Why do we need an environmental footprint for software?

Creating transparency on the impact of digitalization and starting the journey toward a sustainable digital economy.

How do we measure the energy & resource consumed by software? Why does it matter? What's the role of software in the global climate crisis?

Digitalization and digital transformation are redefining industries and have become a key tool for addressing climate chat. But that is the footprint of software applications, especially running in Cloud environments and on remote data centers? When using mobile and web applications today, there is often a vast infrastructure behind it that we can not see or touch, nor have visibility into its environmental footprint. At the SDIA, a nonprofit, together with our members and the support of the German environmental protection agency, we are finally solving this problem by creating the tools that software developers need to display the environmental footprint of their applications to the end-users while enabling them to take action and reduce the footprint.