Agile Testing Days & COVID-19

On-Site Safety

Nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of our customers, sponsors, speakers, employees and of course everyone’s families. We have been and are very closely watching the COVID-19 situation, and any updates from the WHO and local health authorities.

To protect everyone’s health, we will employ a safety plan in collaboration with the hotel and health officials to ensure a safe conference.

Our Current Covid-19 Regulations

Mid-September the Brandenburg government approved the so-called 2G-Rule, which means access to e.g. conferences can be only allowed for vaccinated and/or recovered attendees. This 2G-Rule inherits like in some countries in Europe that masks can be avoided and the 1,5 m distance between attendees is not necessary anymore.

As just mentioned, with the “2G”-rule, comes a bit more freedom, but to make our event an even more safe place we decided to keep some regulations alive - a compromise between safety and freedom - , like:

Our Intention behind the decision of keeping the mask rule and also to ask you to test yourself is to make the experience of attending the Agile Testing Days a blast. Let’s meet, let’s party, but let’s do it in a safe way. It is about YOU!

Ticket Cancellation Rules: Free ticket cancellation is possible at any time before the conference starts as long as it is affected by Covid-19. Otherwise our usual cancellation rules of our terms and conditions apply.

We look forward to welcoming you to AgileTD in Potsdam this November!