November 10 – 12, 2020

Online Edition!


Agile Testing Days & COVID-19

On-Site Security

Nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of our customers, sponsors, speakers, employees and of course everyone’s families. We have been and are very closely watching the COVID-19 situation, any updates from the WHO and local health authorities.

To protect everyone’s health, we will employ a safety plan in collaboration with the hotel and health officials. To ensure a safe conference the following measures will be taken.

Please note that we will constantly adapt to the current situation, should new regulations or some form of relaxation arise.

  • There will be plenty hand sanitizers, tissues, and bins in place throughout the whole venue, in and before every room, in the restaurant, at snack and coffee tables, the bar, and bathrooms. Hotel staff will ensure regular cleaning of high contact surfaces.
  • If still recommended in November, face masks and gloves will be available directly at the venue. Should there be official regulations in place, we will enforce every attendee’s rigorous compliance. It is for your own safety!
  • We will carefully attend to the safe distance of 1,50 meters between people. As of now this means that no more than 150 attendees are allowed in the general session room at once. To still be able to attend, all keynotes will be streamed live and can be watched in different break out rooms. In case you feel unsure whether to stay in the large keynote room at all, you may use any of the other smaller rooms.
  • For tutorials and workshops we will limit the number of attendees to smaller groups, so we abide the 1,50 meter safe distance.The actual maximum group size depends on the individual room dimensions. If you are keen to participate in one particular tutorial, please make sure to reserve your seat on time.
  • We will offer no buffets as we used to in the past. All meals will be plated. The snacks during coffee breaks will be provided in doggy bags. Dinner can be taken inhouse and is included in your ticket price. You can either dine in safe distance in the restaurant or in your room. You would actually not have to leave the premises. We do not force anyone to stay at the venue all the time. But it is highly encouraged by the AgileTD staff.
  • Furthermore, we will stay in the venue for most activities (except for fresh air & self care and running). Speaker’s dinner will be held in the hotel as well.
  • You will find a board of advice online and by the registration desk, so you know what the actual local situation is, in and around Potsdam at the time of the conference and which measures are recommended.

However, should the situation again change by November 2020, so that the conference will have to be postponed or happen online only, you can count with the refund of your payment. We are in constant exchange with the venue and regularly check the situation in the area.

Please also have a look at the Health and Hygiene Guidelines provided by the hotel:

We look forward to welcoming you to AgileTD in Potsdam this November!

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