Listen, reflect, connect - build truly user-focused products

30-minute New Voice Talk

I will show how we gather user feedback in a very easy way from different sources, how we use KI to deal with these large amounts of data and how we use it to build a product users love.

Virtual Pass session


10:15 a.m. – 10:55 a.m. Tuesday 10th


Everybody involved in building a product (e.g. Product Managers, UX Researchers, Testers, Devs)


  • Tools for feedback collection have to be effortless for users but nevertheless provide lots of data (like screenhots, log files)
  • Support by semantic AI is key when dealing with large sources of text feedback
  • Use many different ways to share insights from user feedback througout the company

At Joyn, we want to build a truly user-focused entertainment product. Besides extensive UX testing of concepts prior to the launch, we need to get regular feedback from the actual users of our live product.

In order to achieve so, we focused on the following:

- Listen: Make it very easy for users to give feedback and automate the majority of information they have to provide

- Reflect: Cluster these vast amounts of open-ended feedback via semantic AI

- Connect: Use feedback to find hidden bugs, influence the product roadmap and build a truly user-focused product.

I will show which tools we use, how the process looks like from raw user feedback to the aggregated outcome, how we use the data and what we achieved already. Furthermore, I will show which ways (from TV to Tableau dashboards) we use to spread the user insights throughout the company.

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