Automated Accessibility Testing a showcase

Empowering Inclusive Testing: Incorporating Accessibility Audits into Automated Testing

Integration of accessiblity testing in your testautomation is easily possible

Accessibility (A11y) audits have been one of the essential disciplines of software quality assurance for years. For some time now, these accessibility audits can be performed easily by any end user in the browser (e.g., Google lighthouse, axe addon for Firefox, etc.). These checks can be integrated easily into an existing selenium test automation. But before that, we will talk about the why and the pitfalls when doing automatic audits. A showcase will present how this can be integrated into an existing test framework using Selenium.

You will get information about a concrete solution with code examples. How to configure and address the API of the axe-core library. How can these audits be integrated into the CI, how can the results be processed, and what else has to be considered to get significant results? The possibilities shown are based on open-source software and can therefore be used without licensing costs.

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