Chandrika Pedersen (she/her/her)

Chandrika Pedersen

Software Tester @ ATP, Hilleroed, Denmark

Chandrika is a software tester based in Denmark. With over a decade of professional experience, she began her career as a business analyst before transitioning to the role of a software tester approximately 11 years ago. Currently employed at ATP, Chandrika brings her expertise and passion for ensuring software quality to the forefront of her work.

Throughout her career, Chandrika has discovered that trust, effective collaboration, and strong communication skills are vital components of a well-functioning team. Having been involved in a diverse range of projects, she has gained hands-on experience working with various methodologies such as waterfall, scrum, and agile. Among these, Chandrika particularly enjoys the agile way of organizing and finds it to be an effective approach in delivering successful outcomes.

In terms of technical proficiency, Chandrika has worked with a wide array of applications, including mainframe, .NET, SAP, and Front-End technologies.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Chandrika finds solace in long walks and enjoys listening to podcasts.

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