Breaking into the IT World remotely without being broken

25-minute New Voice Talk

As a new Tester and new to the IT World in general, it makes sense to draw as much as possible from the know-how and experiences from the people around you. But what to do if everyone is at home?


10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Wednesday 17th


Room F1 - Track 1: Talks


Team Leads, Managers, Scrum masters and Developer teams about to onboard new colleagues.


  • Ideas for remote onboarding of colleagues new to Software Testing and IT in general
  • Raising awareness for needs of and challenges for lateral entrants
  • Good practices and tools for remote team building and knowledge sharing

As a lateral entry in the world of IT and Testing, and being a rather outgoing person, I was thankful that all our project teams were located in the same building and that our company encouraged knowledge exchange across projects.

Naturally I used every available moment to stroll through the offices in search of someone to chat or to do pairings and thus learn the tools and the jargon of the business. With the first Corona lockdown three months into my onboarding, everything changed. From one day to the other, chance encounters and chit chats in the office kitchen over a cup of coffee, the gossip in the project team filled with useful and trivial bits of Information, were no more. Plus my favorite collaborative learning tool, the whiteboard, was gone as well. Like everyone else I was suddenly forced to be creative not only in the use of remote tools, but also in establishing practices within the team.

During this time, I learned a lot about the importance and challenges of constructive communication inside and outside the project team and how vital keeping up the team spirit during prolonged Home Office stays can be for learning remotely how to become a good tester. By sharing and discussing the experiences I gathered along the way, I will show you which fears and challenges I faced being a newbie in the world of IT Quality Assurance and how my team helped me in my onboarding process to deal with those challenges. During the lockdowns we discovered and tried out different remote tools and practices to both keep the team spirit alive and continue knowledge sharing which made my successful transition into the IT world possible.

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