Testing games is not a game

The adversities of doing QA for games and how to overcome these challenges

How do you test something that is alive and growing every month? How do you ensure that there's a plan for regression when you can't even automate most of the basic functionalities?

There are big differences between testing videogames and testing anything else.

The huge amount of rules, functionalities and posibilities that a videogame offers, together with the incredible freedom given by an interactive and “alive” frontend (game client) makes testing, to say at least, complex.

Another factor to keep in mind is the amount of active players. Game’s users feel the game as a part of themselves and always try to explore it till the very edge, exploiting, cheating or plain and simply expending an incredible amount of hours playing it.

All these variables together with the need of releasing new content as often as possible (and thus, making regression testing a complete pain), “force” you to rethink and audit every concept about testing and QA. Aplying agile workflows, innovative approaches to rather difficult scenarios, in a practical and meaningful way.

In this session I would like to explain what have been my biggest challenges and problems, and how did I confront them in order to find a peaceful and sustainable quality status.

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