Visualisation of automated testing

Using frameworks to simplify and visualise automated testing backed by Selenium and Appium

In order to further improve our automated testing, we’ve developed an inhouse framework that aids in visualisation and execution of test flows as well as testing multiple platforms at once.

In order to improve the quality of our automated testing of multiple frameworks, managing devices and test bundles, we’ve built upon standard tools such as Appium and Selenium, and developed an in-house framework.

This framework - Testa, allows us to visualise our test cases, manage testing devices, test multiple platforms at once such as Android, iOS and web, it can be easily integrated into a CI/CD pipeline and best of all, can use other languages such as Ruby. We’d like to invite you to learn from our experiences and find ways to improve your own workflows by building upon available tools and having first hand experience with the framework we developed.

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