Reaching the Mun - in just one Month

Testing the embedded rocket software: (not) the Kerbal way

Performing automated testing of safety-relevant embedded software on hardware in a short time can be as complex as rocket science. Join this talk to learn practical techniques and tips for success.

As the rocket roared into the sky, a tingling feeling filled my stomach. We had made it.

Just one month prior, my green pal, Jebediah Kerman from the planet Kerbin texted me in big trouble. He is a passionate software tester testing rocket software. His space agency, Kerbodyne decided to build a rocket just in a month and fly to the Mun, the nearest planet to Kerbin. Jebediah had never managed to perform a full evaluation of a safety-relevant software before in such a short time. So here I came to the game and helped him out.

I invite you to join us on our journey and learn how we managed to automate the full evaluation of embedded software in just four weeks. Learn how we accomplished this by

- building a scalable infrastructure

- introducing continuous integration

- defining quality gates

- making the most out of the debugger and integration firmware.

All in a very tight time frame. This talk will cover our novel approach to testing embedded Mun rocket software and the lessons we learned along the way.

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