Attila Strba (he/him/his)

Attila Strba

Senior Validation Engineer @ Konux GmbH

My name is Attila, but to the kids I am  the “Raketenmann”, due to my passion for playing and sharing Kerbal Space Program. I proudly identify as an ordinary geek finding joy in the company of my family and spending quality time with my three sons. When I’m not with my family, or teaching kids at school, building water rockets, collecting 8-bit computers, and hacking around with my 3D printer, I focus on continuous testing for embedded software and devices.

I began my career at EnOcean, where I developed software for embedded devices powered by energy harvesting. After moving to the automotive sector I contributed to the Rolls-Royce starlight and BMW trunk lid control systems. It was during these experiences that I recognized the immense potential of agile embedded software testing. This led me to join the dynamic team at ESR Labs where I undertook the responsibility of test management for automotive embedded systems. I had the unique opportunity to build an agile embedded testing team from the ground up, showcasing how testing can be done efficiently when working with passionate, clever people.

In 2021, I bid farewell to the automotive industry and embarked on a new chapter as a senior embedded validation engineer at KONUX. This transition enabled me to delve deeper into the world of embedded software in the IOT and railway sector.


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