Share and Learn with the Agile Testing Coaching Cards

Join us to play a game in teams with agile testing coaching cards. Together we will explore different testing approaches and practices, share and learn, and find ways to deal with testing challenges.

In teams we will play the Learning by Sharing Challenges game with the Agile Testing Coaching Cards, a deck of 99 cards with statements about agile testing mindset, values, principles, and practices.

It can be hard for agile teams to deal with testing challenges and decide what to do to improve their testing. There are many different testing approaches and solutions, which, depending on the context and the problem at hand, can be more or less effective.

In this mini-workshop, we will play the game Learning by Sharing Challenges from the book The Agile Self-assessment Game. We’ll play this game in teams using the Agile Testing Coaching Cards.

This game makes it possible to explore testing challenges that professionals currently have and would like to work on and to identify existing solutions to challenges that they previously faced and solved.

Players will use the coaching cards to discuss testing values, principles, and practices. In teams, people share their experiences and learnings.

It’s learning, sharing, game playing, and fun!

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