Living Fearlessly - While living with fear

It is possible to live a full life without limitations without being free of fear. Let's explore how to push through being scared and do things anyway (and when you shouldn't)

On the outside, some of us seem to walk with more confidence in our steps. We do things other people are terrified of, often without hesitation. We stand up for things, we take risks, we take on challenging tasks, we throw ourselves out there. If someone asks us to do something scary, we smile and ask for more. Some people call it being fearless, others being brave. I say us, because a lot of people have told me over the years this is how they see me. And in some respects, they are completely true. I do all of those things with a calm demeanour. I regularly joke about not having impostor syndrome. I gladly embrace the adrenaline rush of public speaking. I do not worry when trying my hands at complex, hard and high-stake work tasks. At the same time: I am living with a constant low level of fear, with medium to high peaks on a regular basis. Why do I do this, and can other people do the same? Let's talk about how to live a full life with few limitations without having to be free of fear. Let's explore how to push through being scared to be able to do things anyway. Let’s also talk about the fact that this is no silver bullet, and when I have learned to use it and when I have (so far) failed to. This talk will cover the difference between being scared and acting on the fear, different types of reaction to change (and how to use it to your advantage) and how to get to the core of the fear to help you overcome it. This is me being brave and showing the best and worst of myself. It's terrifying. I can't wait.

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