Your Tests on a Diet - Combo-session

How to get your tests back in shape

Most of us want to check the quality of our just created valuable software. However, the testing is slowing down the team. A Combo-session on putting the Test Pyramid into practice.

Your coding is done, so you push your code and your pipeline is performing all important stuff. But it takes so long, because the tests are running for minutes. “We wanted to make sure that everything worked through the user interface”.

In my daily works as a Testing Coach I face a lot of teams that are executing and creating tests in a kind of zombie way. Just making an automated functional UI tests, because it was part of the Definition of Done and just writing unit tests because that is obliged by the code coverage threshold. What these teams often forget is why they are testing.

The tests should support your team, right? So, get rid of lengthy, bulky test suites. How to do this? Put your tests on a diet! Different types of diets are discussed and how their key characteristics can be applied to testing.

Getting rid of your “Zombie Testing” helps to support the team better and will make your time to market shorter. Eventually making your end users happier ;-)

In the workshop you will be provided an existing test application, including tests on UI, API, Component and Unit Test level. You work together with a small group to decide on which test should be deleted, moved to another level or changed.

During the workshop theory and practical tips will be shared to help you in the process of getting your test suite in the best shape.

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