One Size Does Not Fit All

What happens when teams have different processes that are defined by their context? What are the risks? The benefits? Come find out in this talk focused on context based development processes!

“So, what’s your development or testing process like at ____?”. We’ve all been asked this question. It comes up all the time when you tell someone that you work in the technology industry and who you work for. People want to know what your cookie cutter processes are at your company; either out of genuine curiosity, a search to find a fit for their skills or to find issues in it that they think you could solve by changing “just one thing”. What happens when the answer is “we don’t have one.”? In the tech industry things are changing every single day, and every individual has their own skills and experiences that they bring to the table, so why would we have one specific process for our entire organization? In this talk, we will discuss what it looks like to have a constantly evolving set of processes within a company from development to testing and beyond, how different teams can use the context they are working in to shape their own processes, and how to have multiple teams within a development org working with different processes and workflows effectively. We will also discuss how we all stay on the same track, how we discuss our successes (and our failures), and how we use individual and team strengths to have an organic, and changing process that still keeps us all moving forward and working together.

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