NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Gitte Klitgaard

Gitte Klitgaard

Gitte Klitgaard is an agile coach, hugger, friend, and much more. She lives and loves agile. She took the oath of non-allegiance. Why fight over methods when we can use that energy to help people?

Gitte wants to change the world by helping people make the right product, doing it right and very important: have fun doing it.

She has a great interest in how people function, how the brain works, what motivates us, how we can feel better about our selves, how to be perfect in all our imperfections. She is a geek and passionate about a lot. :)

Sessions Hosted by Gitte Klitgaard

45-minute Keynote

All levels

20:15-21:00 Thursday 15th Room F1+F2+F3

Women and Allies Evening Gathering

21:00-23:00 Thursday 15th Room E1+E2+E3 - Workshop Track

Late Night Keynote Questions & Answers Open Space

10:15-11:15 Friday 16th "Fritze" Pub - Open Space Track

Other Events:

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