Finding Failures? Find Learning Opportunities!

Session video

Agile is not about fail-fast! It’s about learning fast as you deliver great software.

Delivering valuable software and learning is the goal. An approach to learning and agility is BOSSA nova (Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy & Agility) - that every software tester can use.

As a tester, you typically try to uncover flaws in the product. This helps make the product more usable and more valuable. In addition to uncovering flaws the whole team benefits from collaborative learning about how those flaws made it into the system in the first place. Thus, testing is not (only) about finding and fixing bugs, it is about ensuring that the same bugs will not be created again and looking forward so that their “buddies” never see the light of day.

Often in agile working environments, people aim for failing fast. Yet failure is not the goal - learning is. Failure can lead to learning and so can other approaches. Learning can lead beyond continuous improvement to transformative learning: seeing your situation from a whole new framework in a way that lets you learn by leaps of insight. In this workshop we present specific ways to probe, using hypotheses and experiments that will help you and your team to learn fast. This key approach of BOSSA nova provides a way to get into the mindset of learning and sharing your learning and thus always developing.