How to get feedback when your customers are your colleagues

Getting to know your customer and finding the best tools to learn from them.

Using different tools & techniques to get feedback from your customers & involving them in usability testing & how to balance the needs of your customers with the expectations of your stakeholders.

Imagine working on a product whose customers are (in some way) your colleagues. How would you go about getting and using their feedback? How would you support them and troubleshoot occurring problems? Usually, an application has customers that are either far away or so big in number that they are but a fuzzy concept for the people developing that application. Thus, being able to do these customers justice, we develop customer journeys and profiles. With the help of such constructs, the Quality Specialist can identify and drive product improvements, as well as prioritize the testing of the application. In this talk, I will share experiences from my current project, where I work in close collaboration with the users - my colleagues. For that purpose, I will share how I learned to speak the users' language, stepped into their shoes, and incorporated all those learnings into the development of the product. Furthermore, I will present different methods I used for collecting feedback from the users and show you, which concepts worked well, which didn't and how they were executed. As a cherry on top, I will also explain, how these methods help me to brighten the quality mindset and communication within my team.