Embracing the New and Next Normal. Are you Ready?

Covid-19 forced rapid and immediate changes to our lives and our work. Agile testers must now adapt to succeed in the new and next normal.

Covid-19 forced rapid and immediate changes to our lives, our work, and our environment. This transformational moment is still unfolding and accelerating the adaption of agile operations. As agile testers, this is hugely exciting.

It also requires us to answer fundamental questions: how do we adapt to the new and next normal? How do we hold onto the things that worked during the pandemic? We as test professionals must recognize how seismic shifts in customer behavior, integration of new technology and adopting different ways of working is changing our testing profession and numerous industries worldwide.

To assist you navigating these changes and ultimately come out stronger on the other side, I shine a light on five skills, attributes, and behaviors agile testers must embrace to thrive in new post Covid-19 test environment.

  • Pandemic agility: Staying together while being apart
  • Seize the future: lean into new core skills
  • Rotate Out: leave testing to be a better tester
  • New voices: embrace testing inclusion
  • The future of agility: enthusiasm and optimism for testers

My analogies and recommendations are practical and are loaded with personal testing experiences of leading an international testing team through an agile transformation during the pandemic. The end of the pandemic is in sight, and your testing world is changing. Are you?

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