Dear Diary: How to remote onboard and get productive???

Corona-caused struggles and solutions

As an onboarder, in a completely Corona-caused remote situation, the human factor comes up short. One has to actively strive for getting to know every team from the inside.

Dear Diary, I'm always honest with you. I can tell you most people in software development are very good at working remotely. But, when I changed jobs and had to onboard remotely it turned out that it was quite a struggle to quickly become productive and getting to know my new colleagues from home.

I also noticed this struggle in other (new) colleagues that joined the company I now work for. As always when I have a conflict with myself I'm writing to you. I want to help other testers who struggle with this situation created by the pandemic! I want to explain to them that it’s not easy to leave their comfort zone, especially if they are introverted. For shy people, it’s tough to become more outspoken, but this is required at least a little, for the sake of becoming productive.

So, dear diary, I’m going to create a talk for the Agile Testing Days, and I will give people tips and details about specific solutions that worked for me and my colleagues. I hope they will like it and that it can help in their own working-from-home situation!

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