How to Fail with Test Automation

Join me for a humorous yet educational talk on 'How to Fail with Test Automation', where you'll learn to avoid common pitfalls and identify current challenges in your automation approach.

Scanning content from the testing community, exploring conference programs I started to see a pattern with automation content, they are all framed about how to do automation successfully. You should do A, followed by B and magic will happen. Those talks are insightful, often contain great advice, but what if a talk switched the framing?

In this talk, I’m going to tell you how to fail with test automation. I’m going to share tips and tricks to ensure your automation efforts fail and provide very little value to your overall testing efforts. I’ll share joyful experiences from my own testing journey where I’ve rode the failure train, going from job to job injecting failure into their testing efforts. I’ll share sage advice like:

- Be sure to build your own framework from scratch, every single time

- Always automate a few weeks after the feature has shipped

- Always keep a backlog of tests to automate that you know you’ll never automate

If you can’t automate the exact scenario, just alter the scenario so it doesn’t even remotely resemble the original scenario. If you are keen to hear advice like this and much more, join me for this humorous but incredibly educational talk on failing with automation in testing.

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