Shift Happens: A workshop on implementing Shift Left

120-minute Workshop

Learn how to start your shift left movement to achieve higher quality and faster deliveries


2:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. Thursday 16th


Room D3+D4 - Track 8: Workshops


Anyone working in software development


  • Shift left is a movement empowered by collaboration
  • Shift left is a team 'thing'
  • Shift left is driven from a quality mindset
  • Shift left sprinkles testing over each phase and each iteration
  • Shift left increases delivery times

Shift Left and rise to the occasion: Quality baking for smoother releases!

Do you feel you are the sole gatekeeper or safety guard of quality within your team? Are you only involved in the testing phase? Do you feel you could add so much more value? When working in an Agile Team, the need is there to have a lean and mean process that fosters high-quality and fast deliveries. The best way to achieve this is by collaborating and continuously testing during the software development life cycle. This is what we call the shift left movement.

In this workshop, you will discover, together with Ada and Patrick, how to include testing in each phase of the software development life cycle. We will work through each phase, the challenges that can come up, and what value you can add. Of course, Ada and Patrick will share their own experiences as well. After the workshop, you'll be able to enhance or start the "shift left" movement within your team and organization.

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