I'm in love with the shape of QA

This talk is about my journey in IT and how I fell in love with QA.I will give you some tips and tricks that worked for me.

I’m going to talk about my first steps into the IT world, how I recognized that software testing was my passion, and how I fell in love with QA. I’ll also share the problems I encountered when I started testing 10 years ago, how I resolved some of those problems, and how my journey with test automation started. For example: How can you awaken the quality awareness on management level? How do you start off with test automation, and how can you involve the whole team? How can you measure your QA activities and evaluate them periodically? How can you apply the definition of ready and the definition of done correctly, not just for 1 sprint but during your whole project? What about teams that don’t have a software tester? But not all problems are resolved: I will try to start a discussion about some topics by sharing my vision on: Test documentation Third party testing Grey area testing AI testing I’m also going to share my view on how testing will evolve in the future – the shape of QA.