Test As A Product

Cross System and Domain Testing by reusing existing tests

We should no longer develope disposable tests. We show how you can reuse and distribute test code from different projects, languages & frameworks in order test integration between different solutions.

At Adobe where I work, not only do we work with cross platform and cross solution tests, but we also sometimes need to change technologies when testing. We have had to identify strategies for reuse of tests, and allowing us to reuse the work of other teams. This is necessary because when writing cross solution integration tests, we need to leverage the knowledge of the testers of the concerned solutions.

In this context we devised a discipline of Test As a Product that allows your tests to be leveraged in cross solution tests. We will show different strategies that we have tested when trying to address the problem of cross language testing. We show models for:

* Cross Project testing

* Cross language testing

* Cross Solution testing: ReUsing Test code from two different frameworks, such as Cypress and Test Cafe We have implemented, and distributed, the presented methods in Java.

We will show how these tools and methods can be used in other cases. Such as JS frameworks calling java, and vice versa, but also how two completely different JS frameworks can communicate with each other.



For the project to work you need the following:

  •  Git access
  • Java >= 11
  •  Node >= 16
  •  Maven and access to artefactory

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