The Seeds of Toxicity We've been Trained to Overlook at Work

It is time we stop talking and start acting to curb microaggressions in the workplace. My talk will show you how.

It is time we stop talking and start acting to curb microaggressions in the workplace. Organizations have put in more efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workforce as it has shown to attract better talent, improve employee retention and help to foster innovation in the workplace.

But, a toxic by-product of this effort is the emergence of racism that manifests itself through microaggressions. There are several examples of microaggressions in the workplace, and it is an ongoing issue affecting marginalized communities.

Research has found that about 1 in 5 people continue to experience microaggressions in the workplace. This does not have be this way. We can change this! As a leader in the tech industry and in my work in the D&I space, I have spent the past decade educating people on the impacts of microaggressions in people’s personal lives and careers. I am an immigrant and have personally experienced stereotyping, racism, ageism, and have been a witness to these toxic patterns happening to others. Through my writing, teaching, and research I am continuing to build awareness around these topics and help organizations build more diverse & inclusive work environments.

In this talk, I will share my real-life experiences as an immigrant facing microaggressions. I will highlight how it has a detrimental impact on people’s growth. As leaders, we can take small steps to make a big difference in transforming workplaces into safer and more inclusive spaces. I will highlight five ways to curb microaggressions and eliminate workplace racism before it spreads through the company like a virus. Together, we can break this toxic pattern and help everyone thrive and grow in the workplace and beyond.

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