Any dramatic elephants in the room?

How to deal with your own (drama)elephant?

There is a recipe to influence on a more effective communication strategy!

In every room that I have entered or worked in, there is an elephant. Often, I have noticed, that elephants come in three. I guess they are social animals like us humans. My name is Martijn I am a Scout and an agile coach. In this talk I will point out three popular elephants that enter your work places and their effect on work. Are you ready for elephant spotting? As a Scout I am curious if we can go elephant spotting and see if we can find a way how we can deal with these elephants in the room! We will talk about recognizing the behavior of elephants, like a bull in the china shop. We will notice that if the elephant is actually hopeless in something, it lacks the precise skills that it needs to know that it is absolutely hopeless in that something. And when we embark on this spotting journey, we must 'be prepared’ to recognise the elephant in ourselves as well. This profound discovery, is not new. But what in life is? We know these elephants that have absolutely no idea of what they are doing. Have no idea of what they are doing wrong. For me elephants explain a great deal of life. They explain the ongoing failures in interactions and communications between people for sure. This talk will be about the Drama Triangle. The Drama Triangle was first described by Stephen Karpman in the 1960s. It is a model of three archetypes that elicit dysfunctional social interactions. The drama triangle illustrates a power game that involves three scripted roles. Knowing these roles we will, in this talk, help testers discover how to escape the Drama Triangle. Important, because we would benefit as a collaborative team, when we would have more functional social interactions. So how can we escape the drama triangle constructively? Spot your elephant in the room.

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