Being fully you - to the workplace and beyond

Bring humanity back in the workplace benefits all - humans and workplaces

We are often told to be professionals at work – especially if we act or look a way that is “unprofessional”.

So some people seem to be two different people at work and outside work; different identities and definitely different feelings. In fact showing feelings in only one of the roles, and we need to be perfect.

I believe that it is damaging to us as humans and damaging to us as an industry. I think we need to realise that being professional does not exclude being human. In fact our humanity is a great asset at works as well as in life, and we need more workplaces where it is safe to be ourselves.

What if being professional was: knowing your craft, being yourself, speaking up, being vulnerable, learning, and growing?

What if we realised that who ever we are is always okay, and what ever we feel is always okay? How we act may not be.

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