November 10 – 12, 2020

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Toby Sinclair

Toby Sinclair

Toby is a Personal and Team Coach based in London. He has over 10 years experience ranging from testing, development and in recent years professional coaching. He often works in complex organisations helping them identify improvements.

Toby is a qualified Personal and Business Coach having completed the incredible Barefoot Coaching intensive coach training. He also has a Post Graduate Degree in Personal and Business Coaching with University of Chester.

In addition to coaching, Toby has a deep knowledge of agile transformation from different perspectives. Early in his career he worked as a Tester exploring ways to test software effectively within agile teams using techniques such as Exploratory Testing and Automation. It was through regular pairing that Toby developed his coding skills and built a foundation in agile software development. Most recently Toby has been deepening his experience of Coaching, working as a Personal and Team Coach.

Sessions Hosted by Toby Sinclair

75-minute Workshop

Advanced session

Thursday 12th
Room D1+D2 - Track 6: Workshops

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