A Critical Lifeline Tinge [Testng Artfcal ntellgent] Systems

“I” am not scared of AI. Are “You”? Wait ... I take that back. I am concerned if we remain simply ambivalent. “You” are probably already the “I” in AI Testing. Let us find out together.

Are “You” are helping to build the AI systems, willingly or not? Are “You” Testing them? Well if “You” are not testing them, “Who” Is? The implications for Testing with or on AI systems is profound.

Maybe You are like most and are simply ambivalent to the dangers or benefits of AI. Or just maybe, you have strong feelings about AI. For many, this can be both frightening and exciting at the same time. The idea is to explore the AI growth in Testing and see where we stand in the Agile Testing community. Ahead or behind the curve? You might be surprised.

We are helping to build the AI systems every day, willingly or not? Consciously or not, we are already a part of many neural networks and the implications this has for Testing with or on AI systems is profound. Do we have a responsibility then, as the Testers and Quality experts to adapt to this pervasive Technology in order to keep it safe, beneficial and within human control, or has AI already slipped under our Agile Testing Unicorn radars? As with all technologies, there is a double-edged sword of benefits and possible detriments but no technology in a long time has presented us with such a contrasting dichotomy or paradox.

What if all our collective experience can be captured into algorithms used by AI systems to test or into AI systems to be tested and the time to have such experience is “artificially” compressed to much smaller periods of time at a fraction of the cost? Unlike the advent of Agile and Dev Ops as ways of working together, always leading to more and more automated awareness but keeping the human element essentials, with AI, the lines between human and machine continue to blur even more and these possibilities are already leading to new paradigms as old constraints begin to fade away as new ones arise.

AI opens new possibilities. But where is the “I” meaning; the “You” in AI Test Platforms? Luckily, we are still in transition as we start to test alongside AI systems. But will “We” always be needed? We still can’t test “everything” – but when we team up “cybernetic-ally” (if you will) with AI tools – we might be able to come close or at least certainly closer.

AI testing requires new skills and will not be done in a vacuum of only software testing. There are so many arts and sciences to consider in the skill sets: BI, Data analytics, Science and Mathematics, Ethics and Morality and many others also play a role in shaping the human element of AI teams that will build and test such systems. The teams that are early adapters and proactive and balanced are reaping the benefits of AI but are we creating systems that will make ourselves obsolete? Or all we already obsolete and just do not know yet.

Will AI replace Testers? Maybe in some ways, but is there reason to be concerned if you will be a part of the “Collective” AI Testing platforms of the future? Probably, you already are the “I” in AI Testing. Lets’ find out together.

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