NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Gil Zilberfeld

Gil Zilberfeld

Gil Zilberfeld has been in software since childhood, writing BASIC programs on his trusty Sinclair ZX81. With more than twenty years of developing commercial software, he has vast experience in software methodology and practices.

Gil speaks frequently in international conferences about unit testing, TDD, agile practices and product management. He is the author of "Everyday Unit Testing", blogs at, co-organizer of the Agile Practitioners conference, and in his spare time he shoots zombies, for fun.

Sessions Hosted by Gil Zilberfeld

6-hours Full-Day Tutorial

Advanced session

9:00-17:00 Monday 12th

120-minutes Workshop

Advanced session

10:25-12:25 Thursday 15th Room D1+D2 - Track 6: Workshops

Other Events:

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