Jan Reimann

Jan Reimann
As a computer scientist student I had the usual struggle with procrastination and enjoying life. Soon I discovered my love to programming and the urge to develop high-quality software in order to enable others to modify it. That ran through my entire course of study where I strongly focused on the topic of refactoring. I tackled this topic during my diploma thesis and also worked further on it in my PhD. In the end I contributed a generic quality-aware model-driven refactoring and co-refactoring approach for domain-specific languages where I'm really proud of. After some years of struggling I finally received my PhD. Topics that strive for high quality, such as Automation, Clean Code, Design Patterns, CI/CD, and many others, have been always present and actively implemented in all the stations of my working career. Now that I am the Head of QA at Staffbase GmbH, I contribute to the development of our SaaS product for increasing the internal comms power of our customers.

2022 Sessions Hosted by Jan Reimann

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25-minute Talk

11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
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