A Quality Assessment Model

25-minute Talk

This quality assessment model is an objective means to reflect, assess and adapt the quality practices in your team and organization.

Virtual Pass session


11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Wednesday 23rd


Room F2 - Track 2: Talks


For everyone who cares about improving quality processes


  • Introduction to a quality assessment model
  • Thinking about quality practices in an objective way
  • • Ideas about how to determine what level your team is at with their quality practices
Teams often lose sight of the goal of agile development – to deliver a quality product consistently. There is an objective way to look at team and organizational quality practices and contrast them with behavioural patterns. In this talk, Janet introduces a quality assessment model that she has developed with Selena Delesie. It is a practical means to reflect, assess and adapt both behaviours and practices within a team.

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