Let it go 🎶

Knowing when (and how) to let go

In a permanently changing technical landscape there is a consistent defensiveness about the value of testers (and testing). We talk about strategies to ensure we leave space for testers in our teams. Yet we are human and being human we do not naturally embrace change, but rather seek to maintain the status quo (instead of moving forwards). Looking ahead at the future of our industry it seems increasingly important that testers learn to “let go” of their responsibilities for testing activities, whilst remaining a valuable asset within the team.

In this keynote, Nicola takes you on a journey through her varied experiences: from testing within software houses, to contract-driven testing with digital agencies, to freelancing across different domains, to shaping “what good looks like” within startups. Most of her experiences have eerie similarities around testing bottlenecks and quality responsibilities. Nicola aims to inspire you with her lessons learned (and applied) along the way.

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