early Bird Prices are now available!

The AgileTD Early Bird price hunt ends on Sept. 10, 2017. Catch & save up to € 275!

8 May, 2017

Baaaam! The Agile Testing Days 2017 Schedule is out now!

Check it out now:

9 Apr, 2017

The Call for Papers is closed!

We received an amazing huge amount of more than 400 papers. The program of 2017 will be announced soon!

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